Walcott return to give Arsenal REAL pace and NEW tactics?

When Arsenal had to do without the England international speed merchant for most of last season, especially with Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain also in the treatment room, it meant that the Gunners were missing a huge ingredient in modern football, pace.

So the news that the flying forward is due back in action for Arsenal soon after the current international break is really good. However, Walcott will come back into a much changed looking Arsenal attack and he will not be the one player with pace for the likes of Mesit Ozil and Aaron Ramsey to find with through balls.

Potentially, Arsenal will play with Alexis Sanchez, Walcott and Danny Welbeck in a front three and all of those players have serious speed in their lockers. So will this call for a change of style and tactics from Wenger? You would have to think so, to a certain extent.

We have always relied on our passing and possession in recent years, but it can be a bit slow and predictable and hard for us to penetrate a well organised opponent’s defence. You should now see us start to stretch teams more by the use of pace and we should also be a lot more dangerous on the counter attack.

Maybe the most difference then will be against the big teams, especially away from the Emirates stadium. So is this the start of a new era for Arsenal?

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  1. Is Walcott definitely back in full training? Wenger said he was back in on the 31st August. Reckon he’ll be in the squad against City on Saturday?

    1. no he wont/cant be…didnt even have squad training as everyone is round the world..need to ease him in…so once he starts he doesnt stop..there will be no looking back

    2. Wenger said back in training after the international break. And they aren’t going to rush him back in, so I’d say a week or two after returning to training. We’ll see.

  2. Love Rios statement-sanchez, walcot, ox and welbeck upfront would give jamaica 4*100 sprinters a run for their money:)Hopefully by november we will begoing 101% crushing on site

  3. Theo/ox/sanchez/welbeck…deadly.very scary for our opponents.go to love it.get back soon Theo.his arrival will indeed be like a world class signing

    1. The big question is will Wenger use their speed to best advantage?
      He already has two of those players available but hasn’t really utilised their speed with formation and tactics.
      Factor in that his tactics are still baffling to everyone but Wenger and the fact that he is using a physically light #10 who doesn’t defend well stuck out on the wing, Ozil vs Coleman? Come on Wenger there is simply no excuse for such preposterous tactics and mismanagement of team strengths.
      I am a fan of Ozil but FFS play him in the correct position!

      This team has amazing potential but I fear we will see none of the fast attacking incisive football that Liverpool for instance are playing, more sideways/back passing and slowing the game to monotony is on the cards!

      If Wenger had a racehorse he would make it pull a cart!

  4. I would eventually like to see this formation:

    –Sanchez – Özil – Walcott—
    ————-back 5————

  5. for Man City match, we should start Cazorla over Ozil. If anyone remembers, Ozil was not good in big matches, and Santi is usually a lot better. And Ozil might be injured anyways…

        1. Agree, none have been great. But Ozil has only played a few matches so far and is injured right now. With Spain Santi was looking good, and hes more match fit. If wenger just doesnt play him on the wings he’ll do much better…

  6. I prefer this for City


  7. reus just got taken out by a scot! knee again, doesnt look good..we are just interested in him and already he cant stay fit…

    1. I like Reus, but if this means he’s injured for the match against us, its in our favor. Hope he’s fit the day after though cause I like him and he’s a great player 🙂

  8. The most amazing and yet annoying thing about wenger is that. He loves french players and buying from the french league yet our much need CDM for years can’t be acquired while the french. And french league are renowned for having them in quantum. That got me confused really!

    1. 7 French players in the 30 man squad; 8 British players, 7 Spanish speaking players and 5 Germans. His love of French players is slightly exaggerated and more of a cliche now as opposed to a reality.

  9. My best eleven.

    Wojciech Szczesny

    Debuchy – Mertesacker – Koscielny – Gibbs

    Ramsey – Chambers


    Campbell – Welbeck – Sanchez

  10. OR this line up for the big games.

    Wojciech Szczesny

    Debuchy – Mertesacker – Koscielny – Gibbs

    Ramsey – Chambers


    Campbell – Welbeck – Sanchez

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