Walcott revs up Arsenal to keep focus and seize the day

Theo Walcott´s recent performances have been typical of the way that Arsenal have started to show the sort of form that we expected to see right from the start of the season. If the Gunners had started this campaign the way we finished the last one, then we would already be sitting on top of the Premier League.

But there is no point dwelling on what might have been and Walcott has urged his team mates to grasp this great opportunity to finally win the Premier League. He does not specifically mention the form and injury problems affecting our big rivals Man City, Chelsea, Liverpool and Man United, but in an interview reported by Sky Sports, he spoke about how open the league is this time.

It is clear that the England international feels that this is our best chance of claiming the EPL trophy but as well as keeping that in mind, he wants Arsenal to simply focus on what we have to do to keep up the challenge, starting with taking all three points away to Watford today.

“It could be our year this year but we need to focus on not looking too far ahead, that is important.

“The sense in the dressing room at this moment in time, the players that are in there believe we need to be doing better, we’ve got the talent it is just, at times, the work ethic may not be there.

“You can sense from the Manchester United game that if we continue to play like that we can beat anyone, we really can.

“The Premier League is so open this year. You can see how tight it is, every team is competing and every can beat each other.

“It is one of these leagues were you can’t say who is going to make the top four, where you could in previous seasons. It is that intense and that close this year – teams are getting better and stronger.

“Everyone wants to beat the top teams, they want to prove they are better than you. That is what we are doing, we want to think we are better than any team we play against.”

You definitely get the feeling that there is more to come from this Arsenal team, especially if the injury situation remains as good as it is right now. But we have also seen Arsenal falter at times like this when we are expected to win, so can Walcott and the other players keep their focus and make sure it does not happen again?

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  1. There’s a story that Ajax may be looking to cut Yaya Sanogo’s loan deal short and send him back to London. LoL

    1. @Twig
      He looks out of place in their squad. Slows them down and runs around like a headless chicken. Pity though, given the right guidance he would make a good target man…

      1. i agree.

        its surprising to be honest, when he lead the line for nantes postal office united in the garlic baguette sunday league

        he looked like ronaldo…had got lost on the way to spain an stopped a postman for directions…the rest is emirates cup history

  2. Spot on theo! Focus and consistency is the key! Grinding out results and getting 3 points is crucial! Coyg!

  3. Must not cock up today, Ill take any kind of win because winning is the only thing that counts whilst our rivals are also winning.

    Bellerin the most creative player in all of Europes top leagues, go figure, wouldn’t have guessed that in a million years ..give or take. Created the most clear cut chances.

    And Arsenal having the best PL away form going all the way back to 2013-2014 season. I knew our away form was right up there but didn’t realise just how far back.

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