Walcott says “just incredible” Arsenal “are the best team in the League”

Generally, if you are to talk about Arsenal this season, they’ve been the best PL side, no doubt. However, with three draws in their last three games, Arsenal are on a bad run at the moment, considering the standards they set for themselves.

Their latest draw came Friday night against a spirited Southampton, who are doing everything to avoid the drop, even if it is to curtail Arsenal’s title ambitions. Much has been said about that game, but I bet what you’d want to hear is Walcott’s bold claim, after the game, about Arsenal being incredible and Manchester City not being as good as they have been this season.

“Arsenal are just incredible. We played Manchester City the other week, and I thought Arsenal were way better than them,” he told NBC Sports.

“That’s how I see Arsenal at the moment,” he added. “We can take a lot of positives from this game because they [Arsenal] are the best team in this league at this moment in time.”

If Walcott’s claims are a true reflection of what Arsenal are, then we can be confident they can conjure up a plan to go and beat Manchester City at the Etihad this coming week. A win at the Etihad could breathe life into Arsenal’s title charge; it could be the start of an important winning streak that could just give them a chance to show they are the better side compared to City by beating them to the 2022–23 league title.

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Arteta proud of our comeback after Arsenal 3-3 Southampton

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  1. Walcott was able to score because Odegaard made a bad pass to Vieira, not because of Vieira’s fault

    I’d just like to remind the ones who made harsh comments about Vieira, that he didn’t make any fatal mistake. Ramsdale and Odegaard did, although Odegaard redeemed himself with an accurate shot

    1. The reason he didn’t make “fatal mistakes” was because he couldn’t keep the ball. He is a fatal mistake, im sorry, please dont defend him, he is not defendable.

      1. I think his ball possession stats in the game were similar to Xhaka’s in the previous game

    2. Odegaard made a mistake. However, at that point the situation was still potentially recoverable. Ramsdale’s error was terrible and suggests some complacency.
      Vieira is still to convince at this level but I agree he was not directly responsible for those errors that led to goals. He still needs more time to develop.
      There are some negative comments about Vieira which are excessive in their vitriol.

      1. Those fans must’ve listened to what some pundits said about Vieira. He needs to improve his physicality, but his technical skills are good

  2. I think Theo was just being as nice as he could, and as an ex favourite looks to be attempting some encouragement for a club that he’s obviously still very fond of and where he’s remained popular to this day.

    1. Exactly lol. Maybe he feels a little guilty for scoring against us. Why Walcott, why did you have to score against us on that.

      On a serious note I have always been fond of Walcott and thought he was a great player for us when he was fit.

  3. Yeah, Good on Theo for the heads up to our guys. However much it hurts our seson is being defined by the offside goal at Brentford when we lost two points through VCR not doing it’s job, a terrible performance at Everton, blowing a two goal lead against both Liverpool and a weary Westham and of course shooting ourselves in the foot again against Southampton. Definitely a case of what might or should have been so to some extent I agree with Theo that we have been playing the best football without being the most professional team out there in terms of squad depth and mentality.

  4. Walcott was able to score because Gabriel is lacking in positional sense and probably always will be.I’m afraid to say the doubts expressed by many ex pros, including former Arsenal players regarding his ability and temperament on one on one situations is costing us dear.Penalty against West Ham and ball watching against Southampton to name but two incidents.Let’s hope he puts these errors behind him and copes with the mighty Haarland.

  5. I suggest none of us take Walcotts comments seriously. What else would one expect him to say'”that Man City are better than us” perhaps? And thus lose any affection that SOME Gooners might still hold for him?

    Never on the cards and so I disregard that comment as meaningless. As meaningless as when new players kiss the badge so proudly, even while they have had little or no time to even grow to love the club they are about to play for.

    All nonsennse and enacted just to fool the many non deep thinkers among fans everywhere.
    TBH, I am constantly amazed at how many fans take every utterance by players, coaches and pundits, even owners etc, at face value and as “gospel truth” never to be challenged.

    I never do so, UNLESS I have first thought through what they say and made up my own mind one way or another if they are being sincere, OR NOT!
    I try not to be too cynical in life generally. But I allow that pro football is full of bullsh….rs and gullible fans.

  6. Spurs have been hit by a tsunami.The same thing could happen on Wednesday if the gunners freeze.
    The gunners are too slow in the build up.
    Do be careful.
    Theres no reason why Arsenal cant win and dent the treble bandwagon

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