Walcott set for Wembley start to confirm Arsenal stay?

Look, as the Arsenal manager is so fond of saying, if it meant playing a significantly weakened side in a Wembley final that could see Arsenal and Arsene Wenger make FA cup history, then there is no way that Theo Walcott would be in the starting XI to run out onto the hallowed turf on Saturday evening.

But after scoring a superb hat-trick against West Brom on Saturday, the England international already had a very good chance of keeping his place against Aston Villa. And with Walcott due to make the big decision about whether to sign a new contract and commit his future to the Gunners once the season is done and dusted, the boss has an extra incentive to start Theo.

Just like the last time his contract was coming up for renewal, the flying forward has made no secret that the amount of playing time as well as the position he would play, are big factors in making his mind up. For me it is a no brainer because not only is Theo in form, with some very sharp sub appearances before last weekend’s game, but he is a player that we simply must keep hold of.

His pace has always been devastating but now his movement and finishing have caught up with it, Arsenal have to sign him up. If that means starting him at Wembley, Arsene, just do it!

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  1. he could do dirt if villa play the high line defence…and he deserves the chance to start.

  2. Arsene says “Look”, you look and there’s nothing to be looked at.

    I hope Theo starts.

  3. i pray to God ArsenaL Lifts the F.A cup, then i would love to see Glenn hoddle eat his words with a cutlery! Start waLcott…..start momentum……. Then bring on super-sub giroud Later in the game… And yea i’m Looking forward to an OX cameo as well

  4. Theo has to start, he is really looks sharp as well as hungry for goals. His second goal shows how hungry he is for goals.
    But the problem is if Theo starts then Ramsey has to be dropped.Because I think Cazoral and Le Coq is important (we also has to sotop villa attacking us) and wenger would not drop Ozil.
    Maybe Ramsey can replace Wlacott once we get the lead.
    Defensively we have to be solid, we can score always


  5. Wenger knows Best.. what ever team he pic im confident we will be crowned the FA cup. for record 12times and beat Chelsea on community shield… COYG

  6. that angry Look on the face of prince william (the duke of cambridge) ……. Minutes before presenting the F.A cup to Arsenal …… *Just fantasies* we need to work hard, be at our best, pray and hope this fantasies come true

  7. Wether there is a contract to be signed or not, benching Theo at Wembley is a sign that Wenger doesn’t give a damn about this club. What else does Theo have to do to demonstrate that he is the best striker we have at the moment? Sanchez and Giroud are so exhausted that we cannot even remember the last time they scored. We have scored a paltry five goals in our last five games and four out of those five goals have been scored by Walcot. Only a fool will bench him. For all the noise being made about Villa’s resurgence, they are still a club battling relegation. Their defence is rubbish. They play with a lot of space and Walcot will have a field day running roughshod through those spaces. Yes Villa will try to be tight at Wembley but a front three of Sanchez, Giroud and Walcot will gut them and if we decide to play a front three of Sanchez, Walcot and Wilshere, they will have even bigger problems tracking our movement.

    So this game will be worn for sure if Wenger doesn’t screw it up with favouritism and his tendency to overload the team midfielders that just knock the ball around aimlessly. Just Walcot’s movement alone transforms our team. He has been on the bench for too long and has been punished enough for not signing his contract soon enough. Yet, Theo remains mature and well behaved. He could have been running his mouth like Raheem Sterling but he has been respectful of the club, manager and fans. All this contract crap should be put aside right now and Theo should be started because I cannot think of an easier time to win a trophy than tomorrow at Wembley.

    1. Your first line is just emotional nonsense. I hope that AW can remember back further than just the last match. Walcott and Wilshere are the club saviours and leading lights with transformative abilities once more on the back of a single match and others with a full season’s contribution under their belts should just automatically make way for them for the most important game of the season?

      Whether I agree with it or not, anyone who has even a minuscule understanding of AW, would wager that neither Giroud or Ramsey will be dropped. Both will start in an attempt to keep it solid. WS will start in goal. JW and TW will be ready on the bench for a 60-70min call-up – both could have a huge impact on a Wembley pitch against a tiring team. JW and TW can then concentrate on next season and demonstrate why they are no-brainer 1st X1 starters.

  8. The FA cup final selection
    should not be about Theo’s
    contract. Theo did not help
    the team get to the final.
    Arsenal football club will get on
    just fine without Theo or any of the
    players for that matter.
    Personally I would reward the X1
    that got us to the cup final
    and automatic ECL qualifying
    over the whole season not blokes
    who have played a few games lately.
    If Theo starts it should not be because
    Theo demanded but because Wenger said so.

  9. This is the biggest domestic cup final in the world, you have to play your best team.

    There is no place for sentiment tomorrow, play the best team available, if that means dropping players to the bench so be it.

  10. You had a mour article other day where mour was saying how Arsenal asked if rules could be changed so we could count only jan to may. I read into this.. mour did not like hearing about how we where the best team in league for these months and in fact best in Europe at some stage, factor in how dreadful we started season off due to injuries WC hangover and transfer shortcomings and one may realise that che where very lucky. If we had zero player injuries or whatever luck che had in that department history could be told differently.

    In a way che where lucky. Mourinho knows his team isnt as far away as the table does tell, he is irked by how efficient and good we look by playing it down with jokes and taunts. We still have room for more as we only have one striker… and only one holding player for half a season.

    1. Yes he knows if we can
      play all season like we
      did after Jan we could
      threaten them seriously.
      But can we?

    2. *luck*. Well, it’s mourinho. I can’t really remember seeing him have a bad period like Arsenal have had pretty much every year. Maybe in 2007. Is that luck?

  11. Walcott has been injured and other players carried the team to the final. We know Giroud and Sanchez looked tired judging by their performance in recent games but let’s not be quick to forget that Sanchez was superb in getting us to this stage and Giroud won player of the month few months ago due to his excellent run. Walcott looked great against westbrom and we all want Him to start but I believe Wenger knows best and whoever He start should be able to give it a fight on Saturday. I want to use this medium to celebrate and appreciate all Arsenal players this season. Let’s Win the FA CUP and celebrate again and again…

  12. Walcott will not, and should not start according to me. Those claiming dat he’s in form shud know dat one match only cant speak about a players form. Also, we hav had good results Ramsey om rite and giroud upfront. But still I know Wenger is a daring coach and he wil put in d rite team.
    Ps. Wenger will make early substitutions dis tym. I just know.

    1. To be fair, Theo has always played well since his return from injury. Would you argue with 6 goals in 6 starts?

    2. Theo is in form and that is bassed on more than 1 match, if you watch Arsenal regularly then you’ll have noticed how well his movements have been EVERYTIME he has played since coming back from injury.

      Ramsey on the right means we play very narrow and I think his moments of good work has shadowed his faults out on the right, he has left the RB exposed multiple times and doesn’t have the pace to get past players like a winger should.

      Ramsey is a CM, when he is played in the B2B role then I will shout about how great he is, as a RW though he is lacking, our results have mirrored this… Ozils form also drops when noth our wingers try to get inside all the time, the balance of the whole team is off when Ramsey is played wide right and Alexis wide left.

  13. Some of you guys are a little too kind to Theo. As has been said by others Theo having one good game does not mean he’s in great form. Giroud plays week in week out and gets a lot of flack as he’s gone 8 games without a goal, yet theo who can be totally anonymous in games, then gets a little fortunate with every shot going in and scores a hat trick is suddenly a top quality striker? Really?? Before anyone says it….Costa has had a 7 match stretch without scoring so girouds not suddenly second rate…it happens.

    However villa do often play with a high line, Wembley is a big and tiring pitch and most of villas cb pairings are slow. So pace will matter and therefore giving theo a run out whether to start or as they start to tire, would be a good thing.

    So put out a decent pacy team, have quality on the bench, forget sentiments and play to win with the right team and we’ll get the right result.

  14. I feel 4 wenger,shd he starttheo, ndrop caz/ozil/ramsey,will theo track back n help bellerin whom I hope d pressure dosent get to

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