Walcott snubbed but two Arsenal stars to start tonight

Just like with his lack of appearances in the starting line up for Arsenal since he finally recovered from a long and frustrating spell on the side lines with injury, Theo Walcott must be scrathing his head right now and wondering what he needs to do to force his way into the England team.

Despite the fleet footed Gunner showing some real class and scoring two goals in the brief amount of time that he was given in San Marino on Saturday night, Roy Hodgson has decided not to give the Gunner a go from the start for the Euro qualifier against Switzerland at Wembley tonight.

Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain does keep his place from the start though, which is only fair after the dynamic young player also had a great game and provided the assist for Ross Barkley´s goal. Harry Kane drops to the bench but it is Sterling rather than Walcott that replaces him.

The other Arsenal player set to start tonight is Santi Cazorla and it looks to me as though the Spain manager Vicente Del Bosque is going to try the little magician in his new deeper midfield role, so that will be interesting. Let´s wish them well and hope that Arsenal get all our players back without a scratch over the next day or two.

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  1. Glad he is getting a break, can’t get injured that way…also Cazorla needs to perform…I’m tired of our magician being used as a super sub

  2. He has not been snubbed. We have qualified so it makes sense to try out a few different options.

  3. You seriously expected Walcott to start… He scored 2 goals against a team where they have 2 semi proffessionals (emphasis on the word semi…)… Give that man a balon d’or. I’m sick of the pity party he gets …When he puts in a consistent series of good perfomances without injury …then and only then can he dictate when he plays, where he plays (position wise)

  4. In my opinion, Theo has screwed his potential by his obsession with being a striker.

    Be a great even amazing winger who scores goals, but don’t confuse your managers (club/national) by wanting something that isn’t your natural game.

    As a winger he can score in the double figures for Arsenal, and play most games.

    Someone needs to tell him, because he could waste that potential by ending up a super sub..

    1. @Mark I totally agree with u , I don’t know what made him think he’ll make it is a striker(I hope he does) but he won’t even start on the RW if the ox keeps up what he’s been doing from the start

    2. @Mark I totally agree with u , I don’t know what made him think he’ll make it as a striker(I hope he does) but he won’t even start on the RW if the ox keeps up what he’s been doing from the start of the season

    1. I am really hoping to eat mine! Honesty i have been waiting all these years to finally eat my words! hell yeah..cant wait!!:))

  5. Wenger does not expect something different because he works toward getting the same “type” of results. He cannot do better because he does not have the tactical attributes, the tools (his own doing) and the football knowledge…

    Welbeck is out 6 months or so, so that is “until the end of the season” because we cannot fix injuries anyway…
    Walcott is not a striker and NEVER will be, just a fact… Should be playing on the wing in place of Chamberlain…

    Top club?
    May be with the purse, because other than that we don’t have the football weight…
    Wenger does not mind being humiliated by Mourinho because he knows he cannot discuss “football matters” or just talk about football with him.

    It would have been nice and comforting to have a top striker, another top DM and may be another CB in the squad, but hey! the guy in charge seems to think that we can do without… Of course we can… As long as we don’t challenge for the league, we are fine 🙂

  6. One of my worries is that we in Arsenal bcos of Wenger ‘s stubbornness have put ourselves in a position where other top clubs in Europe will come next summer to price out out tip-top players, and they will consider leaving bcos we have shown lack of ambition. The likes of Bellerin, Ozil, Sanchez, Cazorla, and Koshieny may consider leaving and we’ll be back to breeding new boys. One mistake too many for Wenger.
    Wenger Out!!!!
    I don’t care how many goals Giroud & Walcott scores, but as long we don’t win d league, it’ll be failure. There is no motivation, Or Ambition.
    Wenger Out!!!!!!
    We want our Arsenal back…!!!!!!

    1. Just out of interest which “Arsenal” do you want back? A pre-Wenger one I assume – a George Graham vintage? Presumably not a GG 1992-96 variety or any Arsenal from the 60s, 70s or 80s bar the 71 and 89 league winners.

  7. @Jt1…
    Are U happy how our club has fared in d past ten years? Tell me which other club in European football allows this mediocrity from a Manager and we d fans pay as much as we do?
    Doesn’t it hurt U? Listen, I’m presently in Budapest (Hungary) helping with d Migration Crisis, but will travel back for d Stoke game, all to no hope bcos Wenger refused to act even when we saw poor results and had chance to lift the team.
    Wenger has lost it… I want Wenger Out!!!!

    1. I hear you mate and I respect the opinion – but I was still interested to know what Arsenal you wanted back.

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