Walcott to leave after Vardy says yes to Arsenal transfer?

At the time of writing this we still do not know whether the transfer of Jamie Vardy to Arsenal is a done deal or whether the player and his representatives are still thinking, negotiating or whatever else might be holding up the move. But if the Leicester City and England striker does fancy the move to north London as most people seem to think he will, including Olivier Giroud, then we should get some official confirmation before too long.

If and when that does happen, it may well be closely followed by the departure of one of the longest serving players in the current Arsenal squad, as Metro is reporting that we are on the verge of receiving a substantial offer for Theo Walcott from our Premier League and London rivals West Ham.

If the story is true and the Hammers do go ahead with an offer in the region of £25 million for the fleet footed forward, I find it hard to imagine us turning them down, especially as Vardy may well be set to occupy one of the wide forward roles that Theo usually takes up, when he is fit and in form that is.

Vardy would certainly leapfrog Walcott in the pecking order for the centre forward role that Walcott often tries to make us believe is his best position, and if Wenger is thinking of using Vardy as well as Olivier Giroud then it is hard to see how Walcott will get a game in any position.

So are we about to see two England internationals heading in different directions at Arsenal?

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  1. Why are we trying so hard to convince ourselves and make believe that Vardy’s actually coming to Arsenal?

    1. Exactly….. I am not sure he is the more time goes on.
      I thought perhaps it was a done deal and they keeping it until after the Euros…but now I am not really sure.

    2. @SA
      I’m not. I personally don’t feel he’s what we need. We should be going for Mahrez instead…

  2. West Ham would have to be crazy to bid that much for a player of Walcott’s quality, but then again, stranger things have happened. Who would have thought Walcott would do 10 years at a big club like Arsenal, and become almost their highest earner, despite only ever having one good season!

    I would imagine that Arsenal may have to cover some of Walcott’s wages in any potential transfer, because I cannot imagine any club in Europe matching his ridiculous wages or Walcott taking a pay cut.

    1. I dunno, WHU want to make a statement by buying a CF, if Theo wasn’t English then £25mil would be crazy… but think of it as this, it is 50% of Sterling.

      Personally, I would be happy if we sold Theo for £10mil and a buy back option for£15mil..

      If Theo gets himself sorted out and steps up at WHU then we can always bring him back, I do not doubt Theo has the potential but I think he has grown to comfortable at Arsenal, maybe being sold to a lower team will give him the kick up the a$$ he needs to step up?

      If not then we still got rid of him and his wages… and for a low ball price like £10mil we can tell WHU that we will not cover any of his future wages.

  3. Sell wallnut and buy mikhtariyan,
    plus Vardy and a CB…..
    & Maybe Jansenn for the future aswell…
    We are ready to go…!!

    1. Now Goal saying Rihad Mahrez wanna leave! I pity Leicester City now. Another big achievement will be to escape relegation next season if both leaves.

      1. Not really they have the opertunity to build a squad able to sustain premiership football for the forseable future

        Schmeichel might go as they have signed Robert zeiler who is a good Gk

        Vardy replaced with silmani who was the in form striker in Portugal. He is Algerian so he would give them hope of keeping mahrez.

        Mahrez would be replaced by Ahmed mussa who is a skill full Nigerian forward who was amongst the best young attackers u21 a few years back

        Kante would be replaced by somone with a good engine n intercepting eg gauye at Aston villa had an excellent season disputed disapointment. (Look at his whoscored performance)

  4. I for one will be delighted we have a player willing to scrap all the way to the finish line. We need these type of players, we say it every year. We are a talented side but just don’t have enough players with the right mentality. Vardy has that mentality, lei scrapped their way to that title. The sheer amount of games were Vardy could just not be stopped, and then lei with the one nil. Especially in that home stretch, lei looked a little shaky, but for Vardy to ease the nerves. No-one ever knows if a signing is going to work, we could all name a few which flopped that probably shouldn’t have. With Vardy though, we know we’ll get one hundred percent commitment, and another energizer bunny along the lines of Alexis. Anyone hating on the Vardy signing, I don’t want to hear you say ever again, that we need fighters or a certain mentality. Also, I don’t want to see you again listing other pl strikers goal stats, next to our players.

  5. This will not be a popular comment but I think we should keep Walcott at least as long as Welbeck is out for. Also I have this fear that if he goes to W Ham they will play him & he will finally become the player we hoped he would be for us. & I don’t want to play against him if that happens.
    Unless he goes abroad I think we should keep him.

    1. Am lighting candles by the box load to make this happen ..but what is worrying is that no one seems interested in taking the overpaid whippet so will just have to take whatever we can get then sell ox or Campbell bring in the French kid and go out and buy a quality right sided attacker griezman preferably but there are plenty of upgrades out there .. An attack of sanchez vardy and aubemayang or griezman would have a lot of defences very very nervous …sell Gibbs and mert bring upgrades there which ain’t difficult and we could become serious contenders

    2. If Theo is sold then it would be nice to see us include a buy back option incase he does wake up and hit his potential, being sold to a lower team could be just the kick in the a$$ he needs…

      If other top teams put buy back options in then why are we not doing it more?

      Same with the Ox, if we sold him then we should put a buy back option in, he is young and just missing that spark…

  6. With everything going on with the club, sometimes I might forget; but to all the braves souls who died June 6, 1944 may you rest in peace lads.

  7. According to how Okazaki of Leicester is spoke earlier today, I am sorry but I think the Vardy deal looks done and dusted

  8. I hope Varday’s deal is already completed and kept as a secret for the time being. Now I am dreaming about Janssen sogning. I watched his goals on you tube scoring from tight angles from both directions. He is fearless and resembles Robbin Van p.

  9. Anyone that says Vardy is not good enough for Arsenal is just being deluded, thinking Arsenal is Barcelona or Madrid..

    Vardy’s transfer is risky I give you that…
    Will he be a one season wonder?I dunno….
    Now what else do you have??
    Oh! He is 29 and 20m…And so???

    I have downloaded all his goals just to convince myself again and again infact I tried to see beyond his goals….I realise he is an animal…he is exactly what we always hope Walcott will be…

    He is pacy,aggressive and very clinical and he doesn’t even look like 29…

    If you complain about his price..look at these players:
    Welbeck:16m… Plus their wages since they have been signed…
    Now ask yourself whathave they done for us??? I know chambers haven’t gotten enough chance…but 20m is not too much for Arsenal to spend on a goal scorer eventhough it is a risk…

    Morata, janssen,Milik etc are all risks too…pls just make time to see all Vardy’s goals again….

    1. Vardy also has only 4 years of professional football (as I understand it) which might mean his body is less worn out.

      I think we should spend 40 million on the position of central striker. I think we should buy Vardy as an immediate upgrade on Giroud and spend an other 20 on Jansen to deepen out the position and have a potential longer term solution.

      Vardy and Jansen provide different risks. Vardy is PL proven but only has one big season and is towards the end of his career and Jansen has only been prolific in a minor league (for one season) but is young and talented. To me this seems a good dual risk to take as opposed to spending 50 on Morata.

      If we only buy Vardy I would still be happy, if it meant we wold no longer see Giroud, but I would not be ecstatic, partially because it would mean we might need an other striker next season or the season after so why not invest now in a longer term solution?

      Having said that, I would still prefer Higauin or Aubamayang, but we will never pay what it takes to get those players.

  10. Why are we trying to fit Giroud into our squad for next season? Why buy Vardy and move him to the wing? We need a 20+ PL goal striker and Vardy is more likely to be just that than Giroud.

    Which ever striker we buy, I sincerely hope he relegates Giroud to the bench. Even if we play 4-4-2 (which I doubt), pair Vardy with Sanchez NOT Giroud.

    1. Rob Holding?
      I know we are putting in low bids for him but it sounds like he wants us and only us… Even if this transfer drags on all window, £2mil isn’t going to be loads and that is if we can’t save a few £££.

      I am glad we got the Xhaka deal done quick and if Vardy is completed soon then that is 2 quick signings, would any of us actually mind if Holding transfer took all window?

      We are rumored to be interested in other CBs as well, more likely to be a starter than a prospect and if that is the case then it will be hard to see us follow through with Holding, kinda argues for us to be trying to save a few ££ on Holding so we do not spend the money too quick and it can be used on a better CB if we manage it.

      Oh who is that 6ft 5 guy whos name starts with a K… Looks like a beast and seems fast for his height, good passer as well… I hate it when a players name eludes me lol.

    1. I know, we buy a EPL CF who can actually score more than 20 goals a season and people think we will convert him to a winger…

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