Can Walcott win his Arsenal place back? Wenger thinks so…..

Walcott assured of a starting role at Arsenal!

Despite all the rumours surrounding incoming players and who may be leaving the Emirates this summer, one player who’s future remains up in the air, is Arsenal’s Theo Walcott.

Although I’m sure most Arsenal fans would like to tell Walcott where to go, as of this moment it seems that the English winger will be remaining at the club for next season, despite solid interest from West Ham this summer. No further developments have been heard on such matter and therefore it has all gone cold for Walcott and his future, as we simply remain to see which players that will join the club this summer, that could be set to replace him.

The likes of Mahrez and Mkhitaryan have been mentioned, however according to the Daily Telegraph, no such action will be needed. This is because as the media outlet goes onto report, Walcott has been assured by Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger, that he has a place in the Arsenal first team next season, although he wil be kept out on the win.

Walcott made a good start to the season and scored some vital goals in the first half of the campaign. However as ever, his form dipped dramatically, to the point that Walcott was even beginning to be left out of matches as an unused substitute or not even be in the match day squad at all. It beckons that Walcott should not be on his current £100k plus contract and that such money could be spent elsewhere rather than on a player that has largely failed to produce in any aspect apart from loyalty in the past ten years. Such form even led to the English winger missing out on the opportunity to join up with his national side to play at the European Championships this summer in France, and Walcott would’ve been desperate to make an impact for a side he hasn’t featured for at a major tournament since 2006.

I think that although it remains to be seen who may end up at Arsenal this summer, I’m still pretty much certain Walcott will still be with us come the opening game day, although I cannot understand how he would be able to get a starting spot ahead of all our much more consistent wingers like Iwobi and Campbell, not to mention Ramsey or Wilshere…..


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  1. I hope Walcott goes, but then again, Wenger never learns from his mistakes, so expect most of the deadwood at Arsenal for yet another year! Just cannot understand why Walcott is given chance, after chance, whilst a player like Campbell barely gets a kick.

    1. Btw quite the change from last year when Wenger stated that Walcott’s prime is coming and he wouldn’t want to miss him, yet he failed to justify a place in the starting XI. Worthless player, 55 goals in 250+ matches is itself extremely bad for someone who earns more than 100k per week. Best season gave him 13 goals in the premiership, other than that he’s been on ~4-9 goals per season. Doesn’t contribute with playmaking or chance creating, so why do we even have him after all these years? Not to mention how he still is the owner of jersey #14.

  2. OT: Now there’s a player willing to join “the beautiful Arsenal” Sissoko. Whether he would add quality to our team is another thing but boy I wish more top players can show this much desperation to join us.

    Would he be a potential good replacement or Flamini?

    As for Theo if the club can secure two quality forward players (either 2 strikers or 1 striker and 1 winger) it would be beneficial for both him and the club to part ways. If we can only sign one striker then I don’t see why we should let him go unless the asking price is irresistible.

    1. Top players will join and show desperation to join us when we show ambition to Win or at Least challenge for major trophies. At this point Arsenal is still regarded as a big club in the form of statue and finances but not when it comes to winning the major trophies. Once we start winning again and showing more ambition Top players will be lined up at the emirates to join us.

      For now it will take a little more wages and transfer fee to persuade a top team and top player to join us.

  3. I have a horrible feeling this Vardy and all the other transfer stuff is nonsense and won’t happen. It feels already like one of Arsenes tricks…..

    1. Wait and see, wait and see… Expect nothing – applaud or give critique when it does happen. Could just as well be media spreading rumors for the sake of profit. Then again, Vardy with all the players ‘confirming’ negotiations seems more legit than most other rumors we’ve had so far.

      1. Thats real mate… But it was also a lazy effort on Wenger’s behalf. .. looking for a quick and cheap fix! That would please ‘mostly’ everyone!…. except me lol ?

        1. vardy and Walcott are represented by the same agent, and if vardy comes there’s every chance that Theo time at the Emirates could be up. guys make what u want of it lol

  4. You may be right as Wenger stated already that Giroud is first choice next season…

    I thought within myself we have allowed the early Xhaka business to make us fall for susbsequent media rumours, we have let down our guard….

    From now on, maybe we should switch back to our skepticism, or “take it with a pinch of salt mode” to avoid restlesness,anxiety and disappointment…l

    BUT,I think Wenger really means business this summer…..

    1. Hahaha ? … Confusion?
      The battle of the Gooner’s Mind and Soul,
      You want to believe! But Deep in the delusional thoughts,
      Lies the wisdom of truth! …. That dissapointment, will once again reveal, it’s ugly head. ?

      One quick signing and then the dragging of feet.
      Xhaka was targeted since last year, hence his quick signing.
      So Where’s our striker? … Do you really believe that Vardy was on Wenger’s mind, like Xhaka was? ? ?
      This just goes to show that the injury to Welbeck is the only reason why Wenger is looking for a striker now!

      Deja vu?
      Groundhog day?
      Call it what you like!… This ? is real.

      1. @Fatboy…
        Then I wonder we our striker for next season will be….
        Since we have been watching Elneny and Xhaka for one year.
        I wonder which striker Wenger had in mind then….

        You maybe right that Wenger had no plan to even buy a striker this summer…wanting to depend on Giroud Welbeck and Walcott again….

        I even believe Wenger’s supposed activity in this window is because Ozil and Sanchez haven’t extended their contracts..

        1. Exactly! … I don’t understand why fan’s ignore Wenger’s own word’s! in the statements that he makes!
          Is it because he lies?… (which he has done in the past!)
          If that is the case, then where’s the logic in the the words of ” in wenger we trust” ??
          I can’t be bothered to look up and find Wenger’s statements/ comments to make a case of it, simply because it is not appreciated by the majority on here! ?
          There’s more egos issues on here than there is in the entire footballing Word! ? ?

          Those that don’t suffer from Goldfish syndrome, will understand where I’m coming from. ??

  5. I think this Vardy thing is a stunt like Suarez. Wenger knew that £40 million+ £1 wouldn’t be accepted and I think Wenger knows Vardy won’t want to leavce Leicester

    I hope I’m wrong but Wenger has let us down so many Times. I wouldn’t be surprised if he keeps Faith in Walcott, Giroud, Akpom

  6. We need either mahrez or micki and of coz a vardy(morata,Janssen),CB and a LB..I wld advice that either Walcott,cambell or the OX should be shipped out to ease our wage bill..we have to act faster and quickly with this deals to avoid competition from the big boys with money bags hence we loose…NEXT SEASON WILL BE THE BATTLE OF OUR LIFETIME AND IT AIN’T GOING TO BE A WALK IN THE PARK AS WE MAY THINK..BLUNDERS IS THE LAST THING WE WANT IN THIS WINDOW AND WHOEVER GET SMART DEALS QUICKLY WILL HAVE AN AGE..WENGER SHOULD PROVE THAT HE HAS ANYTHING LEFT TO UNLOCK COZ THE REIGNS COULD BE COMING TO A CLOSURE!!!

  7. Really hard to say…he has had some good moments but with Arsenal looking to make that step of actually winning & being consistent over a full season they need a consistent goal threat! So I would like to believe that Walcott can show his potential if only 75% of it over the course of a season and maybe YES he would be a regular.
    When you have a player like Ozil that alone creates over 140 chances as a striker you must relish that opportunity and ought to score more!That is the only thing that would keep Walcott in the team along with the fact that Wenger likes his english core as well as the time he has invested.
    He has the speed, showed that he can finish…just need to be more consistent! But with the names throne out there (Morata, Higuain, Vardy & more) it seems that Wenger has come to realize that the striker he has will not be good enough to push this team over the line no matter how much the midfield creates. Something we’ve said a while ago! A striker failing to score creates disbelief & frustration, bad body language & lack of focus…it has to change!

  8. Theo for me broke down the moment he wore that arm band in the Chelsea game. He has never being the same man again. What happened to you Theo, speak son.

  9. This Vardy thing is now so annoying. Ever since Xhaka it’s been all talk and I hope we don’t make the same mistake twice by signing 1 early and say we couldn’t find anyone else. I don’t get it, what’s the point in waiting until after the Euros? If he’s staying he could have said that before boarding the plane, if he’s coming the same applies. Leciester fans are going to feel the same regardless I would think but for us it’s just frustrating. Is he afraid of getting booed with England? Many great players have been booed by club or country yet they still perform and silence the critics. According to John Cross we’re not interested in Mahrez. Why not? He didn’t become player of the year for being poor. I’ve watched Mahrez and he doesn’t strike me as a 1 season wonder player at all, he may dip in for here and there but I think he will get much better with us. All this dragging feet just gives reporters a reason to write the same stuff over and over again. Very frustrating!

  10. Thanks Wenger for playing the waiting game now Leicester will surely get his mind on new deal and while then Arsenal will lose out on Higuain and other top striker. I am already worried after last season with the attacking options Wenger chose to have. Give Jamie a deadline so we can all know there isn’t any room for uncertainty.

  11. The discussion has move on to vardy. Lets work on the basis that Arsenal say nothing until it is certain, that is how wenger works.

    Assuming Leicester have offered vardy a new contract, if he accepts I would expect leicester (and Roy Hodgson) to want to calm things down and announce something like, vardy has agreed new term and we are working on the details.

    If vardy accepts arsenals offer then i would expect no announcement, vardy will go for medical in france, there will be rumours and eventually someone will say something.

    If vardy has not made up his mind then there will be no announcement.

    In conclusion, i think this lack of information means that vardy has not agreed to leicesters new terms.

  12. Looks like same old Arsenal, Aubameyang going to City, Liverpool after Higuani, and we are waiting for Vardy after Euro??!! Why not go for Higuani or Morata?! Am worried about next season! A strong City, Man U and Chelsea!!!

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