Walcott warns rivals Arsenal pace will be UNSTOPPABLE!!

Arsenal have had to do without the flying England forward for about nine months now and there is no doubt that we have really missed him. Losing his pace was particularly damaging in the latter half of last season, because with Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain also missing the Gunners were bereft of any pace on the flanks and in attack and we suffered accordingly.

Well how times have changed and it is no wonder that Walcott is rubbing his hands about his imminent return to action, because all of a sudden the Gunners are blessed with pace in abundance. Both of the new forward signings, Danny Welbeck and Alexis Sanchez, are seriously speedy, while the Ox is fit again and there is also Joel Campbell to consider.

And Walcott has not been sitting on his hands while waiting for the cruciate ligaments to heal, as a Daily Mail report reveals. The 25-year old has been working hard on things that he has not been able to do in the normal course of a season and he reckons that the work strengthening his legs will pay dividends and help to ensure that despite all the new fast players at the club, he will still be the quickest off the blocks for Arsenal.

Walcott said, “‘I hope we’ll have the fastest forward line in the Premier League, these are exciting times. These players are very, very fast, they will fit the bill perfectly. Alexis has settled in very quickly, Danny is a good guy I have worked with him with England.

“He always puts his heart on the line. At times I thought he needed to be a bit more selfish so I was very happy on Monday night (when he scored two goals for England) — he will get more goals now.

“I hope to be quicker, definitely. I’ve been working very hard. You’ve got to look at these injuries as a bit of a blessing at times.

“Am I still fastest at the club? That’s the one thing I have not tested yet. That’s the last thing I will do once I’m match-fit.

“I’ve never had the opportunity to work on the strength in my legs and with that I think hopefully I should be quicker and stronger. So that’s what I’m looking forward to.

“I haven’t actually put a date on when I’ll return. It’s weeks rather than months now. My legs have bulked up.”

Speed is not everything, of course, but it is one of the major things that Arsenal were missing last season, so will having it now make Arsenal a much better team?

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  1. Sanchez and Campbell use their speed not only going forward to help get back if we lose the ball up the pitch-

    This adds a lot to the team. Walcott hasn’t done that previously, he might need to , to get his spot back-

    We are a better balanced team now- just need a little time for players to gel together- with right formation we will threaten every team in EPL-

    My only fear is the slowness if Mertesacker – that’s a risk for us (I’d play Chambers)- that aside we have talent, pace and skill all over the pitch!

    1. How big a problem was merts speed last season?
      Having debuchy,bellerin on the right of him who are quicker than Sagna means he will be more protected. Also tthe new 4-1-4-1 formation wenger has used lately offers more specialised protection as non of the central player has a free role

  2. Pace is a very important factor, especially as our midfield has so much creativity, it is crying out for players who can make runs in behind defenders and players who can run on the counter attack. With Theo and Danny, they will need to step up and become influential players game in game out which I believe they have the quality to do so. This will also, put Sanchez under less pressure and if he can find a good link with Theo and Danny, then that front three could be very deadly indeed. Hoping for a big result on Saturday. #COYG

  3. In today’s modern beautiful game pace is indeed an important factor! Pace upfront and pace at the back! in football today if your defense is too slow to react to danger, from pacey wingers or strikers “your gonna get burn”!

  4. Mert is such an amazing reader of the game and places the back 4 just perfect BUT his pace kills us vs the good teams. Arsenal need to sign a CB through a FA and START Chambers vs the big guys.
    Walcott needs to run back to help the D or else Wenger should start OX as a regular or give a freak chance to Campbell cuz I know for sure if they both play 90 minutes they will run up and down till the end!


  5. Yes! It’s good to have this speed both defensively and offensively. But as of now, I’m envisioning some beautiful counters in our future – Ramsey to Ozil to Sanchez to Danny to the back of the net…

    But the key though is getting the ball in the back of the net. So let’s get them goals boys!

  6. We have to play chambers instead of BFG if we know what’s good for us. BFG is very slow and if you remember all the big games last year he has been found out and the big teams will pick on his side.

  7. Gnabry, Sanago and Gibbs must be very upset as they have not been mentioned….

    same for Bellerin and Akrom…both beat Walcott in pace…..

  8. Well hopefully we will go for Usain bolt at Cb, he is tall and really quick!!!

    For crying out loud, what is the hang up about pace? Ok it’s useful and can catch some teams out, but have the technical ability to control the ball, is far more important. Being able to shoot and cross is also more important than pace. I really hope that all these guys gel and can use their pace to great effect, my fear is that in Walcott, campbell, welbeck, gnabry, chamberlain and even sanchez in some respect we have so many similar players that concentrate on their speed, hoping that rather than the their technical attributes will be the undoing of the opposition.

    Let’s not forget that ozil, rosicky, cazorla, podolski, wilshire and even arteta are technically better with the ball than most of the forementioned. We need a blend of those guys along with the industry of some players like Ramsey, giroud, coquelin, sanogo, flamini, diaby. Thankfully at arsenal we have them all there are 18 players there compering for 6 places in the team, its over to wenger to find the right balance and make it work.

  9. Some people are hopeless fools on this website…
    While some caring arsenal fans are making good comments & suggestions, some “idiots” are busy thumbing them down !!!. Is that how foolish & jobless they are? Pls grow up or get out “idiots”…
    @Greg said “Yes sir ..Well said by our speedmenace himself.. We miss you Theo. COYG!” and a some good for nothing fool, thumbed him down… For what? That’s really stupid.

    1. See… I had not even left the site b4 a fool thumbed me down for no reason… Lol… These are Spudians invading our site !!…. Admin Alert !!!

  10. Walcott.. !! We really miss you.. Now is the time to make yourself an arsenal legend… Just like HENRY !!


    Debuchy -Kid – Kosc- Monr

    Flamini – Wilshere

    ^ Özil ^ ^ + ^
    Sanchez – Welbeck – Ox
    * * *

    If we play this against city, sumtin should make their net shake.

  11. My team will be

    Debuchy Mertz Kols Gibbs

    Chambers Ramsey

    Sanchez ozil/carzola Ox/cambell


    I will probably start with carzola because he seems to be key in big games. But if he is having an off day by the 60th min and we are behind, bring in Ozil.

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