Walcott, Welbeck and Sanogo give Arsenal HUGE injury boost!

The Arsenal injury update given by Arsene Wenger today was pretty depressing for Arsenal fans to hear. It looked like the Gunners were going to have to do without almost a full and decent starting XI players, with Danny Welbeck, Yaya Sanogo and Theo Walcott apparently unlikely to return along with out other crocks Arteta, Szczesny, Ospina, Gnabry, Diaby, Debuchy, Ozil and Wilshere.

I am not trying to suggest that our wily old manager is trying to pull a fast one here and surprise tomorrow’s opponents when the teams are announced, but a quick look at the pictures on Arsenal.com of the Gunners training after the manager’s press conference will show Welbeck, Sanogo and Walcott going through the exercises with their team mates.

Theo’s problem was an inflammation of the groin that he brought back from the international break and Wenger said he was not going to be available for tomorrow or midweek because of it. If he was still feeling that, surely he would not be training and so we can hope to see him back on the pitch soon, although his fitness will most likely mean he is still not ready to start.

But Welbeck and Sanogo probably could, as both of our strikers trained with the group as well. Welbeck was carrying a knee and hamstring problem and Sanogo also hurt his hamstring against Dortmund, so they must both have been passed fit or they would not have trained.

With Wenger already missing a host of Gunners, this is great news and gives Arsenal a much better chance of beating West Brom.

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  1. Ks-Gunner says:

    The war is already over, what we will do from now on is fighting for what is left. The left overs. Srry, i am shiiting my pants when i think about us picking up Real M or Bayern in the coming weeks.

  2. HA559 says:

    Players are returning this month, not surprising since transfer window is about to open soon.

    1. SoOpa AeoN says:

      buahahahaha…….. OMG!… Exactly…. Transfer window brings em all back…..and there will be no more options to buy…… Buahahahaha

  3. CraigZWE says:

    We are really a mid table team, I mean worrying about West Brom.
    Really? what have we come to?
    And using injuries as an excuse won’t do if we lose or even draw.

  4. CraigZWE says:

    Darn birds are chirping, guess sun’s coming up.

  5. Andrew U says:

    Huge boost getting Sanogo back. I’ll bet Jose Mourinho is losing sleep over it!

  6. Greg says:

    Cant wait to see our “speed merchant theo” back on the pitch! Coyg!

  7. olly ray says:

    Can someone help me echoe it to arsene to warn wilshere not to hold on to the ball for long; trying dribbling past players?
    This guy would get his ankle ruined if he continues. Can’t the manager tell him?

    1. Mesut O-grillz says:

      Prob has, but Jack gonna do what he wants to.
      – He smokes when he wants to
      – He chest butts Fellaini when he wants to
      – So I bet he’ll hold on to ball as long as he wants to

  8. Sumo says:

    I hope Sanchez gets the game off. We have players injured and all that but he must be fcuking tired. I really do hope he has a game to rest. We have Southampton midweek. And we lost to them already this season. Give Poldi a run out.

    But our PL form is so bad that we can’t even think of resting him.

  9. Maybe this is what it takes for the Dino to give play time to Rosicki, POD, Campbell, Bellorin,

    1. Mesut O-grillz says:


  10. ShaqCoyg94 says:

    Winston Reid And Yussuf Mulumbu in January pleasee

  11. @sama says:

    Maybe it is blessing in disguise,Wenger will finally hand Rosicky,Podolski and Cambell the chances they deserve.

  12. M Arsenal Fan says:

    Yeahhhhhh!!!! Hi Mr Wenger…here is where i comment for my arsenal even i will also email to you…lets end up our worst start now…its time to roar now…

    While we as fan are watching from a far,some fan was separate by two team,pro wenger n anti wenger…but i will keep with mr wenger until the time come…so lets keep behind team and fight for honour…

    Allright firstly,we will talk about our lose to man utd…its no good we keep losing by team with most weakness defend…its hurt inside bit still has something we learn…it is the possession…we r winning too much possession against man utd,so we are first step on back to our beautiful way of play…and we are dreaming on that…we will back to those way and win games…

    Then,about player…i already said on early season we will play sanchez on suarez role,and it success…so,now we just realized that we have one more gems to work…it is chamberlain,the ox…what will we doing is,he has body type and dribble like someone star…its is hazard…from now lets give hazard role to chamberlain…

    Then,ramsey…like it should be,he must play hos strongest thing first…he must be on everygrass,winning tackle and block…the goal will come later…

    Lastly,on whateever condition,we must at least has 3 player on defending to stop them,not to chase them,becoz our defend is not fast like attack…

    So,lets play back the beautiful way of arsenal…its now to play beautiful…lets showdown…
    Arsenal Yeahhhhh

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