Walcott won’t start but is still a HUGE boost for Arsenal

This is the way I see things going tomorrow for Arsenal, when Sam Allardyce bring his struggling Sunderland side to north London to face the Gunners. Just like in our last two Premier League games against clubs we were expected to beat, O think that Arsenal will take the lead.

After that, however, I reckon things will be different. I certainly hope so anyway because in the last two games that opening goal was as good as it got for us. I see two major differences this time; one is that the game is at the Emirates in front of the Arsenal home crowd, who I sincerely hope and expect will get behind the players rather than joining the football media in their baiting of Arsene Wenger.

The other is Theo Walcott, who is set to be back in the squad after injury according to the Daily Mail. I don’t think the boss will risk him from the start but just having him on the bench is likely to have a sharpening up effect on Olivier Giroud.

Also, Walcott is the perfect player (or the worst possible nightmare depending on your point of view) to come on against a Sunderland side pushing for an equaliser. Jon O’Shea, Wes Bron, Kaboul and all are not exactly blessed with pace are they? So if they are pushing forward in the second half, how much damage could Theo do?

Another reason why his return is a massive boost for Arsenal is the Champions League. With no Alexis, could Walcott be the weapon that gets Arsenal into the next round?

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  1. Greg says:

    Its good news to have theo back from injury! Coyg!

  2. Twig says:

    What if we get another injury tomorrow? I know this is a scary question, but think about it.

    We lost the OX and Walcott in one game, and Sanchez and Cazorla in another. I see absolutely no reason why the trend will not continue tomorrow – it appears there’s something we’re doing consistently wrong – in training perhaps.

    In between, Koscielny is going in and out of the treatment room. Meanwhile, Ramsey is very unreliable – once he holds his hamstrings you know that’s it. Wilshere, who even talks about him? Our injury record is a disgrace.

    I hope the likes of Flamini, Campbell and Chambers can step up to the challenge during this crisis, otherwise I’m afraid we might be lucky to finish 4th this season 🙁

  3. Greg says:

    Would like to see young adelaide play and get a sweat for the last 15 minutes at least!

    1. GoonerLad says:

      Would love to see Wilshere out of the treatment room for 15 days at least

    2. atid says:

      Adelaide carried off in the youth cup with a head injury, so iwobi is the most likeliest youngster to be on the bench. I hope we protect Walcott giroud, koscielny chamberlain Ramsey ozil and flamini somehow, by not playing them all for 90 if the scoreline permits.

      Obviously Ramsey has to start, but perhaps chambers could play instead of flamini and then if we’re well ahead bring flamini on for ramsey.

      Similarly I would start with campbell and gibbs on the flanks, then may be bring on Walcott and ox for ozil and giroud if we are well ahead.

      I would have koscielny on the bench.

      Bellerin mertesacker Gabriel Monreal
      Ramsey chambers
      Campbell ozil gibbs

      Ospina Debuchy koscielny flamini ox Walcott iwobi

      1. SoOpa AeoN says:

        wasn’t Adelaide spotted training with the 1st team in London colney yesterday?

  4. Aussie Jack says:

    At West Ham ( so the story goes) Sam had his own sound proof box for obvious reasons. At Emirates that will not be the case so the audience could be in for a different kind of entertainment.

  5. Davros says:

    With Ramsey, OX and Theo back I’m feeling a bit better.

    But boy do I miss Santi, Alexis and Francis

    I’m hoping OX, Theo, Aaron and Giroud all play against Olympiakos

  6. SoOpa AeoN says:

    provided we aren’t putting on our 3rd kit……. *clears throat*

  7. almostawinner says:

    that third kit should be burned.
    black as ashes.

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