Walcott’s hat-trick disappointment good news for Arsenal

Of course we would all have loved to see Theo Walcott convert another of his six attempts on goal in the win over Swansea, and I’m sure that the England striker and his teammates would have preferred to have more daylight between themselves and the visitors when Granit Xhaka was sent off to set up a nervous final 20 minutes.

What was good about Theo not sealing his hat-trick, however, was his reaction to it, reported on the Arsenal website. Instead of taking the praise for the two goals that he did score and talking about the good form that he has found for the Gunners this season, Walcott brought up his misses straight away when asked if it had been a great game with everything in it.

He said, “Not quite – it didn’t have a hat-trick from me! I was disappointed with a couple of chances at the end but when you’re down to 10 men, we had to work really hard today.

“It’s always difficult when you come back from international break. People come back from all parts of the world and you only get a short amount of time to actually train together before you’re at it again. But yeah, when you’ve got 10 men in the Premier League it’s not easy, but Swansea, they caused us a lot of problems but when it was 11 men it was quite even to be honest. But yeah, a very good three points in the end, definitely when you look at other results today.”

Theo must be happy with how things have been going for him and the club so far, so for him to realise and accept that he cannot rest on his laurels and could do better sounds like he is approaching his football with the right attitude. When combined with his undoubted abilities, that can only be good for Arsenal. The question is, will Theo and the Gunners be able to keep it up?



  1. chukzyking says:

    i believe theo and his team mates will sustain the momentome

  2. Angello01 says:

    I have always hoped he regain his scoring form, now he has. I only pray he keeps it up.

  3. butters says:

    Walcott will lose form eventually, just like Monreal today, so will Alexis, Ozil.

    Just a matter of good rotation, rest and preparation, Wenger should be fine with the depths of the squad. Hopefully we get to see Perez ozil combination as well

  4. Break-on-through says:

    No-one much is talking about how Alexis found Ozil again with one of those lobbed balls. Alexis is getting very good in this new role, he must have top stats with everything, passing, creating, dribbling, scoring, defending, he’s dynamite in his new role. If we were watching that over in liv or manchester we’d be sick they found a striker with such capabilities. Suarez is one of the best finishers I’ve ever seen, but he hasn’t got Alexis’s box of tricks.

  5. Wilshegz says:

    I have no worries whatsoever of Walcott keeping his form as long as Wenger doesn’t change him from his position again.
    the main worry is keeping him fit, probably ll make some sense if he plays only 45mins vs Ludogorets, Alexis as well..

  6. Vlad says:

    Guys like Wilshere, Ox, Ramsey, Gibbs, etc. should all take notice. Walcott came back this season with the right attitude, and showed everyone what he’s capable of. He’s got this hunger and desire in him that I haven’t seen before, and it pays huge dividends. Atta boy, Theo. Keep it up!

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