Walcott’s RIGHT – Arsenal won’t fear UCL draw (but please not Barca)

After the Gunners pulled off the brilliant last gasp result that we needed to stay in the Champions League, for at least two more games anyway, I can understand why Arsene Wenger and the Arsenal players were very upbeat and also full of confidence for the latter stages of the competition.

As reported by Sky Sports, our England international forward Theo Walcott expressed the feeling in the Arsenal dressing room perfectly with his post match comments in which he claimed that it did not really matter what the draw for the next round brings on Wednesday. In fact he even suggested that it would be the club drawn to face us that might be cursing their luck.

Walcott said, “It doesn’t matter who we play. I think we can beat anyone on our day, definitely.

“Hopefully if we can get players back fit as well, the squad will be even stronger than it is now.

“If we get the likes of Wolfsburg, we’ve played them in the Emirates Cup [Arsenal won 1-0 in July] but it will be a completely different ball game. They had a very good result against [Manchester] United.

“I’m sure none of them would like to play us after that result. Whoever you get in the draw is going to be difficult.

“You’ve seen teams struggle when they should be going through and winning. It is just the way it is now.

“You’ve seen that in the Premier League – teams are getting so much better.”

I do agree with the striker, to a certain extent at least, especially about Arsenal being the team, along with Juventus, that the winners of the groups would rather avoid. And because of the competition rules stopping us from facing an English side or Bayern Munich from our group, we are left with just five possible opponents.

Real Madrid, Atletico Madrid, Zenit St. Petersburg and Wolfsburg are all teams that we should not be afraid of, but I would temper Walcott´s words by saying that we really do not want to be drawn against Barcelona with Messi, Neymar and Luis Suarez. They are favourites for a reason.

So will Wenger’s talk about this being our lucky year be proved right by Arsenal avoiding the current holders?

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  1. Funny that CheLsh! Managed a win over porto and mugs Like gary Lineker and co are already Running their mouths

    Honestly, porto with all their possessions were not Top of their Game……and Lacked composure infront of Goal…. Looking goal shy all night

    they(the chavs) ‘d get a Taste of adventure vs Leicester (who are not anything Like porto) this weekend…..no worries! L()L

    BTW! Am i the onLy one who Thinks Rio Ferdinand is a gunz Lover?…. Always happy when the Arsenal put up decent performances….and praises our players…..Big-ups to him

    1. @SA
      Rio’s sons are mini Gooners. So Rio caught the AFC bug along with them…Lol
      I always felt he wanted to play for us in his day…

  2. why’s erebody scared of Barca??……… Are they some sorta humanoid androids?…. I believe in the Arsenal

    BRING ON BARCA my friend!

    1. Well because everyone is being practical. We are good but we can’t get past Barca. I don’t think our defence can cope against the combined power of Neymar, Suarez and Messi.

      1. @Invincible49
        We stand a better chance with Gabe/Kos and Le Coq fit and fighting. They’d wittle Mert down to a stump and run through Flamini at will though.
        That being said. If we draw them next, and beat em both legs, then the cup is ours…

        1. we cant deal with there movement bro all 3 of them
          to be honest we draw them- we lose.
          we still have advantage over city, more rest for title charge

          win win!

          1. @muffdiver
            I feel ya pain Muff D. But I think if we got those 3 defenders, plus Hector and Nacho in form, we can contain them…
            I ain’t tryin to take anything away from them. They are Wu Tang 36 Chambers deadly. But fearing them would only make our job that much harder…

    2. Why is everybody scared of Barca?
      That should be a rhetorical question.
      In all honesty, they should be the last team we want to be drawn against. So let’s apply common sense rather than the fake bravado that exudes after beating an inferior Olympiakos team we should be expected to beat 9.5 times out of 10.

  3. Well if we’re ever going to win the champions league, we should be prepared to get past the likes of Barca and Real. With our recent results against Bayern, we’ve proved we can beat the top European sides. However, we’ve ALWAYS come up short over 2 legs.

  4. I would quite like us to play Real Madrid. I know there would be a good chance of us going out, but I think it would be one hell of a game. I think it would also be awsome for Ozil too to go head to head with his old team mates.

  5. Barcelona O my days sorry no one will take there crown sorry we all no this. But it was a good win and we can take that in to the EPL. No Thursday football thank god

  6. No sooner had Arsenal Fans rejoiced over Campbell performance had a New article emerged with the Title

    “massive blow as Top source confirms arsenal star set to exit the emirates”

    and to Think it came from a creditable Blogosphere….. BehoLd it came from “Ooh to be a gooner” the enema bags

    some annoying websites really deserve planetary bans…

  7. @edbryt……. And what if …….Worse case scenario, we eventually draw barca?………… What would u have us do?…. It ain’t like we have a hand in deciding our next opponent tho!

  8. hmmm


    Bcos u beat olympiacos
    u think u stand a chance to beat barca

    shaking my head vigorously.

    The players are like waves

    the fans also have wave properties.

    after performing badly against westbrom and norwich, fans are like wenger out.

    after qualifying for ucl, emotions have reached the high heavens.

    but emotions plays an insignificant role in success

    but structurally rational and realistic analytic capacity does.

    anyways dreaming is aloud

  9. We had an amazing draw last year getting Monaco. And we screwed it up. We should have at least stolen Kondogbia from them in summer lol

    My point is that if we are lucky again, we can’t take it for granted. We MUST respect our opponents and play our best

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