Walcott´s words good news for Arsenal, BAD for rivals

Arsenal may have bounced back pretty well in the Premier League after the shock of losing the opening league game at home to West Ham. The Gunners have not lost any of the four EPL games since and only dropped points to Liverpool because of an incorrect offside decision against Aaron Ramsey.

But many Arsenal fans and members of the football media are yet to be really convinced about our title credentials and they have reasons. Two of our wins have come against teams really struggling in Stoke and Newcastle, while our goal return compared to the amount of possession and chances created is less than impressive.

One of those responsible for that is Theo Walcott, but the England international was quick to acknowledge his failings in front of goal so far, as reported by the Evening Standard, while also declaring with confidence that he is close to finding something like top form.

Theo said of the Stoke game, “Luckily I managed to grab one out of my many chances. I was disappointed because I should have got many, many more, but I’m getting the chances so I’m happy with that.

“When you get given the opportunity you have to try to grab the goals when you can. We create chances so we just have to put them away. We’re starting to get back to the old Arsenal.

“It’s nice to see Olivier among the goals as well, which shows it’s great competition that we have for places here.

“I’ve said to the manager that I’d like to play up front. I can play in any of those three positions up front, so it’s a good option for the manager to have.”

As well as being honest about his own performance, Walcott also feels that the whole team has not really clicked into top gear yet. But as reported by The Mirror, he thinks we are getting there and that our Premier League rivals will really have a big problem once that happens.

He said, “People may not have seen the best of us yet but we’re keeping clean sheets and creating a lot of chances.

“We’re going to push on and when we hit our peak, people will be more and more worried. We don’t just want to fight for that fourth position. We do need a challenge for the title this time.

“We’re slowly getting to where we want to be.

“It’s the sign of a good team if you’re steady going but still getting the results. No one is going to remember the start of the season. It’s all about how we finish.”

When you think that Arsenal are already sitting in a decent position after playing way below the standard we know they can, you can see that Walcott´s warning is a very believable one. So are the Gunners ready to ready to shoot down our rivals and fire their way to the EPL trophy?

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  1. to be realistic…we do not have the squad to win the treble or double…..

    if we are going for the prestige, its Either the league or the champ league at best

    1. It’s neither the league or champions league,we were awful last night and underestimated Zagreb with the line up we put out and we got duly punished

      1. Totally agree….

        with our current squad Last 16 in champ league and 4th spot at best in the league…..

      2. if the lineup from last night can be seen as ‘underestimating’ Zagreb….then there’s a big problem. because in other words, with the inclusion of Alexis, Kos, Giroud, Ozil and Santi, to mention a few, the Zagreb team is better than the Arsenal…..and thats a shame. the truth is, I expect a full Arsenal B team to beat Zagreb comfortably if we have dreams of winning trophies. but if with the inclusion of the above mentioned names, we still performed horribly, there’s a very BIG question mark on the quality of this team…..same team who the god of Arsenal couldn’t find a single outfield player to improve its quality.

    2. Did anybody notice how we stared playing fluently when. OG (the French OG) was sent off???

    3. Ferdinand said this of Özil about his lack of almost everything as a player (except passing which I think every player does)
      I think that comes from the manager and the other players. If you see a player at Liverpool Stevie [Steven Gerrard] losing the ball with no intention to cover back there is no way he is coming back to the changing room without an ear bashing,
      The 26-year-old playmaker did not however, track back against Zagreb and completed no tackles, interceptions or blocks against the Croatian giants.

      1. My answer is a resounding NO,Walcott may be better than Giroud but he’s not good enough to lead us to a title!

  2. After watching last night’s game,won’t bother watching Saturday’s game against Chelsea coz we’ll be thumped there.We are more predictable than wilshere’s ankle injuries. Wake me up when The old muggy french toad leaves.

    1. nah giroud is as good mandzukic acc to some fans here both score against city by that logic bendtner who scored against Bayern is indeed the greatest striker in the world

    1. O that’s right! Cause it was arteta’s job to shoot, cross and create chances just like Coq does when he’s our DM!

      And I saw arteta make 2-3 tackles

      1. O just shut up! Arteta did not register a single tackle the whole game. It is in the stats. You are so biased that you are happy to lie rather than admit you’re wrong. What a looser.

        1. Bro it’s loser. But if you actually watched the game you would’ve seen arteta make tackles it’s really not hard to see your the type that probably doesn’t even watch you just come on here to b*tch

  3. We will lose to Chelsea and Spurs because away matches.
    so League Cup is OUT.
    We lost PL when the transfer window closed.
    CL is OUT of the question.

    Only chance for trophy is FA Cup

    1. FA Cup is our only chances as most big clubs are chasing for the big 2….league and champ league…

      if they are going for the FA Cup as well…we have no chance

  4. Wright on 2nd Zagreb goal: “What Arteta’s doing I don’t know. Koscielny, that challenge, a total embarrassment.”

    wenger must start per mertasacker + Gabriel vs chelski kos will struggle like he has this season

    1. Dude the ref was AWFUL I thought he was atrocious all his calls or no calls were questionable.

      I said something in the previous articles but I’m surprised more people didn’t notice

  5. Why do our players always say we have character to bounce back! So annoying.

    Have the character first so that we dont need to bounce back, PERFORM.

    1. its OK..we finish second in our group ,play barca or real and we out of CL in the round of 16!excellent Wenger. mission accomplished(as usual) ..
      why does OX keep on scoring own goals???????!look at it for real.this season he has costed us a lot of goals(poor positioning)
      I have never seen arsenal play such a plain game.. very very very slow game..tooooooo slow.why? this slow game is going to earn us no points..


      Admin comment to @Ezat on 11th September:
      ” …can you give an analysis of what Wenger has done wrong in his 19 years at the club. Then tell me who you would replace him with – and why?”

      From the above, do u need to tell how our Admin feels Arsene??? But it’s nothing becuz I feel everyone is entitled to his opinion.

      But I now find it hard coming here becuz he (Admin) seems to have all his eyes on me since it seems every of my comment is target at Wenger, and he’s a Wenger lover. I had a friendly banter with Budd (another Wenger love), but as always, he Admin had to use my post as moderation board.

      You cannot control how anybody thinks, u should not hate anyone for their opinion. Safe to say I’m somehow very disliked here, but I’m a gunner, I badly luv the club, like u guys, and that’s why I keep coming here.

      PS:: I hope this isn’t deleted. I hold nothing against anyone. No matter the hard words here, we are all still fans of one great club and we need one another to keep up the fun.

      1. My reply to Ezat posted above was a response to a typical “WENGER OUT” comment, which contributes nothing to a discussion. Your comments that were moderated were simply nothing to do with football. It was just you trading insults which is of no interest to other readers. The comments section is to talk about football not to take up space with a playground shouting match….

        1. “Trading insults”, right? I guess I wasn’t trading it with myself alone, it takes more than one person to carry out a successful trade.

          But honestly, next time don’t delete it so that everybody can see it and. Judge for themselves. By the way, Budd is not a kid, neither am I and he and I have had worse times, that day it was just nothing. What I think got you pissed was when I compared him to you in how he always stands out for Arsene.

          Point out my flaws, but not mine alone becuz for every action, there’s a cause. Besides, friendly banter is nothing, Admin sometimes you should see the funny side of things. “Playground shouting match”; FYI: playgrounds are very good, this site isn’t an office for serious stuff only, is it?

          1. I deleted the comments from both of you.
            This site is called JustArsenal and is for discussion on the team and the football. It is NOT a place for playground banter.
            I will say again. This discussion is now at an end….

        2. By the way, Admin, what do you mean by “TYPICAL Wenger out comment which contributes nothing to a discussion”??? You mean “CONTRIBUTES NOTHING TO A DISCUSSION”??? Becuz the comment wants WengerOut??? Do I smell BIAS??? Again, it’s your opinion.

          1. Jeez, okay you tell me how a comment that says simply “WENGER OUT” is a contribution?
            I want a comment to tell me WHY he wants Wenger out, and who he wants to replace him, and what effect it will have on the team. Two words are NOT a discussion. Now shut up and talk about about the football and stop trying to start a baseless argument…

  6. Not Le professor,’le tactician ‘ iswengers new name. He couldn’t organise a piss up in a brewery. Was that supposed to be a defensive lineup which should be de rigure for an away team in European games. I honestly give up on ‘Le tactician’.Roll on the end of his contract.

  7. off topic saw rudiger who is on loan at roma against barca was amazing would love to see us signing him would be a perfect replacement for kos he is also a gooner

  8. why does giroud play??he always misses chances from 6 yards.with giroud as our striker forget about winning anything.even akpom is better than that hair gel striker.

  9. Tbh I don’t think we will be in the top 4 and in some ways it might be good fro arsenal as then we might get new manager and players. I stil think arsenal should go get kloop b4 Liverpool do and AW to stay manager for one more season kloop as number 2 to take over. Gives him time to bed in and for us to not end up like Man U just spending. We have a very good team but need 3 world class players. I think arsenal lied to AS to get him here by saying we will buy players and that I think he will leave in the summer maybe a few will go. We need to make PC captain because he is a winner and we don’t have a captain on the park

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