Wanyama sends Arsenal a come-and-get-me plea

The ongoing debate about which is the best defensive midfielder that Arsenal could buy this summer as backup to our new central general Francis Coquelin, and the consensus up ’til now has focused on the Southampton star Morgan Schneiderlin, but today it is being reported that his Saints team-mate Victor Wanyama has publicly announced his desire to move to the Emirates.

The Gunners were linked extensively with Wanyama wile he was at Celtic, but with doubts about his ability to cope with the Premier League he was eventually snapped up by Southampton two summers ago. Since then his performances for the Saints has earned him further praise and he could be ready for the step up to the Emirates.

Just a couple of months ago it was reported that Arsenal were preparing the way for a summer bid, and now Wanyama has yet again been talking up the desirability of a move to North London.

He was quoted as saying: “It would be nice to move to Arsenal.

“But at this moment such decisions can only be made by Southampton and that is where my concentration as a player is.”

There has been much heated discussion on JustArsenal about the relative merits of Schneiderlin and Wanyama as defensive midfielders, but two things are pretty certain. One is that Wanyama will definitely come much cheaper than Schneiderlin, and secondly he is more likely to be prepared to play second fiddle to Coquelin and wait for his chance to impress Le Boss.

Should Wenger heed Wanyama’s plea and make a bid?

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  1. I don’t think these quotes are legit or they were taken out of context cause I don’t see a contracted player specifically naming that he wants to move to arsenal.

    I don’t think wenger is in for him and he would actually cost a good chunk of change since he was bought for £12m and now he’s shown he can cope with the PL and has huge potential

    1. Don’t think Wenger will go for him as well. Coquelin had done a marvelous job as a DM specialist, and is getting better with his ball distribution (the cross pitch pass in FA final).
      Although it’s nice to have competition, an attacking minded manager like Wenger will prefer to buy someone better on the ball for games like home game against Sunderland and Swansea when they put 11 men behind the ball
      As it is Wenger who decide, I can see we have higher chance of getting Scheiderlein/Vidal more than Wanayama/Kondogbia

  2. Wanyama is good in the tackle, but not good enough with the ball. I wouldn’t be against having him but we could do better. Schneiderlin is good with the ball but not as good in the tackle. This is the reason Wanyama and Schneiderlin work well together, because they cover each other’s weaknesses. With so many technical players in our team and not much physicality, I think Schneiderlin would be exposed. Again, I wouldn’t be against having him but I think we could do better. We need a player who can consistently break up play but also pick a defence splitting pass. Instead of having a player to sit on the bench, I’d rather get someone who would expect to start. This keeps the quality of the squad up and would push Coquelin to continue to work. Whether it’s realistic or not, I think Vidal is a perfect player. Snaps a leg regularly but has real quality on the ball. If we want to win the premier league, we need to have world class players peppered through the first team and real quality on the bench to come on and make a difference.

    1. Squaka… Weve seen how important ,Matic, specifically is to chelsea, highlighted by the loss at newc at start of december, while southamptons loss of form going four games without a win coincided with Schneiderlins absence.

      And the Frenchman hardly a match for the creative brilliance of cesc fabregas, knows how to retain possession, through precise passing. His strength is the obvious talking point of Arsenal fans wishing to see him arrive, but he is evidently capable of adding to his passing game at Emirates being far more than just “a destroyer in the centre of pitch” – “a similarity he shares with Matic”.

  3. Kondogbia is the one for me,he showed in our 1st leg champions league game where he bossed the midfield what he’s capable of!

    1. Monaco have been very solid this season, I think they will put big money on Kongdogbia.

      I am unsure we will get such a big name tbh, just because Coquelin has been Stellar and the boss probably wants to keep it that way. I would not be amazed if he chose an older player with a bit of versatility.

      We need to snap Isco if he is being sold, City are reportedly on his case. Zelalem looks like a future Ozil and I think Isco is the only one who has the attributes to replace Cazorla in the long run. We could buy him now, use him on the wing for a couple of seasons because he plays great there then move him to a more central position.

      1. To be honest, I haven’t seen enough of Kondogbia to really comment. Just watched a few YouTube videos (obviously not reliable) and he does look good. From what I saw he kind of reminds me of Viera or Abou Diaby without the injuries. He could be good and he’s got age on his side too. I’m on board with getting him.

  4. We don’t need a player to do exactly what Coquelin does but more so someone who can partner Coquelin in those big games where our midfield gets overrun. I think Wenger puts Wilshere/Ramsey in those defensive box2box positions but they get dominated physically.

    We need an Elephant in the Room whenever we play the big games like you see with Yaya for City.

    I think Kondogbia (judgiing from his Juventus/Arsenal) performances i think he can be that player, very good on the ball, good passer, surprisingly quick, and most of all in the big games he stands out in a good way.

  5. Sign a b2b cm and force Ramsay to the bench, carzola to the reserves and wishere will be sold

  6. Kondogbia would be a great DM for us he bosses the midfield and like le coq, he bullies opponents! Very no nonsense player! Coyg!

    1. Good for Liverpool. Milner will improve them and they can now aim to qualify for Europa league without Arsenal’s help 😛

  7. The rumours about Kondogbia is gradually gathering momentum, He is on player after my heart. With his abilities and age Arsene can mould him into d kind of player he wants. If we can’t get Vidal, then we shld go all out for Kondogbia.

  8. Tbh I don’t even like wanyama. He’s a good DM but ever since he was at Celtic and he called us a stepping stone. He has no place in our team in my eyes. I’d rather we go for de jong that way Le coq and Santi partnership can stay together or le coq and Ramsey while de jong would be cover and play DM with coq in big games

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