Was Alexis not on the Arsenal bench tonight because Man City deal is imminent?

Arsenal could be dealt another bitter blow this week as it has been revealed that Man City have been in serious talks to buy Alexis Sanchez in the last few days, and he could be leaving the Emirates imminently if Pep Guardiola accepts the £35m asking price, or the deal could be delayed if they start haggling over the price and try and get a compromise at around £25m.

Usually Arsene Wenger would have a few top stars on the bench in such an important game like the FA Cup where we are defending our trophy, but instead we had academy players like Nketiah and surpringly Akpom as the only possibilities to add to our attacking force, which was hardly going to scare Forest.

Of course this means that Alexis can play for Man City in the FA Cup as well as the Champions League this season if he moves this month, which will make his acquisition much more attractive to the City heirarchy. The report from Goal states: Alexis was left out of the Arsenal squad for their FA Cup third-round tie at Nottingham Forest on Sunday, which the Gunners lost 4-2. That would allow him to play for City in the FA Cup, providing a deal is agreed.

The Chilean could also be registered in the Blues’ Champions League squad. Clubs can register a maximum of one player who has previously played in the Europa League group stage ahead of the Champions League knock-out rounds.

They seem very confident from their sources that this is practically a done deal and it is only the price that could stop the deal going through quickly. They also said: The Gunners are resigned to losing Alexis in January and have informed City that they want around £35 million for the Chilean.

City are unwilling to match that amount but sources have told Goal that the Premier League leaders are hopeful they can avoid a repeat of the protracted summer saga by tying up a deal long before the transfer deadline at the end of this month.

There are many Arsenal fans that believe we should cash in on Alexis as soon as possible if we can, but we should surely be hoping that Wenger has a replacement lined up (like Riyad Mahrez?) How will we feel if it happens this week after such a disappointing result?



  1. Its beyond words the state of affairs at ARSENAL, the club is imploding this was allowed by a weak board and greedy owner, I cant see anything but a total collapse in the next few weeks when Sanchez and possibly Ozil leave for greener pastures, what we got left is a mediocre team with little or no attitude…..Today’s loss not completely unexpected is just adding insult to injury from a Club that does not give a darn of their Fans, another slap on the face as painful as extending AW Contract for another 2 years, if we survive and stay in the PL i wont foresee better times any time soon….sad times for ARSENAL Fans.

  2. Muff diver says:

    Goodbye Alexis
    I hope pep an man city give u the glory an football our club promised but never delivered .

    As our stars leave , our team become less and less relevant, our stadium has more and more empty seats ..I ask one thing ….


    1. Break-on-through says:

      Boooo, boooooo!!!

  3. barryglik says:

    Why would City buy Sanchez?
    They have already won the league.
    They are as good as in the
    League cup final.
    The FA Cup for a team like City is meh.
    Champions league is a lottery.
    Sanchez is 30 in Dec and so they will get nothing in two years for him.
    If he gets a 3 year deal he will sit the 3rd season on the bench and get 150 k p/w.
    Why not buy a 22 yr old Thomas Lemar?
    Chamberlain was a huge bonus 40 mill trade
    for Arsenal which paid for Lacazette.
    Now Sanchez would help pay for Le Mar or Draxler.
    City have Aguero Stirling Sane Silva B. Silva KDB
    Gundogun Toure and Jesus will be back for the ECL round of 16.
    Arsenal are the big winner in any such transfer…

    1. HeavyRiffs says:

      Big winners you are then.

  4. mogunna says:

    You said it; all first team players stayed home, why would Alexis be there and not ozil and the rest, they all leave club on transfer?

    Souldn’t be we talking about who we need to bring in ?
    Draxler (25), Goteska (15), David Luis (20) and Lucas (10), add Dembele (30) from Celtic fast to replace and take over Giroud. I hear about Evans, Luis is right there handed, ared we totally nuts at this club? So obvious. Pathetic. .

    This is how you save our season. Cheap and smart; 100 Millions total for 5 aditions we baddly need all ovr the pitch. We saw that we have no bench, no squad. Look at the Man teams, you put out Agero, Sane comes in, threats is same almost, or get another out and Bernardo Silva comes inn and on and on..Same for MU, look at benc,

    We get these players we can compete for whats left 2nd, 3’rd or 4th. No need cup or league cup, focus on that , drop even Leagye cup…

    1. Sue says:

      Not even seen an article about who we’re interested in. We either won’t buy or leave it till the last day (again) & buy a useless donkey. He clearly has so much faith in our players…. Think they can compete with all the other teams. When will he EVER wake up & smell the coffee?????????

  5. Kenny Rolfe says:

    Sorry to go off topic. More red cards have been rescinded when playing against Arsenal than any other club, fact,and when they brought in the new diving ban, the first player to get off was Richarlson of Watford against Arsenal, fact, and now Mike Riley has admitted for the first time that one of his referees Mike Dean got a decision wrong, against, would you believe it, yes you got it, Arsenal. So now what does that mean, we all now think that Mike Dean is a lovely fellow, all’s forgiven Deano, you’re welcome back to the Emirates anytime, are you going repay us for all those bad decision you’ve made against us in the past, and have you made it up with Wenger now. Mike Riley, would you believe, has now said “If the VAR was used a week earlier Mike would overturned the penalty decision against Chambers”. Creep, They’ve now seen so many times on tv that they now feel so embarrassed by their blatant bias (I’m not using the word crooked or cheating anymore because not for one minute do I believe that money or any kind of gift was exchanged for favours) by their blatant bias, that they’re now worried they’ve been found out. I’m now wandering if they’re going to rescind Wengers three match ban. Maybe a ban for life instead would do us all a favour

  6. Sue says:

    All those refs are a bunch of kn*bs If you ask me!

  7. Sergio says:

    This a non-story. There were no first team players on the bench.

  8. JULIUS OUKO says:

    Did the author have nothing better to write about? None of the first team players were on the bench so this is a none-story.

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