Was Arsenal boss RIGHT to take heat off LVG?

Maybe Arsene Wenger really is mellowing as he gets older or perhaps the Arsenal manager has just not had a reason or enough time to develop a fierce rivalry with his opposite number at Manchester United yet. Whatever the reason, Wenger’s words concerning Louis van Gaal in the pre-match press conference were definitely not designed to ramp up the pressure on his rival, the exact opposite if anything.

If the Frenchman was being asked about the struggles of Jose Mourinho or Sir Alex Ferguson or any of his big rivals, I think he would have been tempted to add a bit of fuel to the fire of media criticism, perhaps pointing to the massive amount of money spent by the Dutchman in the summer. But as an Arsenal.com report shows, Wenger instead supported van Gaal and suggested that the United boss has got a hard job on his hands.

He also said that unfair criticism is part and parcel of modern football. Perhaps the Arsenal boss was thinking of his own treatment by the media here, because Wenger has certainly had his fair (and unfair) share of criticism in recent years.

He said, “Today it’s like that. The rule is everyday you have to criticise somebody or you don’t sleep well overnight. Because we are in a public job, we have to accept that.

“You adapt first to your club, to your team, and after that the players who play for you are used to playing in the league. It’s less a problem of adapting to the league it’s more an adaptation to the style of play, to the quality of the players. It’s important you know well the players you have and I believe as well that Man United are in a construction because they got many new players this year.

“When I arrived here, I had a stable team who was used to playing in the Premier League. I don’t look too much at Man United – I look at my club, what we want to achieve and how I could achieve it. I leave [comments on Man United] to other people.”

Do you think Wenger was right to support LVG or did he miss a good chance to increase the pressure before going tom Old Trafford in the FA cup?

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  1. Ks-Gunner says:

    Move on old timer, you are not good enough for Arsenal anymore.

    1. ArseneIsYourDaddy says:

      Wenger has class and intelligence. Two things you lack miserably.

  2. fred cowardly says:

    I don’t mean to be selfish but only care about Arsenal.

    That said Wenger was always one of the more decent managers. He was always more polite than Mourinho and Sir Alex. He is usually kind about other managers.

    1. KickAssFan says:

      Damn it!!! You stay that nice, you’re going no far.

  3. Champagne Charlie says:

    It’s not a measure of kindness, it’s intelligence and understanding. One thing nobody can legitimately argue about Arsene is his intellect, and how he gives honest appraisals about almost everything he’s asked to comment on.

  4. Wayne Barker says:

    I dont think its correct to take a dig at wenger for everything he says or does. LvG is getting criticism as he has taken over a big club so people expect him to do well but wenger is right these media guys are jokes. Look at the hype they have build for liverpool. Treating them like some gods, coutinho has already been termed the next best thing, henderson is going to be a world beater, all this crap boils my blood. I seriosuly hope liverpool and FAs darling Gerrard miss out on top 4 and dont win the FA cup

    1. Champagne Charlie says:

      It’s the English media love-in that is reserved for United and Liverpool, as both went through a sustained period as undisputed #1 in the country.
      For some reason they are treated as some English football royalty as such, even though it’s been 20+ years since Liverpool won the league and United have broken all number of club records for how bad they are.

      1. Wayne Barker says:

        I dont hate liverpool like I hate Chelsea and City but back in the 80’s it was something unimaginable. People like me who have lived during those time can understand my frustration. Media love to talk about Hillsborough but never mention the hooliganism act of liverpool fans in the Heysel incident. The love that Man united gets is nothing compared to what liverpool got and are again getting.

        Ok think like this, we have not won league trophy for 10 years but are criticized more but liverpool who have not won for more than 2 decades are still treated like some greatest club. If chelsea football is boring today then I suggest go and watch liverpool footballs of 80s, those were freaking painful to watch. Only older fans can get what I am saying

        1. Champagne Charlie says:

          Completely agree. How Liverpool get the coverage they do is beyond me, was comparing them both to Arsenal in terms of their constant media support – but no question Liverpool are the English darlings. Can’t stand them, or the majority of their history book toting fans.

          Chelsea and City are beneath my contempt, vile little sugar daddy playthings.

        2. Bob says:

          I remember and it is still going on BUT if you actually talk to football fans it is ARSENAL that people actually like and want to watch because of the football play since Wenger took over. It is entertainment after all. The media love for Liverpool I just do not understand, even when they were good they were boring

  5. Robin Vanpayslip says:

    Wenger is never right

  6. Greg says:

    Its just a case of one manager, supporting the next! But when we take to the pitch in our fa cup match its arsenal all the way! No disrespect LVG! But it will be “no compromise” on the pitch! Coyg!

  7. Arsenal Fan says:

    How can there not be an article discussing the long interview of Wenger by Keown???
    Anyone interested, podcast 909. Worth a listen, very insightful

  8. Gunman says:

    I think in this case he is right. Maybe he had no alterior motives but if anything this would diffuse any animosity Manure would try to create in order to exploit their home advantage. I imagine they’ll want to create a hostile atmosphere so I don’t think antagonising their manager would be in our best interest, no need to add fuel to the fire. All we need is our footballing qualities.

  9. Hafiz Rahman says:

    man utd will be parking the bus relying on counter and physical plays….

    the same old tactic clubs used to beat us every season…

    the question is will wenger have a plan for this?

    1. KickAssFan says:

      And they say you ain’t no gunner.

  10. Dennis says:

    Have you ever heard the phrase ‘do not poke the sleeping dragon’?? right now man u are just cruising through like a sleep walker, winning games last second of the 2nd half and barely have any passion in their game. Why aggravate them? we don’t want to give them any motivation to show up all fiery and ready to demolish us, we want the team that played against Newcastle. Yes, the press is looking for sound bites so they can sell headlines, papers and columns to increase their readership and AW was clever in not falling for their trap.

    Our only mission is to be prepared psychologically for monday’s game so we may advance in the FA CUP because that’s our best chance of winning a damn trophy.

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