Was Arsenal right to walk away from Mudryk deal?

Chelsea has just beaten Arsenal to sign Mykhailo Mudryk in a manner that embarrasses the Gunners, considering he was already close to an Emirates move.

The youngster has spent the last few months flirting about a move to the Emirates and Arsenal made three offers to add him to their squad.

It wasn’t enough and Chelsea made a late entrance and hijacked the deal with outrageous money offers.

What Chelsea did does set them, Man City, PSG and even Man Utd apart and shows that these types of sides can out-muscle financially.

However, The Sun’s David Seager insists the Gunners did the right thing to walk out of the talks.

He writes:

“Arsenal bid twice for this exciting Ukrainian and obviously had a top price in mind, based on their own assessment of a player’s value, and not that of the selling club or the media.

“For my money – and thank goodness it isn’t – Edu and Arteta have made the right call.

“Mudryk has potential, and current custodians obviously felt they could develop that, but the price, wages and length of contract offered by Chelsea is shocking.”

Just Arsenal Opinion

Mudryk is a talented boy and is worth a lot of money, but there is a limit to how much we should spend on the Ukrainian.

Just because Chelsea was willing to break the bank for him does not mean it was the right thing to do and we should not regret not offering the youngster too much money.

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  1. How is it an “embarrassment for the gunners” when Chelsea bid “ outrageous money”?
    Chelsea had clearly been in contact with Shakhtar for some time so it was hardly a “late entrance”. The likelihood is that they’d told them in advance that whatever Arsenal offers we’ll pay significantly more in every respect. Contracts are simply not initiated & finalised in a matter of hours, Chelsea/ Shakhtar & Chelsea/Mudryk negotiations would have been going on for days if not weeks ahead of the final announcement.
    100% right to walk away. Chelsea owner was determined to win (as with J Felix) so would have outbid AFC whatever. Clearly The player was playing games too & not really sold on Arsenal. We don’t need mercenaries.

  2. Proof will be in the outcome. If he turns out to be the next Messi we were wrong, if he turns out to be the next Pepe we were right. I suspect he will be nearer Pepe than Messi but we will see

  3. Arsenal were right to walk away. 100%. Chelsea offered him twice as much in wages and he jumped at it. He flirted with Arsenal to gain interest from other clubs. Chelsea are desperate and would sign a pigeon if we were showing an interest in it. What has he done to justify a whopping price tag of £88m? Arsenal have morals and principles. Chelsea are taking risks and we should leave them to it. I would rather have Arsenal’s stability and progression plan for sure!

  4. Arsenal did not walk away from their negotiations to sign Mudryk last time out this winter transfer window. But were forcefully pushed off their negotiations to sign the young Ukrainian player by Chelsea. Who used the show of superior money having power to hijack the final negotiations deal made ny Arsenal. And clandestinely went ahead to sign Mudryk. With Mudryk’s club side Shakhata Donetsk and himself aided and albeited the deal to sign him by Chelsea go through.
    Shame to all of them who are involved in the highjacking from Arsenal their negotiations that they’ve reached with Shakhata to sign Mudryk.
    But whether they have succeeded to highjack Mudryk signing from Arsenal or not. Arsenal will win this season’s Epl title to their disappointments if that’s what they are aiming at. That’s making them want to disrupt Arsenal from succeeding to win it. But alas! They’ve all failed woefully.

  5. Ultimately, nothing happened and no one in this non story arrived.
    So my pertinent question is” why do so many fans WASTE time discussing what has NOT happened and NEVER will now”?

    1. Well Jon, something DID happen and I’m sorry you cannot see that.

      Our club was prepared to pay £100,000,000 for a player – the fact that our conditions weren’t acceptable, doesn’t alter the fact that we made this bid.

      As for thinking it will NEVER happen, methinks you are wrong, with Declan Rice being touted as our main summer target.

      1. Wrong again KEN . An abortive bid at the level we wished to pay was refused byShaktar and we did NOT get the player. If you think THAT is something happening, then go ahead and believe it. I do not! I nearly chose cornflakes for breakfast today but instead I chose porridge.

        According to your view, my not choosing cornflakes was something “happening”. QED!

        1. But YOU DID eat your porridge for breakfast Jon, so something happened!!

          Once again, The Arsenal put in a bid, abortive or not, that SD has verified – are you saying that this didn’t happen?

          The fact that we didn’t get the player, doesn’t negate the FACT that we put in a bid for him does it?

  6. Arsenal were right to walk away, and I am alao of the opinion that Shaktar targeted Chelsea money and asked Mudryk to continue to bait Arsenal to increase our offer to make Chelsea pay more. The fact that Arsenal were willing to pay 100m on a player— which we rarely do— also sold Chelsea on the player.
    Having said that, I believe Mudryk is a top top talent and he is going to be one of the best players in the next 10 years. Players with his attributes rarely fail. He is the next CR7. My opinion.

  7. Did we walk away?

    Firstly, few of us can judge Mudryk. None of us truly know his situation and that of his family, friends and teammates that have had lives so shattered by the war in Ukraine. It’s cruel in the extreme to label him a mercenary as some have done.

    Secondly, the myth that Chelsea bid ‘insane’ money. Shaktar have confirmed we were prepared to match Chelsea’s sum. The difference was the structure of the bid, attainability of the add on triggers, length of contract and amount of fee up front – crucially not the £88m figure.

    Initially I blamed Boehly’s seedy tactics, but my focus is turning to Arsenal’s inability to act quickly, with every second of the window that ticks down.

    Every thing that they did right in the summer, they reversed with this turgid, protracted stalemate. We knew what Shaktar wanted in December. We were prepared to reach that figure eventually, and if we had done so in early Jan, another transformative player would be in red and white. And why not have other deals to turn to? We put all our eggs in this one basket, and then watched on as Boehly stole it from our trolley.

    This season may never be repeated, but our chances of an unlikely title balance on a knife edge. One injury, and it all comes crashing down. To squander this rare chance in exchange for a small fuzzy feeling around ‘sticking to our principles’ would be unforgivable.

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