Was Arsenal’s draw at Man City a fair result? Or did we deserve the 3 points?

Did Arsenal deserve the win at The Etihad?

Some fans are happy with taking the point against Manchester City at the Etihad and rightly so, Manchester City have become a dominant force in the last few years and after winning the treble last season and coming and knocking us off of our perch from behind, you can see why a point isn’t a bad result and it’s always going to be better than a loss. But, with the way we played on the weekend, do you think we deserved to win?

Me personally, I do. As I said, I’d rather take the draw than a loss but when I was watching the game, I felt like we were the better team and if we could have just been a bit more clinical and finished our chances, we definitely could have taken the three points home and could be currently sitting at the top of the table with more than a fighting chance of winning the league. And although were still in the running and with a chance of doing so, it would have given us the cushion we have been hoping for and the confidence to go forward.

But I do think we were the better team on the night, I think we created the better chances and deserved the win. City had their chances too and had a lot of the possession but they’re a possession-built team and I think our midfield and defence dealt with the pressure well.

Tactically, I do think we were a bit off and maybe Mikel Arteta made some questionable decisions, but all in all I think we put our best foot forward – and all we were missing were the goals.

I wouldn’t have started Jesus, but I think starting him ended up being the best decision as he shined in attack, but having him on the wing, didn’t really make sense to me other than to accommodate Kai Havertz, which does make sense after he’s been in such great form recently.

I think our defence needs a lot of praise because we stood firm, and considering Jakub Kiwior doesn’t have a lot of experience for us against big teams, I think he stepped up. Gabriel and Saliba were great again and showed exactly why they’re considered one of the best defensive partnership in the league, and Ben White I think was again outstanding. After a week or so of criticism from England fans and the media, he came out and was probably one of our best players on the pitch.

Do I think the point was a fair result? Yes, but I still think if anyone was going to win and deserved to win, it should have been us. We now focus on a run of important games including The Champions League and hopefully can push on for the rest of the season.

What’s your thoughts Gooners?

Daisy Mae


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  1. It was a fair point, the table has turned significantly to move the dial, taking four points of the champions fresh off their treble is no easy feat.
    This was unthinkable a season ago
    We had restricted the champions to mere back wards passing, with their talismán up top feeding sheer scraps.
    As a self proclaim realist stated, we would and have acquitted our self well

    This game is the perfect dress rehearsal to Munich, we may now go to Bryan Munich with our tails high above our backs.

  2. A draw at City was a decent result but I think things are going a bit far now with all the hype. We did what we needed to do to stay in the title race which is great.

    A draw was a fair result in the end IMO, neither team did enough to say they should have won it outright.

  3. Jesus was/is awful? Would rather try and beat 5 players than play a basic pass . No end product yet people seem to be mesmerised by some silly step overs that never lead to anything. He’s not fast enough nor strong enough for the premier league. He’s not a cf and he’s not a winger.

    1. The only decent player on Man Citys half of the pitch was Gabriel Jesus. Two shots the first 45 mins and Arsenals only chance in the game after the brake . What’s your problem?

  4. An intriguing take by this writer. I would think ,overall, the draw was the fairest and right result; that is, IF I were a neutral ,which of course I am not!

    My own fan bias means I think , VIRTUALLY every time we ever play, that we should have won.

    But I recognise that is my personal fan bias speaking and not my honest brain!

  5. If we had been peppering the goal with shots on target and it was City holding on by their finger nails, then I would say we deserved to win. The game wasn’t like that at all.

    If we are comparing the number of chances made then they had a couple and we did too. I would say that Haaland fluffed his lines when he had a chance and Trossard made the wrong decision not to cross the ball. A draw was a fair result. It is no good, imo, saying that we should have given it a go as for me it was a game that we absolutely could not afford to lose. A loss would have ended our hopes of winning the title.

  6. Both of the above.

    Based on chances we created and the execution of our tactics, we deserved a win.

    Based on the opponent, what was at stake, our record on the ground, it was a fair result.

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