Was everyone happy with Koscielny’s return performance?

Last night’s match may not have mattered much to Arsenal fans, but there were many positives during the game. All eyes were on Saka but just as important (given our defensive crisis) was the return of our captain Laurent Koscielny. The Bos himself was happy with his return. “Yes, it was an important day for me,” he told Arsenal.com. “It was the end of my rehab, so I am very happy to play today with my team, for this club, and to enjoy it with them on the pitch.

“It was very emotional because you remember the first day when I was injured, the 3rd of May, and now we are on the [13th] of December, and you have some flashbacks in your head about different periods you had during your rehab.

“I met a lot of people who helped me a lot, and so I’m very proud to know them now. There were some difficult moments, during this period, but now I think I’m more calm and focused on what I want, and physically I’m OK.”

He looked fine and fit, although the opposition wasn’t up to much, but Emery is being wary of confirming he will play again on Sunday. “When a player comes back like Koscielny, after a big injury… a very big injury, it can give the player different moments. I think for Koscielny it’s good that he’s recovered and I also think he recovered in a good time from his big injury.

“When he comes back like today with us, every supporter of Arsenal is happy, and also the player. Then this process with him is to take confidence again, take rhythm for playing matches like today. We are going to continue this process maybe on Sunday. I want to wait tomorrow and Saturday for how he will feel after this match, for if he will play or not on Sunday.”

I agree that he shouldn’t be risked if he is not 100% fit, but for Sunday Emery has very few alternatives. Even if he only plays half the game it will be a big help rather than throw on one of our youngsters for the full 90 minutes.

How did you think Koscielny played last night?

Sam P


  1. gotanidea says:

    Almost all Arsenal player looked good against Qarabag, but Koscielny’s experience would be a great asset when Holding is injured

    The next Southampton match is an away match, so I think Koscielny could show his abilities in a three CB formation

  2. Innit says:

    You can’t expect him to be at his best in his first match.

    And as gotanidea said experience is important. Koscielny has bags of experience

    1. l says:

      Is Jenkison so bad that the coach can’t give him a look in this tough period.
      Koscieny, as much as I am anticipating his come back, shouldn’t be rushed with to many games in few days.

  3. McLovin says:

    Sokratis will miss the Southampton match as he racked up his 5th yellow against Huddersfield. What about Mustafi? Does he share the same fate?

    Fernando Calero looks like a very technical and quick. I wouldn’t mind him at £10 millions.

    Holding is out til summer, Mavropanos haven’t featured in months, Kosc at 33 just returned and is prone to injuries, Mustafi is inconsistent.

    We need all the help we can get as I don’t want to see our full-backs in the center.

    1. Sue says:

      Yes Mustafi misses it too (5th yellow)
      Was good to see Koscielny back – we’ll need him on Sunday for sure

      1. ozziegunner says:

        And has a hamstring injury as well.

    2. jon fox says:

      Mustafi out too for 5 bookings AND a hamstring injury, which will probably mean he misses up to and including Christmas games. Kos will probably play some part at Saints. HOW MUCH WILL PROBABLY DEPEND ON HOW HIS BODY IS REACTING RIGHT NOW, AS WE WRITE. It is clearly urgent that we bring in a proven quality CB early in Jan. Perhaps Cahill, perhaps not!

  4. Ethio gooner says:

    I was very disappointed with his performances during the last year campaign infact I was happy he got injured during the atletico game because the way he was playing he had lost the fight in him when we most needed it. He hadn’t led by example! Before last season no matter how bad the team was playing I’ve always counted on him to bail us out, HE WAS A WARRIOR! I hope he wins the title with us before he’s off to somewhere else cause he deserves it. I had the same wish when the one and only Tomas rosicky and the precious little man
    Santi cazorla played for us, it didn’t happen. I just hope it happens with Laurent koscielny the man deserves it at least for old times sake!

    1. snowden says:

      You were happy that a player got injured!!!! What sort of person are you?

      1. Ethio gooner says:

        Yes snowden I was happy he got off because he’s form had dipped and wenger would’ve not benched him in a million years. He was supposed to lead when it most mattered and he failed. he was all over the place before he injured himself and chambers replaced him and as i recall he was far more better!

        1. BalancedView says:


        2. snowden says:

          So for you the end justifies the means and your expertise. No different from trump, hitler, stalin and many others.

          Then we are different i dont want to see a player injured. I believe in the sanctity of human life, but if you should fall under a bus it will make me happy for then you won’t be able to promote your murderous self.

          1. ken1945 says:

            Hang on Snowden, it’s only a game AND Ethio didn’t actually say he wanted anyone murdered did he?
            I also can’t believe any gooner would want oone of ouur players injured, but hey ho let it go.

            On to the topic and I thought Kos looked so pleased with himself when he came off. His smile was brilliant as was his interview after the game.
            Welcome back Captain Kos!!!!
            If he has no ill effects after the game, I see no reason why he wouldn’t start alongside Cahill…oops sorry I forgot he can’t get into the chelsea squad!!
            Does sound like a very experienced pair of CD’s though doesn’t it?

          2. jon fox says:

            Yes Ken, great to see Kos look so happy. Gladdened the heart to see it and when a key player as he was and POSSIBLY may be again (though I think not for long , personally) has gone through such a long lay off it is really hard to feel part of the core of the club, I believe. So, now he is back and in the “core” again and hence that wonderful smile. Made my Christmas and I much admire this man. By a distance our best CB since Campbell when at his(Kos) best, IMO.

          3. jon fox says:

            I know you mean well and agree that no one should EVER want a player injured BUT methinks you are rather overreacting by invoking those names you mention. His was an unfortunate comment but perspective , PLEASE!

          4. Durand says:

            Felt one ridiculous statement outdone by another. First childish statement was cheering an injury sustained by one of our players; loyal to club, and quality lessening due to age. The second compares them to “Hitler, Stalin, and Trump…” How foolish.

            One is a short-sighted fan only judging Kos over a year of so of performance rather than many years being a loyal player of high quality, one of best CB’s in the Premier League.

            How does Hitler and Stalin even come into the comparison? For that matter, how does Trump? An American President for 3 years is being aligned with Hitler and Stali who killed millions and millions?


          5. jon fox says:

            Durand, Don’t you find it pointless, as I do, trying to work out why braindead people post as they do? When you have a brain and a decent one too, it is impossible to put yourself in the mind of one who has only a dead brain.

        3. Tissiam says:

          shame on you and I ,ll refrain ti write what I think of you even though I don,t know you but by your comment I ,ve got a pretty good idea of the kind of person you are!!

  5. Break-on-through says:

    Good to have him back, but will he be up for it and will he fit the new system and style. It makes it even tougher, we play out a fair bit so am not sure what to expect. A fit Kosc would’ve been handy for the Sou game. He’ll probably start seeing as we’re so short.

    M Owen has likened Saka to Ronaldo.

    1. Tissiam says:

      What do you think he,s been doing in the last few weeks,months?training with the team and like Leno said he was around the team,si I guess he knows ours systens don’t you think?

      1. Break-on-through says:

        There is a huge difference between training ground fitness, and match fitness. Match fitness it is not about energy, it’s about allot of things – with games under the belt. Composure, consistency, sharpness of thought. I didn’t think I needed to spell this stuff out to a fellow fan, that’s why I put it in the shortest of terms. Maybe in future when I am wondering, I’ll write down my thought processes, in a way, that even non fans can understand. Just so everyone can keep up.

  6. Abiola says:

    I think we need Koscielny for Sunday even if it is for 65 -70 minutes. I will expect the team lined up as thus:



    Substitutions as Iwobi…..Kosc, Ramsey for Ozil at the 65 – 70 mins. this will help reduce pressure on the defence as the mid field will be fully taken care of and back line reversed to back 4. Just my opinion so that the game can be won between 65 to 70 mins.

  7. Gworm says:

    I’m with Ethio in the sense that his form had really dipped last season although I wouldn’t wish an injury on anyone. He’s been a brilliant servant to the club but I can’t see him regaining his former glory. He looked uncomfortable physically last night before he went off and I wonder if his achilles will stand up to serious sprints in a game situation. I’d rather see Beilik brought back from loan or Zak Medley given a chance.

  8. Aubamezzette says:

    Koscielny shouldnt start yet against Soton … we should go with a 4321against Soton.
    … Torreira-Guedouzi-Xhaka

  9. ozziegunner says:

    Koscielny was carrying his achilles injury for some time before it finally snapped the tendon. This would naturally have impacted upon his performances last season.
    Like jon, I have utmost respect for Koscielny in dealing with the disappontment of missing the World Cup with France and the grueling grind of rehabilitation to allow him to play again. Many players have had achilles injuries end their careers.
    We should all wish Koscielny all the best for a successful reintroduction into Arsenal’s first team. Arsenal media has produced an excellent video on Koscielny’s injury and rehabiltation, including interviews with him and Arsenal staff which can be seen on uTube.

  10. Kingojode says:

    I am waiting for Dan’s week 17 EPL prediction. Sometimes he predicts correctly. What will his prediction for Arsenal be?

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