Was Gareth Southgate wrong to snub Jack Wilshere?

Jack Wilshere has finally proved his fitness this season as he broke back into the Arsenal team after many years in the wilderness of the medical room and Bournemouth, but it obviously was not enough to convince Gareth Southgate that he is good enough to go to Russia for the World Cup Finals with England.

Wilshere managed to play in 38 games for the Gunners in this cmapaign and was impressive at times, but is currently out of contract and was probably hoping that a good showing at the World Cup could have put him in the shop window and generate some good offers from other top clubs.

He now has no new bargaining chip to use in his contract talks, and he is obviously very upset about it. “Think it’s about time I had my say…,” Wilshere tweeted.

“It goes without saying that I’m naturally incredibly disappointed to have been left out of the England squad for the World Cup. I’ve felt fit, sharp and strong all season and believe I should be in the squad!

“And given the chance I could have made a real impact.

“However, I have to respect the manager’s decision and would like to wish the whole squad all the very best for the tournament.

“I will always be an England fan and will be supporting the boys with the rest of the nation.”

Jack may be upset, especially considering the players that have been picked ahead of him, but as Southgate said: “Jack had a good spell in the lead up to Christmas and just after. He was not as effective towards the end of the season,”

This is very true, and there are many Arsenal fans questioning whether he should even be offered a new contract to stay at Arsenal next season, but we all know that he is capable of the occasional flashes of brilliance.

What do you think? Was Southgate wrong to snub Jack?



  1. muha Anko Anko says:

    Jack is the most technically gifted players in England. I think he will regret this..

    1. gotanidea says:

      I think Sterling is the most technically gifted player in Premier League? Because he can dribble past the opponent much better than most English players

      Southgate’s decision is correct, because Wilshere did not contribute a lot for his club and the England World Cup team in this season

      Besides, Alli or Sterling can do better job than Wilshere in the CAM position

      1. muha Anko Anko says:

        except that starling is Jamaican born?

      2. John Foster says:

        If Wilshere couldn’t make the squad, how did Welbec get a place? Very strange!!

      3. John says:

        Over 30 games not enough for you then mate?

  2. Dion says:

    British and sentiments ….smh…

  3. Andrew E says:

    The question I would ask is Gareth Southgate good enough for England. He badly managed the England Under 21’s when in 2015 they were knocked out in the group stages of the Under 21’s European Championships AND finished last in the group. Talk about rewarding failure.

    I am not surprised he wasn’t picked for the full squad but should have at least made the stand-by list. Anyway he should now concentrate on conserving his energy for next season, a good pre-season would help.

    1. gotanidea says:

      If Southgate can make England play like the Greeks in Euro 2004, they could have better chance

      They have to utilize the English players’ athleticism, speed and energy, because they would not be able to match the creativity and the skills of the trickier teams like Spain, Argentina and Brazil

  4. Kenny Rolfe says:

    Don’t know about Jack but Livermore and Delph in front of Shelvey and Lallana. Why ever did they give Southgate the job anyway? He came in as caretaker manager, beat a couple of teams equivalent to the Faroe Islands, then the players began saying the most used phrase in the English football language, “he’s fantastic”, and he got the job.

    1. gotanidea says:

      Coz they had two non-English managers beforehand (Eriksson and Capello) and they both failed to get the World Cup trophy

      I guess the FA think an English manager would be more dedicated. Southgate fits the criteria because he is much younger, played for England regularly and has been with England team for many years

      1. Kenny Rolfe says:

        But won nothing as a manager or a player for either club or country.

  5. Dabenz says:

    English players and England national team will remain stagnant not until the media and fans start analysing football correctly. Someone just identify Sterling as the most technically gifted player in the premier league, that’s absolutely preposterous!

  6. ThirdManJW says:

    I can see why Jack was left out to be fair. He’s played a lot of games this season, but hasn’t really done anything spectacular, and his form hasn’t been great for the last 2/3 months. But I was stunned he wasn’t even on stand by! Livermore ahead of Jack, and Shelvey is a joke! WBA have been awful for about 95% of the season, and Livermore is about as average as they come!

  7. Dabenz says:

    Jake Livermore, Fabian Delph, Ashley Young and Ruben Loftus-Cheek, in midfield ahead of Willshere? I’ll take a half fit Willshere. If you’ve ever watch Jack playing in England shirt then you’ll realise that the team needs him.

  8. Chris Casey says:

    What’s the quickest way out, from the Russian World Cup?
    Take the Southgate!

  9. big g says:

    why worry, England won’t win anyway.

  10. jon fox says:


  11. Diana says:

    In all honesty guys, its understandable he was left out, including from the reserve. While for the most part of the seaaon he was great, with a few games where he was arguably Arsenal’s best player, he has been more than pathetic in the last 3 months. To be fair, and this is a sad reality. If Ramsey and Wilshere played together and Ramsey didnt play like a false 9, he would actually do better. If i was Wilshere, i would go sign for a midtable team like Everton, Southampton or Burnley and go revive my name. He is injury prone and hence will not get any contract better than the one Arsenal offered from any of the top 6 teams. He plays two good games, 3 bad ones then out for three with injury.

    Someone said they dont get why Welbeck was included in the English team. I will tell you why. Because he has scored more and assisted for England than golden boy Harry Kane. Check stats my friend. And while his finishing is poor, his work rate is exceptional and had a decent nose for positioning. Thats why we see his misses more. He actually gets into the right positions. However, he is in my opinion not Arsenal material. Mid table at best.

    And Sterling might among the best players in the England squad but wouldnt describe him by any measure as technically gifted. But if you talk about work rate and pace, then i agree. PS: To the xenophobic comment on him being born in Jamaica. So what. Are he any less English. Be a football supporter, not a hater of humanity. I can name a lot of players who had to chose which team to play for because of dual or even tripple citizenship. Some cases one brother plays for national team A and the other plays for another, team B. Its called choice.

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