Was it really so bad for Arsenal to exit League Cup?

Southampton loss no disaster by Sam P

Don’t get me wrong, Arsenal wanted to win this game and stay in the Capital One, or League cup. Arsene Wenger has a pretty strong squad to pick from so even though he made a lot of changes, he would have hoped the players that came in would have been able to beat Southampton at home.

But realistically, they are a good team in great form and this competition means more to them than it does to us. I know that it is a good chance of another trophy for the Gunners and we have been starved of them in recent years, but we have to be ambitious and look at the Premier League and Champions League.

With our injury situation, I don’t blame Wenger for completely resting Ramsey, Welbeck, Ozil and Arteta. If we beat Spurs on Saturday we’ll soon forget an early cup exit to another Premier League club. It’s a shame that some of the Gunners who played tonight might not get too many more chances in the first team, which these cup games are great for, but they also throw up more games and possible replays in a hectic schedule.

Hopefully the FA cup draw will be kinder when it comes around. Until then Arsenal can take this on the chin and try to get back in the groove with another win over the local rivals.

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    1. Ya maybe we “should’ve” but honestly I think it’s for the best given our defensive situation and it’s the coc. I want us to go all out for the FA cup and the prem I really think we have a genuine chance of winning it this year look at our attack we can have the best attack in England.

      1. Chelsea, Man City, Man Utd, Liverpool all won the Carling Cup and either the Premiership and the Champions League OR BOTH since 2000. I don’t agree that it’s a ‘blessing in disguise’ that we have never been able to do that.

    2. Couldn’t watch the entire match, but I was disappointed with the result. I know that there are more serious trophies to win, but we need to try our hardest every match. If we pick and choose the games we go HAM in, we will struggle in matches. For instance, that second Napoli match last year in the UCL. We knew we were prob gonna go on to the KO rounds, played like garbage, and almost got knocked out the group stage. We can have a lackadaisical mentality sometimes about winning and it’s about time we move away from it. And the COC is the only trophy in England AW hasn’t one. Those who played yesterday should POed especially those who are struggling to get playing time on the first team.

      But… that Alexis free kick though was filthy.

    3. I don’t see how we “should have” won it. Southampton are a very good team and came all guns blazing. We made 10 changes from the weekend and got done by a stupid pen and a 35 yarder.

      I never want to lose, and I’m not about to debate if we’re better for it….but we’re no worse off, we haven’t won the Carling cup in 20 something years, it’s not a priority.

      I don’t really care about the result, I’m more annoyed at the performances of the guys who had a chance of claiming a starting spot (Poldi, Rosicky, Joel) they were garbage. Whilst bellerin, looked typically inexperienced and raw. Biggest plus was Diaby, isn’t he just everything we need!? (If there’s a god let the man be healthy!)

      Learned what I already figured, our squad sucks in terms of QUALITY depth. That about it. Next game…..

      1. How about Jack Wilshere who backed away carelessly for the second goal? Two steps forward, and he would have gotten a decent block. I remember Freddie Ljungberg diving in front of a Roberto Carlos shot.

        1. Seriously? When about 4 guys could’ve pushed for the block you’re gonna target him as if he cost us? Yea he might have rushed Clyne…but no guarantee that would’ve done anything. Jack was solid, if not spectacular.

          The three guys I named were awful, I see why Poldi/Joel were basically out the club in the summer. If they continue like that I’ll wish they would’ve left. Rosicky was just terrible, and I’m his biggest fan.

      2. Last week we were selling Ozil and Per. This week is Poldi, Cambell and our players are garbage. Arsenal fans make me confused. I know we should have won but let face being fit does not mean match fit. Wegner is very stupid not to rotate his players more often but people don’t want to see it. Next time if poldi will have good game and Ozil bad one what than Ozil out. How you can be sure that Ramsay will find his form this season . The best way it is always to find someone to blame. I only blame Wegner . I have to say I starting to understand why people don’t like arsenal fans. We lost deal with this.

        1. You misunderstand, or don’t have any expectations, but Podolski is on 100k a week and is fresh as a daisy, rosicky is experienced and fully fit, Joel is fit and making all kinds of noise for wanting a start. What transpired in a HOME game vs good opposition is…

          Podolski was completely useless and hardly broke a sweat.

          Rosicky gave a ridiculous penalty away that, had clear implications for the result, and couldn’t pass the ball 5 yards.

          Joel, was the best of the bunch but was bang average and shown up by Ox’s 10min cameo. Proved nothing other than we may have got rid of the wrong silky left footer (Vela) during the summer.

          We can all accept average performances, it happens. But these three were way below the minimum expected output from an arsenal starter and the three internationals were made to look like debutants by Hayden/Bellerin who were at worst decent.

    4. It’s a blessing in disguise. Sure people will be hurting this morning, management, fans and players. Hopefully those players hurting will take their anger out on our fragile neighbours.

      For the youngsters (bellerin, hayden and coquelin aside) it’s probably a good opportunity to now head out on loan. I’m particularly thinking gnabry, sanogo or akpom, martinez, ormonde-ottewill and ajayi, who are really all 3rd choice at best and should at least go out on loan until january. Debuchy and Giroud aside we could have a fully fit squad after the international break, meaning many of the 19-22 year olds could head out on loan to prepare for being used in the fa cup in January.

  1. Even with that team selection we should have won the match.
    Rosicky and Poldi were very very poor. If we did not conceeed the penalaty things could have different. We needed to win as win would keep us in chance of getting silver ware but also to give banch warmers some more chance to shine.
    Still we have many posties form the game.
    1. Sanchech showed his individual brilliance(When was the last time we scored from free kick?) four in four for him. He might reach 20 goals in his first season.
    2. Diaby played 67 minustes. Although we all know his injury records, if a miracle happens and he recovers his form and stays injury free. boy we can seriusly challage PL. Still needs a miracle.
    3. Hector and Hyden can be 2nd choice LB and 4rth choice CB if given more game time. Yes sign are good that they are some what ready meaning the defence is not is great dander.
    4. Ospani gets his first start after World cup with Brazil although not convincing.

    1. Ospina made some great saves. What I did realise is the guy sucks at kicking the ball. The delivery to our players sucked.

  2. yes, its a loss because the COC is a way of people like roziscky & pod & bellerin to get playing time (seeing wenger seems reluctant to use them in either PL or CL)

    diaby looks noticeably better than flam and arteta already.

    1. Totally agree, I think diaby and coquelin are both better than arteta and flamini, who like rosicky and podolski are starting to show age is hurting them. When you are 30+ you either need to drop a level or you need to be able to rotate. Unfortunately those 4 are showing that not playing every week simply does not suit them. None of the 4 are worthy of a place in our best x1 and I doubt they would make the next best x1 if everyone was fit. Based on this season (and 1 or 2 that should come back better) this is my first and 2nd x1s

      Debuchy chambers koscielny gibbs
      Walcott wilshire ramsey sanchez

      Bellerin Mertesacker hayden monreal
      ………..Coquelin diaby
      Campbell cazorla chamberlain

      After that for me the likes of martinez arteta flamini rosicky zelalem Gnabry podolski sanogo akpom, are waiting for injuries to make the 22.

    1. Are you serious? We had 3 19yr olds and Le coq who was very solid. I thought Hayden and chambers were excellent Southampton didn’t really have many clear chances and that was there first tEam bar 3 players

        1. Yes, but if Hayden or Bellerin has to be called on against a big club, it will be with other experienced defenders at the back not 4 newbies playing together as a unit for the first time like last night. Overall, I was impressed with defenders.

  3. It’s really not so bad. It was disappointing for a while but in retrospect, the schedule is heavy and with our injury concerns left and right, I’m okay with exiting the cup. Besides, if you’re honest, Southampton clearly looked like they wanted it more anyway…and they deserved the win. Good luck to them

  4. Arsenal`s first loss of the season couldn`t be more timely and to a very respectful outfit. The reserves taught us a lot. Now that`s out of the way let`s get serious.

    1. Exactly let’s put all our energy into the prem CL and FA cup. I think we could win the prem and FA cup and I’m hoping for a quarter final maybe semi final CL run.

      And I’d love to see Hayden paired with Kosc in the FA cup I really liked what I saw from the kid

  5. Podolski, Campbell and Rosicky were really poor today. No excuse for match fitness because Diaby played better than them and he was out for ages.

      1. last season , roz was being picked for CL matches: i wonder whats going on his head (and pods) with being asked to play in COC ?

  6. very poor performance only wilshere & sanchez + hayden looked good the rest were crap Can totally understand why Arsenal were trying to offload Campbell & Podolski before window closed

    diaby looked like he was playing with caution hope he can stay fit & improve

    1. Diaby did His job I thought he was great would not mind him holding at the weekend or against Chelsea at all

        1. His contract finishes end of this season. Another injury spell and it is over. If he stays fit and plays well who knows he will stay. I doubt there are many other clubs interested so his salary can be lowered. Still he needs to stay injury free.

  7. This is exactly why Arsenal fails… Bcos we have fools like whosoever wrote this article, as an Arsenal Fan.
    You’re taking positives from that game & telling me That Cup Wasn’t important to Us? You’re really Stupid !!
    If we had wayanma or Morgan on that pitch in our kits, we’d still be in capital One.
    These are effects of a Bad Transfer Window !
    If we had a Quality 11, The likes of Flamini, Arteta & co. Should be playing this match. But instead they are Our main players & were rested.
    Why was Poldolski in that game? Sanchez isn’t comfortable as a ‘Lone’. Why didn’t chuba get a start? So now we’re left with the FA cup. That’s the only thing we can win with wenger at Arsenal !!.
    Wenger is Truly A Specialist In Failure.

  8. No injuries, no shameful score, less games to play.. I am not disappointed! am cool, very cool

  9. I never watch these matches… Doesn’t bother me too much either. Only bad thing is the fringe players get less game time because Wenger doesn’t know what a sub is before the 77th minute mark.

  10. Not a big deal. Yesterday was a useful learning exercise for Wenger.
    He’s learnt that Poldi needs to be sold, Rosicky can have an off day, Campbell isn’t so good when he’s not had game time, the CB pairing of Hayden and Chambers is not bad, Bellerin could be relied upon at RB. Sanchez is one hell of a player and needs to be protected/rotated.
    Most importantly Wenger has seen the effect of an opposition having to solid DM players, something we lack. Hopefully he will act accordingly in January and address this.
    Summarising I don’t think we have the squad to compete in this cup, the CL, the PL and the FA Cup so going out of this one may be a blessing. Still not great to lose at home though!

  11. On top of this I hate to say it but slowly over time my expectations for Arsenal have lowered, I expect poor showings now ala England team.
    The Invincible team that fought against Man U season after season has become a distant memory. Arsene this is what you’ve done to our club and fans. We are now officially the 4th place team full of tika tika light weight players.
    I hope that Walcott coming back, Welbeck coming good and the purchase of a solid DM player will bring back the good times and a fear factor we so desperately need.

  12. Young players actually performed better than older ones! My only regret is we ddnt play enough of the younger players. I was really expecting Akpom to be given more time and more young players to be played and they could have done better. No wonder why we are now 3rd on the salary bill, Podolski dosent deserve that 100K/week, Wengers should be ruthless enough to show them exit doors and replace them with young and more hungry players!

    1. I am the only one who thought Coquelin looked pretty good? I would like to see Coquelin and Diaby used at CDB in PL games. But that will only happen if Arteta is not available, which is too bad. Maybe we’ll see Diaby alongside Arteta from time to time?

  13. We need this paper cup to keep the bench players and players that need to play games. But yet again AW lost the plot AGAIN. Our 3rd team 5 years ago would have ripped them apart with there slick passing game. AW played 1st team players last night coz he just don’t have the staff now. We should make a point of putting our first team out and say I AM.

  14. INCOMPTENCE OF WENGER RARES ITS UGlY HEAD AGAIN.WE LOST THE MATCH DUE TO DEFENSIVE FRAILITIES.THIS STUPID GUY FAILED AGAIN TO BUY A CDM AND A DEFENDER WHY COZ HE WANTS TO PROVE A DAMN ASS POINT.Am afraid no 4 is all we wil end up with again.Thn he has the nerve To say that the he could not play metsecker coz he was feeling sick!!!IDIOT THATS WGY WE WERE INSISTING HE BUYS A DEFENDER.this guy wenger is atotal bafoon and he makes me sick

  15. No, we were unlucky to draw an inform Southampton team, we played the kids, were out.
    We treat this cup as a training session for the youth’s

  16. Now after the game vs Southampton..

    All are saying Poldi/Rosc/Campbell played poor and all that.But how can u expect from them to perform very good in their first starting match even though they havent played a single full game or total of 90 min game all after Pre seasons or WC…

    Blaming them is non-sense instead Wenger should be blamed for that.And a Cup is a Cup & we should try to win it…

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