Was it the new formation that won it for Arsenal?

It seems like a bit of an anticlimax now that Arsene Wenger has finally managed to beat Jose Mourinho in the League, and there is an argument that the fact that Arsenal are now playing the 3-4-3 formation that seems to be favoured by most top managers nowadays.

Admittedly Wenger also seems to pick different players than the ones he used for the old tactics, and one Arsenal player that has suddenly been promoted to the starting line-up is Kieran Gibbs, and he thinks that the new set up was instrumental in us getting our first win over Mourinho.

Gibbs said after the 2-0 win over Man United: “I think the formation is good for the team,”

“After a few defeats sometimes you need to change. It opens up new opportunities for me and I’m happy to have got a few games under my belt.

“That’s always when I feel at my best, when I get a few games. I feel much stronger now.”

Then Gibbs was asked if he thought he was a better player as an attacking left-wing back rather than his usual more defensive role as a left-back, but he didn’t think it was a problem in either situation: “No, I think I can adapt to both to be honest.” he said. “A lot depends on the personnel on the pitch at the time and how well we can adapt to each formation.

“We still need a lot of work on this formation, we haven’t been doing it for long, but we can learn quickly, especially in games like today. We are picking it up quickly.”

It has certainly improved our results on the pitch, but do you think we could have beaten United anyway if we had stuck with four at the back?



  1. wenger out says:

    I really dont think the form mattered, what did matter was the players were more up to it than they been other games.

    Also united arent the greatest team.

  2. wenger out says:

    United had chances to win the game, but thanks to poor finishing and Peter heroics we won.

  3. Yossarian says:

    The new formation is a big improvement, and suits Arsenal’s high defensive line much better than the old one. Man U were terrible today, especially in the second half, but the team capitalised on that and played with desire to secure a good win.

    But was this motivated performance just a flash-in-the-pan, because 4th place is at stake?

    When other teams get used to the new system, will Wenger adapt quickly enough to keep it effective?

    If players lose form and need to be dropped, will that happen, and will they be suitably replaced?

    Will the right players be brought-in during the transfer window to really build on this?

    It’s a step in the right direction, but still need much more evidence of real change before having any confidence that we can be title challengers next season, even with the 3-4-3.

  4. ade says:

    Yes, d new formation is better, we only lost a game since we started using it. We defend better now.

  5. SoOpa AeoN says:

    Nope…….it was due to the fact that every record is meant to be broken & also Wenger’s 4th placed trophy was at stake …

    Sadly there’s no hope for him….. We are done….. Wenger please Leave in peace

    1. ArseOverTit says:

      Well said. To add to that we got arsehole lucky with a deflection that then made even Ozil have some kind of appetite for the game.

      Loved the way Lee Dixon was slating him during his commentary. He knows as most he is a bit part player and total luxury who goes awol in bigger games.

      1. RSH says:

        lol, it was so noticeable too. All of a sudden Ozil appears after the result is mostly in the bag. Guy only played one good ball today. Needs to go. Not up for it.

  6. Noel says:

    Again we are over exaggerating . Manchester united didn’t care about this game. We needed a deflected shot in a dead rubber to beat them. I would prefer to play the europa cup final than just celebrate meaningless victory.

  7. Maj says:

    Please God make sure Arsenal does not come 4th and play Champions League football. We need to stay at home and watch how other teams are doing it and maybe finally realize that we have been messing up. Wenger needs humiliation to change.

    1. Jonm says:

      The “wenger trophy” seems to be much prized by other top managers like Pep and Klopp. Mou says he has given up on top 4 but that is mind games or getting his excuses ready, he wants champions league football next season and perhaps thinks his best chance of getting it is winning the europa league.

      Personally I think that not getting CL football next season will hamper our chances of attracting top players. If we do not get it we will be in the europa league so will still have the strain on players of european football.

      Personally I think that the CL is the best football competion in the world, with the best teams playing, better than national teams and it is great to be in it.

      Wishing for poor results is not what we should be doing, even if we think Wenger should leave.

      1. Maj says:

        Nice observation but you forgot to tell say what else will change Wenger if not humiliation. Dont get me wrong I am an Arsenal fan through and through and believe that not going to the CL will help us in the long run. Wenger is not too old to change but his arrogance means that only humiliation will force him to change. Imagine how long it took him to move to 3-4-3 when all the top managers did decades ago and were achieving results with it.

  8. Vukasin says:

    Ox was the main man of the game,also the main reason behind our win. It is great to finally see that someone is doing what he is paid for. He was passing by Man UTD’s defenders like they weren’t there and finally an accurate cross to the box on our forward’s head. Giroud suffered for bad form of our main players this season. We simply aren’t dangerous as we should be. We lost everything in Cazorla’s injury. Man is magician but we can’t rely on one player so I expect some new arrivals next season or I won’t allow myself to watch another painful season.

  9. Moneytalks says:

    Sell Ozil he is overrated.

  10. Optimist Habila says:

    I don’t give it to the formation, not at all. I think ManU were a weak side and didn’t do much to threaten Arsenal. I don’t think Arsenal would have won easily (if at all) if ManU had fielded a strong team. ManU may rue everything if they fail to win the Europa cup, especially if the god of football still pitches tent with Wenger.

    1. Arsene Wenger says:

      300 million weak side

  11. Javier says:

    Mediocrity will continue to be the norm with Wenger in charge.

  12. Simon says:

    Wow- some fans never Cheer up. This was a great win, and very deserved – let’s celebrate it, and build in it for rest of season.


  13. JembutArsene says:

    Thanks Arsene Wenger for beating that nasty little fellow from Portugal.
    We now know the real Specialist in Failure.

    Now it lifts up the positivity again and our great leader arsene finally unites as again as fans.


    1. JBoer says:

      God the delusion is unreal

  14. Brad says:

    Are you kidding me? You play that kind of formation when you have solid defenders, TBH, we all know that we won against a poor Man U side that was without most of their players.
    Named Germany’s National team player of the year, Mesut Özil is soccer’s best playmaker, aesthetically and statistically, He’s got very strong skills with the ball, a rare quality of making football look easy. Why can’t we for once stop criticizing Mesut Ozil and focus on some other dead woods that can never improve even up to Ozil’s weakest form as a standard. Ozil have proved himself both national and internationally with different clubs unlike most of our players that can only get a first team football chance in Arsenal.

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