Was it VAR that lost Arsenal the game at Man United?

Sometimes I think “What is the actual point of VAR!”

Either I am stupid or I don’t know the rules of the game anymore… but somehow, I cannot feel too angry at the Arsenal team yesterday!

I know rules have changed in football but I didn’t realise that the physicality of the game was no longer a thing.

I am not a sore loser, but we lost and I am frustrated at this because Arsenal played so well.

However, I fail to see why VAR was brought in if referees cannot manage a game on their own without getting help each time from VAR. I also fail to see how our first goal was a foul. Yes, it can be argued that Eriksen was fouled and Odegaard didn’t get the ball, but it was a very very soft foul and I cannot help but feel that if the foul was on an Arsenal player and the opposing team went on to score, the goal would have stood.

And I know fans will moan and say ‘oh but you cannot say that, and of course Arsenal fans think the referees have an agenda against them’ but a lot of pundits disagreed with the decision to rule the goal out.

Now I am not saying had the goal stood and had we been 1-0 up we would have run away with the game, but it would have gone a long way to helping us keep that momentum and keep Old Trafford quiet.

But yet again during the latter part of the game, defensive mistakes and the Arsenal of old where sloppiness and giving the ball away came in to play, effectively cost us the game.

Unfortunately, in football we need to continue to be used to decisions going against us, and in this instance, we didn’t do enough to win the game, giving up almost after going 2-1 down.

But we cannot dwell too much on this as frustrating as it is.

And sometimes just sometimes, VAR comes to our aid.

But now we move forward and reset for Thursday and then for Sunday because for now we are still top of the league, and hopefully by learning from our mistakes we push on improve and stay there.

Stay positive Gooners – we got this!

Shenel Osman



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  1. I do think that we’d probably have won the game had we scored first – I have a feeling this utd side would have folded, whereas now that win will give them confidence going forwards.
    It’s one of those – I think it probably was a foul and so technically correct to rule it out, but the lack of consistency is very frustrating.
    Either way, I don’t think we should blame VAR – we were good enough to win that game regardless. Take the positives and don’t look for excuses. Use the somewhat unlucky defeat as motivation.

  2. Pitiful refereeing over the weekend for all the three clubs. In addition to the unforeseen injuries to Partey and El. Ode and Ramsdale playing not 100% fit. Zinny just back from an injury. ESR may not have played his best as he went down post match. Have to feel for Mikel, as bright as he can be, circumstances beyond his control dictate the outcome of the game. Would have settled with a 2-1 loss, but as brave as his thoughts were, he went for a win and have to appreciate that, but the players let him down. He has shown his calibre, hope he remains cool and composed and not get tempted to look elsewhere.

  3. United where really prepared for Arsenal,am sure that even without the goal being cancelled they would have still won the game.
    They defended really well.
    Arsenal should learn to be clinical In front of goal.It may cost them against another big team.

  4. A parochial view of the immense damage to thr game done by VAR. My own longer anti VAR article will shortly appear. As I leave for a short holiday break in the next hour, this will be my last chance til Sunday to post anything.
    But I do hope that some who will read my article will concentrate on the damage it does to the WHOLE game and not just to us, which as we are one of twenty Prem teams, it DOES do, as it does to most/all of them.

      1. And the VAR put the decision back in the hands of the referee and he called it rightly. It was a foul. I’m more worried about their lack consistency and bias against us.

  5. We lost because Utd took their chances
    Silly Gung oh tactics cost us the 3rd goal,as we played right into the Hands of how Man Utd had set up .
    Luckily ,next we have Everton to get our confidence back up .

  6. Unlike some, i remember the awful decisions game after game before VAR and no accountabilty. Im comfortable with VAR, it isnt perfect but far more reliable, the problem with VAR is human error but that is far less than it was. Decisions now are 98% correct compared to the old antiquated system where refs couldn’t keep up with the speed and decisions were as low as 80% right (not my stats, i read it in a fan article last year). Lucky for me i see the need for VAR and im comfortable with it, i dont get the feeling of injustice like i used too. Odergaard 100% fouled Ericsson and no way the goal should have stood, im comfortable with that. Yes two decisions over the weekend were wrong and that was unfortunate and human error. It isn’t perfect but it is more perfect for the modern game.

  7. Just before utd game i was rediculed by some commetators here , i commented and i said no matter how well we play refs will sce w us ,ref paul tierney and on VAR was lee mason i mean couldnt get more biased , next game mike dean on VAR against everton what could possibly go wrong !!!,expecting super dodgy decisions against us on virtually every game

    1. You did – and you were ridiculed, but somene else pointed out the day before that 2 guys from Manchester, one as ref and one on VAR… can’t they do better than that?

      I see PGMOL re now saying that the decisions were wrong but they “lose a lot of refereeing talent due to abuse” (they cite abuse at schoolboy and local games as the place they lose most people, with parents etc behaving really stupidly).

      Not sure that excuses it really, it’s more of a training thing than a talent thing.

  8. Well what I will say about VAR and the officials on that game was that they were too bias against us, I will recall villa goal against us stood up while the player blocked and obstructed our keeper but majority of us here blamed our keeper, but westham Leicester goal against Chelsea didn’t count because they said the opponents fouled the keeper and we moved on, saka was wrestled and brought down against villa in the box but it was play on, if you guys say odegaard foul against Erikson was a foul what about Brighton goal against Leicester, where Brighton player push the Leicester player away from the ball and the build up lead to goal….
    The season just started and we will see a lot of errors and partial from the officials …… Let’s wait and see…. Man utd game is gone and we move on with it….
    We will bounce back against Everton on Sunday… COYG…..

  9. I do not think it is human error on VAR officials.Why is it the same shit referees screw the same teams time and again?PGMOL does not help matters by giving same referees those teams at will.Imagine a certain ref will handle us twice at most the whole season and another 12 times.PGMOL is a farce, epl has everything but not match officials.

  10. All of a sudden a robust arsenal defence became easy targets by opponents. The problem artita has is to organise the defence to work on their tactics inside the 18 yard box we cannot continue to conceive goals and win the title .Arsenal needs to act very quickly to address this dilemma.

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