Was Jardim right to accuse Arsenal of disrespect?

Not content with knocking Arsenal out of the Champions League on away goals, the Monaco boss Leonardo Jardim rubbed salt into the wounds by accusing Arsene Wenger and the Gunners of showing a lack of respect to his team. As reported by Sky Sports, the Portuguese coach was referring to the game at the Emirates where he felt that we took victory fro granted and then Wenger did not shake his hand after the final whistle.

Jardim said, “I wanted to shake Wenger’s hand [after the first leg] but he didn’t wait so, even though Monaco did everything for Arsenal, I decided not to thank him.

“Arsenal didn’t show the respect they should have after the first leg.

“I am sure that all the teams will want to draw Monaco in the quarter-finals.

“The qualification is totally deserved. Arsenal benefited from two errors to score.”

I do believe that a manager should at least shake his rival’s hand after a game but I have to stand up for Wenger a bit here. The Frenchman was fuming at his own players at the final whistle after our inept game and having just gifted Monaco a killer third goal.

As I remember it though, Wenger did not storm off. It was Jardim who ignored Wenger as he wildly celebrated his team’s shock win. Was the Arsenal boss supposed to wait until his gloating was finished?

He also claimed that Wenger did not give Monaco due credit for their performance after that first leg, but our manager did actually acknowledge their performance as the Sky Sports report of that game proves.

That is something that Jardim failed to do after the second leg in Monaco. Two mistakes? Totally deserved? Whatever you say mate but I think you could be gracious enough to admit that you had your own luck in that first leg and were outplayed in the second.

Well done to Monaco for getting through but to suggest it all went according to his master plan is a bit much from Jardim. It seems to me that the lack of respect was coming from the Monaco boss, not towards him, or am I wrong?

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  1. Wenger lacks sportsmanship some times. He also blames refrees a lot but is too nice with players
    which is the reason our players like consistency.

  2. If we had played in the first leg, like we did in the second leg, jardim would have had his tail between his leg and not shooting off his mouth!

  3. As frustrating as it is for Wenger, he should have shook Jardim’s hand at least. Wenger needs to lead by example. But I think I would have done the same if i got knocked out by a team owned by tax evaders.

    1. damn, hafiz. give it a rest. the energy to troll for this extended period of time is amazing. are you that much frustrated with life?

  4. Jardim.. I hated that guy from the days he managed Olympiacos. And I’m not a Panathinaikos fan!
    This was probably his biggest victory to date.

  5. F*ck jardim playing stupid as* negative football. I mean congrats for going through well done but to sit there and say we scored off 2 mistakes is ridiculous. We pressed and harried there player and won the ball high up the pitch and did well to capitalize on it. i think we had 20 attempts on goal that night while they had 1.

    and not to mention the goals they scored at the emirates, 1 wicked deflection, a complete and i mean complete collapse on the 2nd and 3rd but hey we were the lucky ones. seriously he sounds like the biggest dumb sh*t

  6. In light of all the above comments, Jardim forgets about the penalty not given to us. We would have beaten them by 3 or 4 if we had that penalty. Alexis in not the diving type and even the commentators were saying what a poor decision it was on the refs part. As I said aloud after the final whistle, Arsenal is the better team. Nothing worse than a lucky team going through then the manager still acting heart sore he didn’t get a handshake from the opponent.

    1. I think jardim realizes this is his 15 minutes of fame cause he knows he’s a sh*t manager with zero playing style so he wants people to think he’s some master tactician for as long as possible.

  7. The real reason why Arsene didnt shake his hand is that after monaco scored their third goal joardim sprinted like a fool towards the corner flag and all managers hate this as they view it as a sign of distespect.

  8. Wenger is well known at the end of matches to go straight down the tunnel, win or lose. He goes straight over to the opposition and offers his hand, then he goes. I haven’t watched the footage back but I’m going to assume this was the case – Jardim would have gone off ecstatic and Wenger would have just gone down the tunnel. LOADS of managers have tried to play this card with Wenger but he has a way of acting at the end of a game and it is petty to believe he should change this for you because you decided to run off and celebrate.

  9. He’s earned the right to say whatever he wants. He’s in the Quater Finals of the Champions League!

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