Was Nottingham Forest v Arsenal Odegaard’s most unproductive game this season?

Arsenal’s 1-0 loss to relegation contenders Nottingham Forest on Saturday gifted Manchester City their third consecutive PL crown even before they kicked a ball this weekend.

Arsenal headed to the encounter against Forest, bidding to collect three points and prove they are not title bottlers. However, after a sloppy start to the game, they conceded in the 19th minute, courtesy of Taiwo Awoniyi’s beautiful finish past Aaron Ramsdale, to gift the hosts a deserved 1-0 lead at halftime.

Arsenal captain Martin Odegaard had an evening to forget against Nottingham Forest. The 24-year-old made a huge mistake as his backpass went straight to Morgan Gibbs-White, who went on to provide the decisive cross to Taiwo Awoniyi, who scored the match’s only goal. “But a sloppy ball like that [from Odegaard] has given the opposition a leg up,” said Tony Adams on Sky Sports about the error that led to Forest’s goal.

Martin Odegaard, with a 6.5 Sofascore match rating, also failed to win 2 of the five ground duels he was involved in, lost possession ten times, was dribbled past, and failed to create chances for the forward players, which saw them unable to threaten the Nottingham Forest backline in the entire game. For the better part of the season, the Norwegian was the player the Gooners “looked at” if they needed something special to happen. But with him having a bad day at the office, they struggled to punish Forest. “Arsenal have been bereft of ideas all game long, and Arteta needs to change it very quickly. In fact, I’m surprised he did not at halftime,” said Carragher on Arsenal’s attacking play.

Tony Adams felt Arteta should have considered introducing Emile Smith Rowe, probably subbing Odegaard for him. “Smith Rowe is a fantastic player, and he’s not had enough game time. Let’s get Emile on! Come on, let’s get a look at you!” said Tony Adams on Sky Sports during halftime of that game.

But that didn’t happen.

Hopefully, next term, Arteta will get someone good enough to deputise him and not over-depend on him so much to avoid burnout. As Adams summarised at the end: “Arsenal have had a fantastic season but have run out of resources and players have lost form. To win titles you need great backup players. When we won the four titles we had players like Martin Keown who came in to do a job for me.”

I think it is pretty certain that we will see yet another overhaul of players this summer as we aim to be an even better team next season. And it looks like rotation of our best players is the way forward if we are going to remain fresh for the whole of the next campaign…

Sam P

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  1. Maybe, but it was the fatal error from him that made us lose the game

    I agree with Adams that Smith-Rowe should’ve replaced Odegaard in the second half. When Odegaard’s diagonal passes didn’t really work, Smith-Rowe could’ve surprised the opposition by making byline crosses from the half-space on the right side

    Maybe Arteta felt those byline crosses would’ve been useless because we didn’t have a target man

    Arteta is afraid of subbing the likes of Saka, Xhaka and Odegaard in games when they are Terrible.😏
    This Cost us the EPL title because Many players were Jaded but he continued with them, Leaving fresh Players stuck on the bench.😕
    Topping the EPL table from the 5th of August, 2022 till April 2023 and then Losing it Pains me like Hell. 😔😟

  3. Arteta can be annoying sometimes. He’s too proud to admit he was wrong and make a change. Saka has been out of form for a while now, so is Odegard, and Jesus should have been benched long before now but he’s the boss.

    1. Mr Arsenal, It would help us if you would kindly rewrite that question, but this time so that it makes SENSE!
      I will however answer the EXACT nonsensical question you asked by saying; No Arteta is one human being, whereas Arsenal is a world famous football club.

      it is impossible for an individual to be a world famous football club, in case you had not noticed!!
      If THAT, truly is the answer you were seeking , then God help your lack of IQ.

      1. ha ha ha Jon now that I think I understand you better, you really are making me laugh…alot ! When I see new messages in the “latest comments” column on the far right hand side of the screen, I now ALWAYS recognise the ones that are yours before I even see the name of the writer, and hurriedly scamper over to where I can read your posts in full. They are most entertaining at times.

        1. EG, many decades ago when I first met my Sue, I asked her ,once we had became a couple ,what attracted her to me.

          Her answer was that I AM DIFFERENT, and that I make her laugh.

          Now, in theatrical comic double acts, that last sentence is known as a feed line!

          Then a devastatingly funny punch line should follow. Over to you then!

          I’ve heard them all, in my time so nothing will phase me.

          1. Jon, you’ve lost me.
            So to change the subject slightly, may I enquire as to whether you have any children ? Dogs do not count.

  4. Odegaard’s error inside Forest’s own half should have been defended by other mid-field or back three defenders, but no one would want to rush to the ball and stop the only one opposition against five Arsenal players who were busy running to their 18-yard box without help. Odegaard’s error was only a part but less of the reason we lost to Forest. We did not show teamwork in the gave. Most scoring chances were lost because our strike was selfish.

    1. Yes, I believe Gabriel had he had his eyes on the ball could have stopped it. It was closer to him than his big opponent.

    1. I could be mistaken but it looks more and more as if ESR signing a new contract,was more a PR thing(the family) and for the fans that anything else,who knows??

      1. Felt the same PR thing or stats goes for Ethan Nwaneri .

        If this Smith Rowe lad goes to Aston Villa under Unei Emery he could develop into a powerful midfielder, mark my word

  5. Come on people, leave Odegaard alone. Yes, his pass went astray resulting in a lucky goal, but it shows we’re still not fully baked as a team. The attempt to play inverted RB shows how good Zinchenko really is at what he does on the left side. It all looked awkward. And the calls for ESR??? Let’s face it, he was/is never near Odegaard’s quality and has constant fitness issues. There will be a summer reshuffle!

  6. Odegaard has gone missing in all the big games. Fans and media like him a lot. He is more like Ozil who was very good against weak teams but when it matters most he is very quiet.

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