Was Palace the game that ends Wenger’s Arsenal reign?

We all know that Arsene Wenger is stubborn and that Arsenal Football Club have immense confidence in him and have been more than happy to have the Frenchman running things for the last two decades, but even the most ardent supporter of Arsene must be thinking twice after Crystal Palace put another knife into our bleeding corpse of a season.

Can Wenger really not see that the manner of our performance as well as this being his worst ever season in terms of results and position in the table mean that he is not really getting the best out of the Arsenal squad? We can argue all day long about whether the players should be doing more or about bad luck, injury problems or any other excuse.

The biggest problem is that we have a version of the same story every single year, without fail. Fair play to the prof for doing so well in the lean years but Arsenal need to push on and under Wenger it is just not happening.



  1. Javier says:

    Wenger is violating the Natural Law of Football

  2. Arsenal007 says:

    We have changed stadiums…no success
    We have changed players…no success
    We have changed scouts…no success
    We have changed Assistant manager…no success
    We have changed medical staff…no success

    Just thinking aloud, but could we change Manager and see what happens? It couldn’t get worse.

  3. Lugdush says:

    Wenger said at the start of the season that this is one of the best squads he has managed…look at the table, look at the results (shamed), and look at our performances…wenger is gulty for this, and the suporters in england habe to grow up their voices…its impossible that people were demanding for chenges and the board and wenger were taking a laugh of you and continuing with their reign…its unacceptable that those guya even care about us fans and you are capable to look to anotger side and bought alll that sh about “a great change on the squad and a promised new wenger, its bs…wenger has to go and for that you england arsenal fans have to grow up some balls and do ur job…what was that bellerin episode? The guy is not guilty…start with an emty emirates and without renewing ur membresy…u have to support the team, not the mediocrecy of today and his head, WENGER..then u will have voice to the board,and the real change will start…we are in a dictatorship, we need revolution

  4. SoOpa AeoN says:

    Mr. Potato Head is overdue a retirement/forceful sack
    How he gets to keep his job after numerous humiliations is beyond human comprehension!

    1. Rare Admirall says:

      Soopa,spot on mate! All for a Pound 8 million dent on Arsenal every single year! The ground has shifted already but he has not got it yet.

  5. Raoh says:

    Let’s hope seriously…as much as I appreciated everything he has done in the 1st decade of his reign at Arsenal that doesn’t justify him staying indefinitely regardless of what is happening on the field!!
    There’s 3 big issues now :

    -We aren’t making top 4 ! Not the way this team is playing right now. The biggest problem with that is who is going to want to take over from Arsene Wenger in those conditions specially if we’re talking about a top manager ?

    -How on earth are we going to attract the world’s best without Champions League Football ? We are already unable to really compete at the same level as Bayern, Real, Barca, City, Man U & Chelsea money wise ! All we had was the UCL to make a pitch !

    -The biggest issue of all is that Wenger strongly believes even surrounded by this chaos that he can stir the ship clear and the board is so clueless and made of bunch of cowards unable to take action that they will allow it to happen. Clearly nobody though about a succession plan just in case.

    I don’t know if I’ll be watching a lot of Arsenal next year :’(

  6. Vicibles says:

    We have been so bad this season that fans/pundits have started considering past seasons as successful. Going on about how we should cut wenger some slack because he’s been “consistently Successful” in past seasons. I’m sorry, but some of us don’t consider top 4 finishes as successful. At least not for a club like Arsenal. That’s just the bare minimum. In fact, far as I’m concerned, The man has only had 4 successful years as an Arsenal manager. That plus Transitioning us to a stadium was nice but that’s about it. So by all means feel free to defend the man but don’t give me that hogwash. In fact, the fact that people defending Wenger can only point to top 4 finishes just shows how low the club has dropped.

  7. SoOpa AeoN says:

    Who still remembers this infamous wenger quote?
    seasons have passed….. so far…No judgement!
    #Arsenal joke club# #muppets & muppeteers#

  8. Walter Clunk. says:

    Arsenal never had any lean years!!!
    The club is owned by two billionaires.
    Wenger could not compete with
    Mourinho, Anchelotti Sir Alex
    then Mancini Pelegrini and Ranieri.
    Since 2009 Wenger has been paid 7-8 mill per annum
    to make top 4 with no pressure to actually win the title.
    The Owners Manager and players have become rich
    while fans pay the highest ticket prices to watch a team
    who are not seriously trying to win the title.
    Time for change.

    1. stubill says:

      I’m not defending Weger, but to say we have two billionaire owners is both right and wrong.

      Kroenke is the majority shareholder and on the board of directors, he won’t put any money into the club.

      Usmanov is the second largest shareholder and not on the board of directors, the current board have blocked him a few times over the years. He has stated on more than one occasion he would put money into the club to purchase players if he was on the board, but the current board don’t want anyone rocking their boat.

      Until the current directors go, we will never be able to compete financially with the likes of Chelsea, Man Utd and ManCity, and with the loss of CL football next season, we’ll lose another £40 million from the transfer kitty.

      Unless there are major changes, or a miracle happens, these could be very lean times for us.

  9. SoOpa AeoN says:

    Everytime we tend to put in one fine performance in a game.
    & walcott or bellerin come out and gloat to the media before the next game
    We Lose massively in the next game…..
    Who doesn’t see the pattern ????

  10. ODEIN says:


  11. Relax guys, even Wenger knows he is finished now. I expect him to come out any day now and annouce he won’t extend his contract. He is of no more use to Arsenal.

    1. SoOpa AeoN says:

      Yea Mr. Potato head sure knows he’s finished
      But £8mil keeps getting in the way of his retirement

  12. ras911 says:

    Apparently he has already signed a new contract and is just waiting for the right time to announce it.. Losing doesn’t even hurt anymore because it’s expected. Im numb and done..

    1. ArseOverTit says:

      Who is the source of this apparent information.

      I like to think fan power, media coverage, player performance (and shifting attitude) and AWs incompetence
      Has built to a critical mass point where his stay a Top arsenal is no longer feasible.

      Even our disinterested owners and board must realise now
      That they have a potential revolt on their hands from both
      Players and fans and that there corporate oppulance and mind must at least aspire to ‘APPEAR’ (I would underline, colour and embolden this word if possible) to be interested in the future of our club and its reputation.

      Wenger will hopefully announce his non contract extension and plan to manage elsewhere after emergency discussion with the owners shortly. It is what I have desired for years and is now, I feel, very close.

      1. Rare Admirall says:

        Lets cross our fingers and toes and pray fervently to the elements behind the scenes and we see what happens. Otherwise from the board on down to the players,they are a bunch of ..Never mind!

        1. Rare Admirall says:

          Except Sanchez ! At least he shows some heart!

  13. KD says:

    For all you blokes who think Arsenal was great before Arsene Wenger; some food for thought…..

    Table of managers by number of games

    Pos. Name From To P Win% Top 4 Honours
    1 Arsène Wenger October 1996 1120 57.20 19 3 League
    6 FA Cup
    2 Bertie Mee June 1966 May 1976 539 44.71 3 1 League
    1 FA Cup
    1 Fairs C.
    3 George Graham May 1986 Feb 1995 460 48.91 6 2 League
    1 FA Cup
    2 Lg Cup
    1 CWCup
    4 Tom Whittaker June 1947 October 1956 429 47.09 3 2 League
    1 FA Cup
    5 Terry Neill July 1976 Dec 1983 416 44.95 2 1 FA Cup
    6 Herbert Chapman June 1925 Jan 1934 403 49.88 4 2 League
    1 FA Cup
    7 George Morrell Feb 1908 April 1915 292 35.27 1*
    8 George Allison May 1934 May 1947 279 46.24 3 2 League
    1 FA Cup
    9 Leslie Knighton April 1919 May 1925 268 34.33
    10 Harry Bradshaw August 1899 May 1904 189 50.79 3*
    11 Billy Wright May 1962 June 1966 182 38.46
    12 George Swindin June 1958 1 May 1962 179 39.11 1
    13 Phil Kelso July 1904 Feb 1908 152 41.45
    14 The Committee August 1893 May 1897 118 44.92
    15 Don Howe Dec 1983 March 1986[ 117 46.15
    16 Jack Crayston October 1956 May 1958 77 42.86
    17 Bruce Rioch June 1995 August 1996 47 46.81
    18 William Elcoat April 1898 20 Feb 1899 43 53.49
    19 Thomas Mitchell March 1897 March 1898 26 53.85
    20 Joe Shaw January 1934 May 1934 23 60.87 1 1 League
    21 Stewart Houston Feb 1995 June 1995 19 36.84
    22 Arthur Kennedy 21 Feb 1899 August 1899 11 45.45
    23 Steve Burtenshaw March 1986 May 1986 11 27.27
    24 Stewart Houston August 1996 Sep 1996 6 33.33
    25 Pat Rice Sep 1996 Sep1996 4 75.00
    26 James Punch McEwen April 1915 April 1919 2 50.00
    Table of managers in win percentage order excluding those who managed Arsenal for under 100 games

    Pos. Name From To P Win% Top 4 Honours
    1. Arsène Wenger October 1996 1120 57.20 19 3 League
    6 FA Cup
    2. Harry Bradshaw August 1899 May 1904 189 50.79 3*
    3. Herbert Chapman June 1925 Jan 1934 403 49.88 4 2 League
    1 FA Cup
    4 George Graham May 1986 Feb 1995 460 48.91 6 2 League
    1 FA Cup
    2 Lg Cup
    1 CWC
    5. Tom Whittaker June 1947 October 1956 429 47.09 3 2 League
    1 FA Cup
    6 George Allison May 1934 May 1947 279 46.24 3 2 League
    1 FA Cup
    7 Don Howe Dec 1983 Mar 1986 117 46.15
    8 Terry Neill July 1976 Dec 1983 416 44.95 2 1 FA Cup
    9 The Committee August 1893 May 1897 118 44.92
    10 Bertie Mee June 1966 May 1976 539 44.71 3 1 League
    1 FA Cup1 Fairs C.
    10 Phil Kelso July 1904 Feb 1908 152 41.45
    11 George Swindin June 1958 1 May 1962 179 39.11 1
    12 Billy Wright May 1962 June 1966 182 38.46
    13 George Morrell Feb 1908 April 1915 292 35.27 1*
    14 Leslie Knighton April 1919 May 1925 268 34.33
    The * indicates that the top 4 finishes were in the second division.

    Arsenal History

    1. gotanidea says:

      Yes, it is the fact. It was Wenger that made Arsenal great. I am really thankful to him. But the club should also be thankful to the fans that have been supporting the club for decades. Without the fans’ support, Wenger and Arsenal cannot achieve what they have achieved now.

      If Arsenal has to go down or even relegated because Wenger has to leave, be it. Juventus, Manchester United and Leicester City have proven that they can get up from the scratch. If Arsenal is really a great club, run and supported by great people, it should be able to achieve the same thing. If they can’t, that means Arsenal is similar to Liverpool, Tottenham, Everton and the likes.

  14. khangunners says:

    Every arsenal fan is used to this by now and that just shows that something is seriously wrong.we had two must win games before our tough fixtures and we bottled one game. Now boro is a tough one. I think the mood of arsenal fans is toxic and wenger and the board are to blame for this,the more they keep coy about wengers future the more the fans frustration grows and they seem disinterested about arsenal performance and want wenger out. You cant ignore the fans feeling for soo long thats why some fans are becoming abusive and are passing there bounds . Arsenal board members hve to wake up and wenger has to stop his arrogance and tell fans to settle us down so that we can get behind the team.

  15. George Ioannides says:

    It’s up to the fans to change things, how? By forcing a financial loss to the club, how? By not buying season tickets, empty seats and not buying shirts on top of the loss of money for not being in champions league. Only loss of money will force the exit of board members and manager in order for others to take over with more ambitions for trophies. Chairman and manager out, it’s up to the fans.

  16. GoonerKev84 says:

    It Just seems like Arsene Wenger will never leave the club, the players look dejected the fans have had enough, we’re definitely not getting top 4 but the manager is still here contemplating signing a new contract which he most likely will. The man seems to think because he was loyal to the club they owe him everything, Wenger forgets he has been handsomely paid by the club over two decades the latter part being almost an embarrassment. In my opinion I don’t think Wenger is anything special 3 titles and no Champions League in 21 years? I said back in 2009 when we lost at Fulham his time was up and should of been but it seems the worse we get the more confidence the board has in him I just don’t understand it! I’ve never seen a manager with so much control at a club the man is untouchable its unreal I think Wenger could fire the owner, I honestly believe he thinks Arsenal football club would be nothing without him if he really cared about the club he would come forward and admit defeat but I don’t think even relegation would remove him, All this talk of how Wenger should decide when he leaves and pick his own successor seriously? What f**king way is this club being run! I love the club I’ve been a fan for 27 years but as long as Wenger is pulling the strings I’m switching off.

  17. JustJoy says:

    our arsenal life is like a candle in the wind…

    all hail the traveling fans for their courage in this humiliating circumstance.. I would have never traveled..

    1. SoOpa AeoN says:

      agree with you Justjoy
      And even when seeing the Arsenal game in the pub was for free, i was in my bed smiling at the scoreline on livescores

  18. Nebsy says:

    Wenger signing a new contract will be very good for my personal life. It will save me two to four hours of life, allow me to take the missus to a fancy restaurant on Saturday and Sunday afternoons, have me spending my time on my hobby during Thursdays, plus my heart will suffer less stress, should Wenger sign a new contract, because sure as hell I won’t be watching him take a piss on our Arsenal all over again.

    1. SoOpa AeoN says:

      Right choice my man….ya missus surely have missed you Like crazy
      Arsene wenger’s Arsenal is totally irrelevant and soul quenching!

  19. Franko says:

    Wenger’s arrogance and naivety along with the board’s refusal to spend on quality will finally come to hunt them. And from the look of things, the money they have refused to spend over the years would finally be spent now meaning in was foolish not to spend on quality players all along. If the board decides to continue in this path with their penny pinching, Arsenal may never smell top 4 finish for a long time to come.

    1. Patrick Muli says:

      Tired of Wenger’s excuses . Let him leave like yesterday and the board to bring in Diego Simeone in his stead. Other clubs with steel such as Leicester, Liverpool, Man City and Chelsea brought in new managers with new ideas and see where they are.

  20. Rkw says:

    Corrupted club have accepted this footballing buffoon for last 5 years … And serious fans could see he was past his sell by date back then … as long as their pockets are appropriately greased … What is so shocking is that after this recent string of results most serious clubs would have called time on the man but apparently the ball is still in his court … Empty emirates is only way to change this sad state of a once great club

  21. khangunners says:

    I want to write an article how can you post it to admin?

    1. SoOpa AeoN says:

      via email i guess……… Admin should be ere soon to put more light on it!

  22. LeoAW says:

    Time to change Arsene Football Club to the real Arsenal Football Club #SackWenger #WengerOut

  23. Break-on-through says:

    What makes it even worse is before the game he’d been championing the British players and how vital they are. He had a go at fans who got worried about Alexis leaving telling them he doesn’t get that as there is still well over a year on his contract. But then he says it will be a massive blow if we can’t sort out Oxlade’s contract, who is on the same time-frame as Alexis.

    I wasn’t happy about us getting the Monday game esp when we already had two games in hand. All eyes would be on this game as there was no other football on, and we know these lot don’t want to be at the forefront. Walcott admitting that they were hungrier than us does not ease anything, you are the captain Theo, why do we never see Arsenal players regrouping before demanding more. I’m glad with the amount of stick that was aimed at the players. I fear it bounces off Arsene too easily, but now it’s the players, I’d expect to see some of them fold, whereas others should up the commitment. Not that it would be in time for anything.

  24. ger burke says:

    ah come on guys, take it easy on le prof-it . judge him in may , lol.

  25. mark says:

    I thought he looked an almost broken man last night after the game. More honest than I’ve seen him be. It may be the result that makes the decision for him (and the club).

    It’s time for change, but a shame that it might be a team on the verge of collapse that does it.

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