Was Park Chu Young Arsenal’s biggest transfer flop of the last decade?

On Sunday afternoon, FC Seoul defeated K League 1 rivals Seongnam 1-0 thanks to a goal from Go Yo-Han. The black and red clad club won for the second time in the young South Korean season and strengthened their bid as title contenders. One name on Seoul’s team sheet looked very familiar to Arsenal supporters. It was the name of former Arsenal striker Park Chu-Young (Ju-Yeoung Park). The Gunners are still fighting for a Premier League top four finish and supporters will be following the remaining games intently. Supporters can use the Betfred promo code 2019 and wager on each Arsenal game.

Over the years, many pundits and fans have attempted to understand just how Park ended up at the Emirates and just what went wrong. Some have labelled Park as Arsene Wenger’s worst signing. Others have simply stated Park never lived up to expectations.

Regardless, Park remains a transfer bust that played just one Premier League game at the Emirates.

Park Chu-Young: Arsenal arrival

The summer of 2011 saw Arsenal lose three of their most important players. Gael Clichy and Samir Nasri had joined Manchester City. Their transfers came on either side of midfielder Cesc Fabregas’ departure for Barcelona. Wenger was left with a creative hole in his attack due to Nasri and Fabregas leaving. Under manager Unai Emery, the Gunners still have a lot to play for this term. Arsenal supporters can follow each match with William Hill and wager on their next game in the Premier League.

Needing a player who could play as a No. 10 or second striker, Wenger went into panic mode. The manager was tipped off that Monaco was in the market to sell Park and a deal was quickly struck for £5 million. However, it only took a few days and training sessions for Wenger to have buyer’s remorse.

Park Chu-Young: What went wrong?

Prior to Arsenal’s interest, Park was set to sign for Lille. The French club had just won the Ligue 1 title and Park was about to play alongside Eden Hazard. However, Arsenal’s interest changed Park’s career trajectory.

Park joined Arsenal coming off a solid season at Monaco. He had scored 12 goals in 33 appearances. He was already regarded as South Korea’s best player and the man to lead them into the 2014 World Cup.

On paper, Park’s signing looked positive. He scored 26 goals in 103 matches for Monaco. Unfortunately, the goals dried up following departure from France.

Park Chu-Young: From promising star to flop

The striker played just one Premier League match under Wenger. It came nearly five months after signing for Arsenal. Even then, it was just an eight-minute cameo in an Arsenal shirt.

Park did feature in five cup matches. His claim to fame was a League Cup goal against Bolton Wanderers in October. It still wasn’t enough to convince Wenger to play him more often.

The South Korean moved to Watford and Celta Vigo on loan before leaving Arsenal on a free transfer in 2014. A stop-off in Saudi Arabia predated a return to FC Seoul in 2015.

Park will go down in history as a transfer flop at Arsenal, and perhaps, Wenger’s biggest blunder buy. Park has always been a good player but never great. A striker who could score a handful of goals, but never be the man teams could count on.

Now 33, the former Arsenal player will be long remembered by Arsenal fans for his failed three years at the Emirates.

Updated: March 13, 2019 — 3:44 pm


  1. Too bad Wenger did not trust him, otherwise maybe he could be like Son

    1. pretty obvious…wenger wanted a striker but Park wasnt his choice..

      just like Perez…they signed him to please the manager and make up the numbers

      1. That’s what I ve always said
        Signings just to make it look good on the club ,no risk types
        And there’s been a few

  2. Park Chu Young Was not given enough chance to be made Flop

    The biggest flop has to be One of this guys…

    Sanogo, Squaillaci,

    it has to be Squaillaci

    1. Sanagoal was a good talent but like Diaby…hes injury prone and injuries can wreck a players motivation, development and etc especially at that age

  3. I followed that Park Chu Yung transfer and he was basically a Lille player. Apparently we turned his head last minute and he went M.I.A on Lille, disappearing from his hotel room and refusing to pick their calls. I never liked how we conducted ourselves during that transfer. Lille really wanted him to play for them and we snatched him from them only to make him rot in our reserves.

    Anyway, my worst signing was the lad with the broken back, Kim Kallstrom. I NEVER understood how he passed his medical with a broken back and even if he didn’t, why we still went ahead to sign an injured player. The management at Arsenal keep on finding new ways to waste money we never thought were possible.

    1. Signing a player with a broken back… you couldn’t make it up!!

      1. Haha! Kallstrom and Andre Santos are my joint top worst ever signings.

        1. Santos was absolute pants!! I personally would add Sanogoal 😀

          1. Yes, Sanogoals and Squillaci deserve to be there as well, heck, even Almunia!

          2. There’s a fair few once you start thinking about it!! But no place for taxi man Bendtner 😄

          3. 😂😂😂 yes, Lord Bendtner!

          4. Add Francis Jeffers

    2. Not to forget that we angered Lille who never ever would’ve sold Hazard to us, because of that.

  4. sylvestre, Wenger must have been on crack or something worse.

  5. Andre Santos or Squaillaci….

  6. Yes, those players were all poor to rubbish, but never forget how disappointing Francis Jeffers was. A great reputation but a player whose career never took off.

  7. Liverpool just took out Bayern, the same Bayern that beat us 10-2 over two games. You have to respect that.

    1. Yes, very impressive. I also hope one day we will have the quality to dispatch Bayern like that. What a defender VVD is!

      1. I can’t wait for such a day. What impressed me most about Liverpool is their self self belief, they were certain they could go to Bayern and beat them there. Klopp has them believing they can beat anyone.

        1. True, we have to salute Klopp for the belief he has brought to Liverpool! Am of the opinion Emery can do the same with Arsenal, we have already dispatched 3 top 6 teams this season.

          1. 👍👍 for the Emery comment

  8. Bad signings became a regular feature of the latter part of the Wenger era but bearing in mind the outlay of £35 million , yes £35 million, Mustafi must rank as one of the worst.

  9. Bendtner

  10. IMO it has to be Ozil’s contract renewal @350000 per week.Should have been kicked out or shoved out as a free agent.

  11. Stephan Lichstiener might just get himself on most people’s list.I love his aggression and that comes from playing the majority of his career at Juvenile in Seria A.But they knew when his sell by date was up
    I’m going to be fair to Wenger and suggest he mainly brought good players and did not make too many mistakes.But as far as Centre Backs are concerned!!!!!
    Djrou Cygan And Senderous don’t exactly help his case either.

  12. “Supporters can use the Betfred promo code 2019 ” It’s hilarious how the vast majority of posters on here and too stupid to realise that this article is literally just a betting advertisement. The actual content means absolutely nothing, just as long as the admins can get those links on there.

    Nice integority, admin.

    1. EDIT – I said “vast majority”, but what I should have actually said is that not a single poster on here has realised that this is literally just a betting advertisement lol.

      1. d, Duh! HOW DO YOU THINK THE ADMIN PAYS FOR THIS SITE. NO ONE MAKES YOU USE IT. If you don’t like betting then don’t bet but please don’t think you have any right to tell the Admin how to run his own and worthwhile , in fact splendidly run, site!

  13. He, park chu young, doesn’t even count as a true Arsenal signing since he was a mere very minor bit player who played no real part at all in the team. I call such as Mustafi, who at least and unfortunately for us, has been a regular, as our worst big buy of recent times.

  14. Personally, Silvestre for me never added up. I remember a fellow fan being all for him at the time, and I said no, I don’t like it, Fergie wouldn’t let him go if he was any good. He turned out worse than I ever imagined, and I imagined him pretty poorly. He was a train wreck. Squilaci was a piss poor signing, I agree, like, how the heck do you go from Adams, Keown, Dixon, Sol and the likes, and end up with a player whose name means squeaky bum time in Scottish.

    Who would people say is the biggest flop that the Arsenal fans bayed for, Capoue, M’vila etc etc, there were a few all right, someone else might remember some as those two are the only ones that jump to mind right now. One that our fans bayed for and Arsenal got him in, was Baptiste, I remember a fair number going on about him being a beast and the likes, he was piss poor too, and expensive I think. That one reminds me Hulk, never liked the look of that player, and anyone who puts Hulk on the back of his shirt, pass for me.

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