Was Sokratis the Arsenal mole? He is now….

At the end of last year, there was much discussion about who could the mole be in the Arsenal camp, leaking normally private conversations in the dressing room.

Mikel Arteta claimed to have fixed the problem after the winter transfer window, which would suggest it was either Sokratis, Ozil or Kolasinac. I personally would suggest it was Kolasinac, because he was the one player that we actually needed as cover for Tierney, but according to Sokratis’ teammate at Olympiacos, Bruma, has admitted that the big Greek has been revealing Arsenal’s secrets to his new club: “He has told us some secrets,” Bruma told Goal, “but I won’t tell you about any of them. It’s between us and Sokratis.

“Of course, he knows Arsenal’s locker room better than anyone.

“He is a player with a lot of experience, he’s played for Milan, Dortmund and Arsenal who are all great, great clubs.

“So Sokratis is a very good voice, he’s been helping a lot in the locker room and he’s been helping the team a lot with his experience. We are really pleased to have him here and I’m sure he’s going to be a big help on Thursday.”

So, I’m not sure what Sokratis could tell Olympiakos, except that we often make defensive errors and we can’t score goals, but then again all our opponents know that anyway…..

Can anyone suggest some Arsenal secrets he could have told them?


  1. Must be about Arteta’s tactics and our first team players’ strengths/ weaknesses in the field

        1. You mean the one we almost got dumped out? The one we went through to the next round by luck?
          Just like we won the FA and CS by luck?
          Y’all keep backing this clueless and no ideas manager whose supposed to be in league 8 coaching if there is any,if we had a useful owner,MA won’t even be considered to coach arsenal at the first place.
          We have been told to have patience but I keep asking my self how long we are supposed to have patience,10 years? 50 years? 5 years ??
          Arsenal FANS are the most patient fans in the whole wide world as far as football is concerned and yet,some of our fans are asking some others to keep having patient cos they are blindly backing a coach who never learned anything and making him a god.
          Always hated that appointment from the on set.
          Y’all better start backing reality before it’s too late.

          1. We were almost out of EL because the players were switched off, not because of Arteta’s tactic. The FA Cup win wasn’t a fluke, as shown in the amount of clear-cut chances we produced this season

            We’ll see the effectiveness of his tactic again in Greece, if his detractors stop demoralizing the team

          2. “Arsenal FANS are the most patient fans in the whole wide world as far as football is concerned”

            Lmao 😂😂 🤦‍♂️

        2. @gotanidea, you are one funny man 😂🤣😂🤣. EL tactics?? You know we were in a group of Sunday league teams and we face poor Benfica team who almost knocked us out, right? Also what is this logic if we play bad it was the player, nothing wrong with manager tactics but when we play good and won FA cup then it was all Arteta. Following someone does not mean you have to be blind and start to manipulate the fact. I don’t think FA cup we won was a fluke but I do think when we come across good teams who are not injury hit then Arteta is found wanting with his tactics.

  2. His specialist subject is wrestling holds , so that is what he wil be teaching them all no doubt! I always said he was better suited to wear a wrestling leotard than our kit. In any case, as he is gone – and good riddance to him – I sigh with relief every time I see our team sheet without him AND Mustafi AND Kolas on it. Phew!

  3. Socratis talking about Arsenal tactics and build up play to his new team is normal for anyone. Do you think Ozil won’t do the same if we’re playing Fenebarche?
    Let our team just be focus, whoever the players we play, let them beat both the Mole and the Mole’s team mercilessly.

  4. I dont think anyone at Arsenal is given a 2nd thought to Brumas comments on Papa leaking the dirt… what dirt? It’s all been out there for everyone, on live TV, to see where we have problems.

    We are after revenge and a quarter final spot from this tie, which we should’ve won last year, Aubas last minute miss come to mind after his spectacular goal to send us through but then again we conceded.

    If we have a proper plan in place we should play these boys off the pitch but this is Arsenal we are talking about and have the tenancy to switch off in crucial games.

    We need this Europa League more than any other team left in the last16.

  5. There could have been more than one mole active in our locker room, but it I had to guess the head of the snake was Kols, especially considering what has transpired since his arrival at Schalke

  6. Agree with Phil that there wouldn’t have been much to reveal. Arteta’s tactics have been easy enough for most teams to read even without inside knowledge. Expect Olympiacos to play it similar to Benfica. This is an easy one. Don’t stuff it up through negatively or fear.

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