Was someone at the club just telling Arsenal fans what to expect?

Number mistake might as well reveal more than it should have! by Konstantin Mitov

Oh my goodness, Arsenal, poor Arsenal. Most of you probably know what I’m talking about, but if you don’t, on the new kit launch, players like Alexis Sanchez, Mesut Ozil and Olivier Giroud feature on the new kit launch.

However, when you went to pick a shirt with a number on, there was a strange option to pick Danny Welbeck with number 7 – the one Alexis was carrying on his back. And it’s a funny mistake to make. You see if it was 33 or 24 or 22, you could kinda understand that someone might have made a typo, but such a mistake is one I can’t take for a blunder.

Why? Because it’s Arsenal. Wenger said we won’t sell Fabregas and Nasri and what happened? We put Sanchez on the kit launch because Arsenal will try to milk the fans money, before they milk the money from a Sanchez transfer. We are a business. We won’t spend money when we can earn more.

And why the mistake with Alexis number? Couldn’t they misplace the number of Danny and Theo or Gibbs? This for me means something. It might be somebody actually caring for the club put it out as a sign of what we have to expect. It was removed shortly afterwards, but in modern days, such mistakes are easily exposed.

This summer will spark another star exodus. And again, the wrong people are leaving the club. And of course, Arsenal aren’t really trying to make a deal with top players. All they’re trying is to delude poor old fans to pay more money and it will once again work like a charm.



    1. Napersie its not like they haven’t given us any reason not to be negativity for the past ten years have they??
      i’m a person who almost always seas the glass half full but even i’m not blind ( no disrespect meant to blindness )
      AW constantly reminds us that deference between a top WC player and a good player its so minute that he believes it don,t make that much of a deference

      1. If I’m not mistaken, RvP posed for the 2012/ 2013 team kit pictures just before he left for Man U.
        UnUnsuspecting fans renewed season tickets and bought new kit at extortionate prices…only to see RvP winning the trophy for our rivals.
        Groundhog Day all over again?

    2. can you really blame him though? Wouldn’t it of been great to see some new world class signings in that kit yesterday instead of our old legends having to make do. surely in doing that more shirts would be sold????? I cant help but feel like fans are getting mugged already.

      1. When was the last time that Arsenal unveiled a surprise signing along with the new kit? … I think it was ?? Never!

    3. My heart is saying Konstantin is wrong, But my head is saying he is right, I will wait till the start of the season, Because lets be honest we wait every transfer window so nothing new.

  1. all i know is that pires and keown showed up for the live kit release and were joined by a couple of male models. Ozil, sanchez and giroud couldn’t make it, it seems…

    unlike they did for the ad they did way in advance as part of their contractual obligations.
    whilst you are under contract you are obliged to don the new kit, but this doesn’t mean you are
    going to be there next season.

  2. Alexis / Ozil / Ox / and Ramsey’s contract situation should not halt our approach in the transfer market. Even with these players around we really need to strengthen our team.

    “We will listen to it when a club is willing to show its appreciation for Aubameyang in a financial way as well,”Borussia Dortmund CEO told Bild.

    Activate his release clause and offer him 200 a week wages. At 28, Madrid seems to be focusing on Mbappe & keeping Morata / City have cooled there interest and so have PSG / Chelsea is chasing Lukaku / Man U Morata or Beloti / Bayern cant get him / Juve are safe at ST. This leaves us with a good chance granted Wenger picks up the phone and convince him to join even without CL. Throw in a winger / CM / and we could be done.

  3. Why so many articles about the same subject?
    Move on mate!
    (Hey, I’m a poet and I don’t know it) ?

  4. Another summer of hope and massive let down, another summer of lies and deceit, another summer of buying no one, another summer of selling our better players, another summer of promises leading to a season of disappointment.

    1. if Arsenal was a cash stuck club and if they didn’t come out and said we could financially match any club in Europe buying players if they stop saying we are a big club and somehow stop Forbes from reporting that we are the 6th richest club in the universe then ill stop moaning and eat my pie

  5. The error is corrected. It’s a disproportional leap from error to conspiracy theory.

    Why is the kit £100 in the club shop?

  6. Concerning the kit number scandal, I dont think the internet store clerk would be made aware of such a huge transfer deal before anyone in the media would..

      1. biggest sale in kit’s is around school break for summer, parents buy it so kids can wear their new tops on holiday

  7. We don’t need anyone if our goal is to finish fourth and win FA cup, We can sell Sanchez and get some player for 20 million and still do it .
    We are no longer a club that will challenge for title.
    Our glory days are over.

    1. Hate to break it to you mate but getting back to the top 4 will be very difficult for us even if we manage to keep Sanchez.

      Chelsea will be hard to knock out of the top 4. City is investing heavily and Pep will be in the second year of the PL (Klopp took time as well to adjust) Spurs have a younger more talented squad with more upside for development (How much better are Giroud, Ramsey, Theo, Ozil and Coq going to get?). Can you ever confidently count our Man U and Mourinho with their big investment and experience? That leaves Liverpool as the weakest candidate IMO but still ahead of us in terms of ambition and manager.

      Don’t take 4th for granted many naive fans took it for granted last season and look what happened. We will quite possibly be the team that strengthens the least in the transfer window so it will have to be the same old squad that will have to catch up to our faster-developing opponents who don’t have to play in far away places on Thursday nights.

      1. I agree with you. Even 4th looks difficult considering how competitive the league has become. Don’t forget Everton as well.They are investing in good players and will really trouble us next season.Hate to say this but we are no longer the title contenders but a mid table team.

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