Was the return of the Bundesliga a success? Or not?

Return Of Football In Germany – Was It Safe? By Dan Smith

Okay, I’m not the sharpest pencil in the pencil-case so I might need some help from our readers. This is not a debate on the morality of Football returning. I think we have all exhausted our opinion here on JustArsenal and no doubt will again.

Many fans (more than normal) would have watched the Bundesliga this weekend to get early ideas how the game will be played for the foreseeable future (even though I need to stress you can’t compare the death rates Germany have experienced compared to the UK over this virus).

My attitude has always been you are either saying you believe it’s safe to play sport, or you don’t. There can’t be a grey area where it comes down to a person’s welfare. Well, apparently there can be..

Essentially the protocol seems to be that whenever possible players, coaches, officials, the media, etc (all in self isolation before kick-off) will try and respect social distancing. That tells me then that your government feel that the spread of the illness is very much possible.

Then though, you undermine all those measures put in place by saying it’s practical to have people pulling and tugging at one another during set pieces. That’s the equivalent of McDonalds asking customers to sit far apart, then put the Burgers in the middle table and say let’s all tuck in (although even then you could avoid the physical contact that tackling guarantees).

If a player is required to wear a mask before he enters or leaves the stadium, that tells me you’re still taking this Pandemic seriously? Then though, you go against your own action plan by having the one area where it’s okay to not have your mouth covered, being the one area where you will constantly be standing side by side, sweating on top of one another. How backwards does it look that substitutes are protecting themselves at all costs but not those playing?

Oh, and if your saying that’s because measures have guaranteed that the 22 players participating don’t have symptoms, then why the warnings of no talking or spitting (hard to avoid as an athlete)?

The biggest PR spin is getting the ball boys and girls to sanitize all footballs before, during and after kick-off. Sorry? It’s bad enough we are putting young children at risk, because apparently no one else can go and get a ball in an empty stadium, but they are the ones who have to clean away any germs?

You should be returning to work if it’s safe. That’s your employers responsibility. How can we be telling a child that you’re not in any danger chasing that ball, but here’s a mask, gloves, a protective suit, oh and whatever you do be very careful around …… the footballs!

I know some will disagree with me.

The counter argument will be players are tested, temperature-checked and they are kept away from the public in hotels, etc. Yet if you believed that, why the need for any regulations once inside the venue?
If you are convinced every man and women is healthy before leaving that coach then why the need for advice as far-fetched as; ‘when you make a challenge try to have your head turned the other way’? It’s because there are no guarantees. Unless your rules are being policed you can never predict what someone will do.

A week after this country was told to stay indoors, Jack Grealish was caught at a house party till 4 am. A Kyle Walker was always going to do what he wanted. Why should his brother not have a stripper for his birthday, or he not drive to see his lonely sister? Why should he compromise?

Less than a week after Boris Johnson said it was okay to see one member of your family in a park – 2m apart – but still try to avoid transport, Lacazette translated that as ‘let’s inhale nitrous oxide‘.

Clubs followed all the standards to resume parts of training. How did 3 Brighton players become ill if everything was risk-free?

So major football is back in Europe, but having observed it I have more questions than answers. I certainly can understand players who don’t feel comfortable. Maybe gooners you can educate me?

Be kind in the comments…

Dan Smith


  1. Thabo Matsepe says:

    All it take is one or two players to test positive and we back to where we all began, no football. There is a lot of grey area imo and

  2. Shortboygooner says:

    A bit disappointed In this post. I clicked the title thinking i would have a detailed analysis of the games in germany and what it was like but just wasted time reading a bit of a moan. Sorry but the decision was made. We know we all have differing opinions can we not put miss leading titles and actually talk about what the post says. Very disappointed in this post. Maybe someone who actually watched some if the games could give an overview on how they think the games went instead of imposing their opinion on to the post.

    Very disappointed

    1. Admin Martin says:

      So you impose your opinion on the writer imposing his opinion. OK, I get it.

      1. Shortboygooner says:

        Hi admin Martin

        Firstly I would like to thank you fir the stella job you have been doing during the pandemic. Really appreciated. I am sure I am not the only one who thinks you are doing a stella job.

        Also whilst I appreciate everyone has differing opinions. In regards to my comment. That’s what the comments section is for is it not? Commenting on the article and discussing ?

        It Just felt a little like click bait to me. In the nicest way possible I was disappointed that the title on the home page thread did not match the article.

        Usually the articles are spot on and relate exactly to what they say they will.

        I’m not picking fight here admin. But it’s not what it says on the can. IMO

        I try and avoid corona virus articles as there are many varying opinions about the current climate.

        Please if you have any entry about the actual games and if they went down well. The atmosphere, comments from players and staff that kind of thing. Let’s have it.

        Thank you for your patience and understanding

        1. Admin Martin says:

          I thought the headline reflected the article just right. I also disagree with most of what Dan wrote but that was his opinion and I respected that. I appreciate your comments ShortboyGooner and look forward to more comments from you.

  3. Robert Acedius says:

    “Success” isn’t the word – under the circumstances. Success behind closed doors? No chance. And with a pandemonium that could cost us all life. Who knows? Why always using exaggerations? It seldom lead to a interesting discussion. It only turns you off.

    1. Admin Martin says:

      It was a question plain and simple and judging by some of your comments I am not sure that throwing around the word exaggeration is appropriate.

      1. jon fox says:

        You make a fair point to Robert but please consider this: just because all of us at times, MYSELF very much included , wrongly use OVER emotive language is NOT a reason to use it oneself. Robert used “exaggerations” inhis post as his opinion. Is he to be denied the chance to put his own opinion? IT WAS A PERFECTLY RESPECTABLE POST BY ROBERT, so why the admonishment ? A principle applies here and that is why I ask, inall seriousness too.

        We should all be trying to row back on over emotive language and I admit, freely too, my own guilt in this. I esp fear the harmful misuse of “hate ” to mean a difference of opinion on a players worth or effectiveness. “Hate” is Nazis, Hitler, Stalin, etc and should be actively discouraged by this site and its admins, to dissuade impressionable youngsters from normalising it in the wrong and harmful context.

  4. Solly gunner says:

    Good post dan
    Echoes a lot of my own thoughts / questions

  5. Shakir says:

    I felt sorry for the goal-scorers because of the new celebration rules😂

    Some of the rules really make no sense for us but i know they are there for a reason,maybe they know something that we dont know.And its not the common folks who came up with the rules but medical experts.And tbh germany has done a great job on controlling the virus.

  6. AndersS says:

    Good article. There are many questionmarks, and I can’t figure out the answers.
    But, I will say this. I watched a game on TV, and found it very hard to keep the interest up with no atmosphere, and with some of the same doubts at the back of my mind.
    On the other hand, we may have to learn not to compare this new reality with what was before and the leagues and the broadcasters may also have to learn how to develop the “product” as we all adapt. There is a new reality.

  7. jon fox says:

    Congrats on an excellently written article Dan. You raised many key points and outlined the many anomalies in the muddled thinking of those who are desperate to resume before it is probably safe to do so. I have many times aired my own views on what I see as the wrong decision to restart in this country but it is too early right now to see the ultimate outcome to the Bundesliga restart. I pray all stay safe but consider that very unlikely, sadly.

  8. Marty says:

    Leaving aside the argument about whether football should have returned, I watched a couple of the Bundesliga games and imho they weren’t much different in quality to the bundesliga games I saw earlier on in the season. The games were slower paced than our Premier League but they were in normal times. What you didn’t get was the inane chanting of the crowd, the stupid goal celebrations and best of all I didn’t see one player spit or gob!!
    I realise other people may view the return differently but hey, we’re all entitled to our opinions.

    1. Admin Martin says:

      It was weird but I also enjoyed the games thoroughly.

    2. Shakir says:

      I saw players spitting….

  9. Sue says:

    I doubt I’ll be tuning in to watch every single game, but will watch the occasional Dortmund/Bayern game until English football resumes.
    Yes it was weird hearing every kick of the ball, the managers/subs shouting, no crowd noise, but I really enjoyed what I saw – yes even the elbow bumps!! I thought overall they did a good job.
    This might sound daft.. but I wonder at our home games if they’ll still play ‘Good old Arsenal, London’s calling and Right here, right now??’

  10. Sue says:

    I’ve just seen bruised banana and classic gooner face masks online, £12 each!

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