Was the Sevilla win Arsenal’s best game of the season so far?

Arsenal had to remind their detractors why they are the real deal and that their last two games (losses of 3-1 to West Ham and 1-0 to Newcastle) were just due to bad luck; the losses do not reflect how excellent they are.

After two disappointing match days, the Gunners were eager to get back on track against Sevilla in the Champions League on Wednesday night. Fortunately, it is exactly what they did, as they prevailed by a score of 2 goals to 0 against a tenacious Sevilla.

The Gunners performed admirably in front of their fans. They had complete dominance and did not allow Sevilla to breathe in any area, whether defense, midfield, or attack.

Midfielders Rice, Jorginho, and Havertz put on a great performance; they turned the wheels in the engine room. Critics expected that Havertz and Jorginho would struggle, but they were proven wrong. Rice also delivered a masterclass, demonstrating why he is great value for money.

In attack, Martinelli was explosive, fantastic, and on top of his game, producing an assist for Saka’s goal (Arsenal’s second of the game).

Martinelli wasn’t the only attacker having a fantastic game. Saka and Trossard were also on fire, causing havoc in Sevilla’s defense.

Their combination ensured they took all three points, with Trossard scoring a superb goal off Saka’s pass.

Saliba; I’m at a loss for words to express how good he was, not to mention Gabriel Magalhaes, who made sure the defense line was rock-solid and they kept a clean sheet.

All in all, the entire team was on fire in a game that was arguably Arsenal’s best this season.

Though criticized for that, after the Newcastle game, the Spanish manager was hesitant to condemn his players for the defeat. Happily, they re-paid his faith in them Wednesday night.

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  1. OT: Not sure if Dan has sent he predictions for this week’s games.
    I had a shocker last week of just 2 points.
    So I need to get some predictions right for this weekend.

  2. Jorghino for the first time really tried moving the ball forward quicly in the typical Thomas Partey style and it paid off. We need someone of Partey’s profile if he is to leave.
    The game looked like a good practice session because Seville only had one shot hahaha

  3. I agree the team performed well, but completely disagree that Jorghino and Havertz proved anyone wrong. Yes Jorginho made one very smart pass through the Sevilla defence, to our attack force, which resulted in a goal. Isn’t that what we get from Partey in almost every game, over and above intercepting passes, tackling and taking shots at goal? Havertz shut his eyes and missed a header that didn’t even need him to jump or move at all!! The day we see Rice, Partey, Odergaard in that midfield, will be the day Arsenal instils fear in all teams facing them. Our bias and wishful thinking won’t.

  4. I am struggling to choose between the Sevilla game and the ones against City and Sheffield United as our best so far.
    In all three, the opposing teams were thoroughly restricted from posing much threat throughout the games.

  5. Truth is, Seville never posed a threat and were not that great at the back. They weren’t a dangerous opponent and have a very poor away record in CL. It wasn’t too difficult to perform against them, unike city, who have form and reputation.

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