Was Thierry Henry right to wait for Monaco job?

Since the Arsenal legend Thierry Henry gave up his job at Sky and announced that he wanted to concentrate on a full time management job, he has been linked with many possible destinations. The international side from Qatar was the first possibility (other than as Wenger’s replacement of course), and then there was the chance of taking over at Aston Villa which looked like a live possibility, but now it looks like he has landed the plum job at Monaco who were French Champions just a couple of years ago.

Get French Football has tweeted today…..

So it looks like he has landed one of the best jobs in France after PSG, but should he have taken a smaller job as his first job? Villa seemed like a good option at the time. An ex-Big Club fallen on lean times, a Championship club needing bringing up to the Premier League. That would have been a real challenge of his management skills.

Taking over cash-rich Monaco as a first job suggests to me that he will be paid a lot of money but he is potentially jumping on a banana skin…

Do you think he has made the right decision for his management career? Or is he just chasing the money?

Darren N


  1. Mertinho says:

    Good team full of youth, perfect club for him to prove himself. Interested to see if he can fix the problems currently haunting Monaco in Ligue 1.

    I think I speak for all Arsenal fans when I say that I wish him well and hope he succeeds in his new job, maybe one day he can take the helm at the Emirates but certainly there is a long way to go before he has proven himself worthy of the job.

  2. gotanidea says:

    Of course he chases both career and money

    I believe he can pull it off, as long as the club support him, unlike what they did to Jardim

  3. jon fox says:

    I am as certain as anyone can be that Henry has not taken this job for the money but for sheer ambition. No top manager ever gets there without real ambition and self belief. Henry has that in spades and is right to have it too. If Harrods want you as store manager ,why would you choose the corner shop instead to manage? You would not and nor has he.

    1. snowden says:

      In his first four seasons Arsene Wenger came first or second. The next season his team got off to a slow start and he was sacked!

      Thierry be ware! If you do decided to go! Just down the coast is Nice where one Viera is chef.

      1. Admin says:

        Do you mean Jardim?

      2. snowden says:

        I edit my comment as my point is not clear.
        In his first four years at Monaco Arsene’s Monaco either came first or second. In the next season he got off to a poor start and was sacked.

    2. Kenny Rolfe says:

      I agree with Jon Fox, Henry has not taken this job for money. Monaco is the perfect place for him to start his managerial career. He knows the club, being an ex player. One of the most wonderful places in the World to live plus he could follow in Arsene Wenger’s footsteps as a future Arsenal manager. Apart from being number two to Unai Emery, which I would have loved to see, it’s the best place for him to go. I really do wish him well and hope this true Arsenal legend is successful . Good luck Thiery.

      1. Sue says:

        ? nice one Kenny

        1. Kenny Rolfe says:

          Nice one to you too Sue, Always ready with a nice compliment if called for.

  4. Cheadle says:

    Certainly the Villa job appears more volatile despite the new money they have come to..its a mighty dogfight to get promoted. Even if he were to get them back into the top flight it would be a losing battle from there…. Right now the epl is top heavy.
    At Monaco he just needs to get the club back to winning ways ..no promotion struggle etc. Yes I do agree that he gets the boot for poor results either way but You have to start somewhere . We all wish him success

  5. ks-gunner says:

    Hands down, even the second division in england is strong, due of teams being almost close when it comes to quality. Monaco? Well 3 place is always possible for every team there.

  6. Robin Vanpayslip - this is your tape..... says:

    It is very interesting if he were to. I think that in today’s time it takes some heart to do this. Money can’t be a factor because he was on Sky’s payroll but decided to pursue this instead.

    It is the same with Lampard, Gerrard and co. At least we get a change from the drudgery that is the exchange of Pardew, Pulis, Allardyce et al between the same few clubs.

  7. ozziegunner says:

    It is intetesting that Jardim was one of the managers many on this site wanted to replace Arsene Wenger at Arsenal. I believe Arsenal made the right decision in engaging Unai Emery.
    In defense of Jardim it is very difficult to build a winning side, when your best and most promising players are sold each transfer window.
    Wishing Thierry Henri all the best, because Monaco is not an easy gig for a manager.

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