Was Wenger telling fibs about crocked Arsenal star?

Arsenal have been hit yet another bit of bad news on the injury front this week, with a report in The Mirror revealing that our England international striker Danny Welbeck will not be back in action as soon as we thought.

In fact it could be as late as February according to the report and as well as being a blow to our chances of major trophy success this season, it raises a few interesting questions, such as what does this mean about the Arsenal medical team?

Welbeck picked up this injury in April and since then it has been a long string of revised dates for his return. From being out for a couple of weeks to the end of the season and then into the new campaign. Then we did not find out that he needed to have surgery until the summer transfer window was closed.

That prompted some people to ask whether Arsene Wenger had lied to the press and the Arsenal fans about the extent of his injury to avoid the extra pressure of having to sign another striker. This latest news raises this issue again but also whether Wenger was entirely honest back then.

Remember the Arsenal boss disagreeing with the England manager Roy Hodgson’s claim that Welbeck would be out until March? Wenger said then it would be more like christmas, so was he spinning us all a line? And if so, why?

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  1. Lol is anyone surprised certaintly not me, my prediction for him jack and rosicky was always March or April even were Arsenal we don’t do short term lol

    I’m 95% certain we won’t see coq or santi till probly April time aswell, but as always were gna get the “so n so is due back he will be a new signing bull**** from wenger come january.

  2. I have always said trying to understand and figure out “le professor” is like trying to solve an algebra problem!

  3. lol…why are the likes of Wilshere and Rosicky still on the payroll? They hardly ever contribute enough to have an impact on the team except to drain club resources and block potential transfers with their free-changing injury return dates. I sure hope Welbeck won’t end up like them. i mean 1 diaby out and 3 more back in?

  4. I think Rosicky, Arteta and Flamini may leave in the summer
    I will be sad about Rosicky because he is still an excellent player at his age, im a big fan of his

    Its possible Debuchy could leave in January with Jenkinson coming back

  5. Why is Wenger full of bull??
    To be honest, As long as we keep winning, I don’t really care ?… He can tell as many porkies as he likes ?

    But when the ? hits the fan’s. .. I will bash him ??

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