Was yesterday’s FA Cup win Arsene Wenger’s best ever?

Arsenal have yet again become the team with the most FA Cup wins ever, and Arsene Wenger achieved an incredible 7th winners medal in this historic competition. The Boss admitted that he thought that this was a very special moment for him, having won more FA Cups than any other manager. “I am very proud because nobody has done it. It’s not easy.” Wenger said.

“I’m especially proud of the way we won this time because we had to play against Manchester City in the semi-final here and then Chelsea here. You cannot get tougher. We had two outstanding performances so this cup was won with special spirit and special attitude.”

“I try to serve this club with the same commitment and quality. The only thing I can say is that this season we’ve had some difficult moments. I’ve spent every moment of my season with full commitment and have refused to give up. That’s why maybe I’m more proud than usual today because the team and myself have refused to give up. When you can finish the job in a positive way, that’s [good].

“Nobody gave us a chance. We have responded with attitude and class, and we have seen that today.”

One of the reasons Chelsea were hot favourites to win was because Laurent Kosciely and Gabriel were unavailable and our defence was decimated. But Wenger brought back Per Mertesacker who was starting his very first game of the whole season, but he still played like a rock. Wenger praised him highly after the game. “Per Mertesacker is, for me, a fantastic example for any young professional footballer,” Le Prof said.

“What he did today is just a consequence of an unbelievable attitude, even though he was not selected until the Everton game.

“He played his first game and when he was not selected, he worked even harder. That’s why I would pay a special tribute to him tonight.”

Not just Wenger, but the Gunners legend Martin Keown went even further, saying that the final should be named after the BFG. “They should name this after Per Mertesacker,” said Keown. “This should be called The Mertesacker Final, because I can’t believe the performance he put in.

“The pressure he must have been under. He’s been out, he’s played one game this season and it’s the biggest game of the season. To perform as he did, the three seemed to suit him actually.

“We’ve not seen him in a three really because he’s been almost last in line. He was magnificent, as all the players were.

“Perhaps it was Arsène Wenger’s finest hour.”

It was certainly an historic victory, but was it Wenger’s best FA Cup win ever?



  1. mike says:

    I dont care we’re 5th, but 3 fa in 4 season is something. And per was super, so were the rest of the players. Am liking this new ramka partnership.

    1. gotanidea says:

      Thanks to the new system, Arsenal has become more solid in defense and midfield area. Now I would like to see two or more new world class (and hungry for achievements, not just gold diggers) players coming to Arsenal for the next season.

  2. Vanpayslip wants Wenger to stay says:

    For me the FA cup is special. 3 in 4 years is excellent and I think he should stay. I think he has a fair shot at the Europa League and FA cup next year and he can definitely bring at least one more trophy in his next contract.

    Don’t care about top 4. Only being first matters. Being 2, 3 or 4 will be forgotten so yesterday was special and history.

  3. Ddog says:

    Poeple won’t like this BUT: I have hope for next season, I haven’t felt that in a long time, whether it’s justified or not is a different matter but Arsene has managed to alteast conjure up the hope in me again and I applaud him for that. For fans football is a game of emotions, and I’m feeling good.

    1. Vanpayslip is the truest/name a troll I ain't influenced says:

      Spot on.

      I don’t think we are anywhere near where we should be but yesterday was big and he has managed to beat City and Chelsea to get the trophy. That is a massive move forward and I think its only right he carries on now and we should all pull together

    2. RAA1395 says:

      As I said before, it all depends on what you expect from your Arsenal; if FA, Eurupa, top 4 in PL is what you are looking for, then yes our team with Wenger can definitely do this….and we don’t need to worry much about transfers because current team is good enough.
      But winning PL is highly unlikely…..because this requires a consistent performance for long periods……that was always our weakness.

  4. Red Dawn says:

    Completely irrelevant to the subject.
    One of the very few plus points of this season is the emergence of Rob Holding.
    What an exceptional player – cool and collected you would think he cost £50 million but £2.5 million is an amazing bargain. You have to take your hat off to the manager for that.
    The defence is an area that requires additions – I would look to build it around Holding…

    1. Vlad says:

      John Stones who?

  5. JPS_AFC1 says:

    Hate to admit it but it’s to late to get rid off him now. I’m one off the biggest W.O.B’S out there but unless the club has someone off quality lined up behind closed doors it’s to late to make a change now. We would be going into June with no manager. Make it a 1 year deal change the structure around Wenger and start talking to people straight away to line up a Allegri , Jardim, Tuchel, Sampiali or Enrique for 18/19. It’s the only way forward I hate to say but it is the right thing to do now.

  6. Goonerboy says:

    I enjoyed reading these comments and happy for the positivity, it even felt like a proper final, unlike playing against Hull city and you have some pundits, rival fans and our own fans saying we won because it was Hull city..

    Beating City and Chelsea to win it is a sweetner..hoping for a brighter future for the Arsenal

  7. beaveraldinho says:

    I have only been a passionate fan for 11 years, but that was probably the best game I have ever seen us play. The only other game I can think of that comes close was our home win against Barcelona. If we sign just one superstar striker and keep our other stars, this is reason enough for us to unite behind our team. My gut tells me we will go all out for Mbappe, promising him a starting role. If we were to sign Mbappe and Kolasinac and keep the new formation, I would be excited. Any other signings would just be icing on the cake.

    1. DarkPope says:

      unlikely when they just lost silva and will lose mendy to city..plus arsenal will not pay for mbappe


  9. ArseOverTit says:

    Great result, and a game well played. Arsene is now in the record books and Kudos to him for achieving this.

    It does not change my personal opinion of wanting a new manager with fresh ideas to come in. We show that ‘on our day’ regardless of who plays we can be a match for anybody but we still have major deficiencies when it comes to going strong over a season or in Europe. This for me is a motivational and tactical issue and will not change because of a cup run.

    To bring the positive spin back, the guys man for man were brilliant!

    13 FA Cups – unlucky for some!


  11. Simon says:

    Saw the signs for this in the Everton match-

    That was s great win with 10 men. Showed determination on a level we not seen much of this season.

    Yes – like every fan like to see some quality new players. But MORE essential is to build character, determination and fighting spirit-

    We’ve grown that, either despite or because of all the media / fan criticism. I don’t care which – but if we played with that determination and focus every game – we would win the league.

    In reality perhaps impossibly to keep that level up in every game – but that has to be the goal


  12. AY75 says:

    I was really glad about the cup win, as I wasn’t sure which arsenal would show up. But, I still think this is a perfect opportunity for wenger to step down. I mean, I don’t think what we want over the course of a season is series of heartbreaking performances interspersed with great ones. Even if we don’t eventually win the title, we have to be able to maintain a great level of performance over the course of a season. At least that way we can say we truly put up a challenge, and with a few tweaks, we’ll do better. And it has been a long time ago, since we were able to do that under wenger. So, like I said earlier, I think it’s best for him to pass the baton now. Allegri??, Jardim??, Simeone??

  13. Tatek Girma says:

    What an outstanding performance and result. I hope We will keep this momentum and sprit for the coming year. Gooners forever.

  14. Eric says:

    That Fa final was a classic.It only came second to than Man untd 2-0 win v chelsea a month ago.Congratulations gooners

  15. kklin says:

    We need to take the positives out of every situation. First off, the fact we won’t be playing in the UCL next season may help focus more on the EPL & might even win it. Also these team might just win the Europa.

    1. lcebox says:

      Yes agree plus more youth get a chance which seems to be our best place to find a world class act for peanuts like wenger likes and its not like europa cup gets tough till march so its an extra League cup for the youth to get a run pout and if we get knocked out sure no worry.
      This should be our best chance to win the league this year as long as the right players come in and it doesnt matter who they are once they put 110% every chance they get cause Holding has and everyone praising him now for good reason and Iwobi who hasnt done to bad this year.

  16. Bryan Nsubuga says:

    What a classic game… one for the ages! I must say Chelsea were classy losers…great cup final! The one minute silence in memory of the victims of Machester city bombing set the tone.

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