Was yesterday’s win Nketiah’s best ever game for Arsenal?

Eddie Nketiah, clinical as ever.

Arsenal completely dominated Sheffield United on Sunday afternoon, walking away 5-0 winners and still undefeated this season in the Premier League, but one player really stepped up and put his best foot forward, putting three goals past the Sheffield United keeper and winning the game for Arsenal, Eddie Nketiah was a weapon on Sunday afternoon and showed Arsenal fans just what he’s capable of.

Gabriel Jesus picked up an injury against Sevilla that could see him missing for a matter of week/months and there were a few questions around who Arteta would look to fill his role as there are a few who can play CF, but Arteta chose to go with young striker Eddie Nketiah and boy, was his choice justified.

Nketiah started the match with a lot of energy, pressing the United players and making space for his midfielders to try get a pass into. It didn’t take long for Nketiah to put Arsenal in front, after a pinpoint pass from Declan Rice landed to Nkeitah who turned and put the ball into the back of the net. Putting Arsenal on the front foot and changed the dynamic of the game completely.

After the first goal went in the whole game changed and Nketiah looked to have found his confidence, push forward and Arsenal were keeping United in their own half and had a lot of the possession and not long after half time he managed to score another two goals, making it three altogether and scoring his very first Premier League hatrick.

The second and the third goals were both unstoppable rockets and Nketiah looked to be clinical as ever. The first goal starting from a set piece corner and whipped into the box, cleared by the keeper but landed to the feet of Nketiah who smashed the ball into the top right-hand corner of the net. The second was similar distance, after dropping his shoulder and taking a quick look up, Nketiah fired the ball from about 40 yards out and finished off his hatrick in style. The confidence oozing from him and an impressive brace from the young Englishman.

Saka was brought off 65th minutes and handed Nketiah the armband and on a night like that, I don’t think anybody else deserved it. Playing the full 90 minutes, he really showed the world what he’s capable of and for a young striker that confidence will be key to his success in the future.

It can’t be easy watching your teammate having to miss games due to injury, but Nketiah really stepped up and did a serious job for Arsenal. Practically winning the game on his own and will be incredible for his confidence going forward.

What’s your thoughts on Nketiah’s performance Gooners? Was this his best ever game for us?

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Watch all the goals here including Nketiah’s hat-trick

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  1. Great performance, super hat trick, but we have to remember it was Sheffield United at our place, not City, Liverpool, spurs (small s), Newcastle or Villa. Let’s not go over the top just yet.

  2. Yes. And I’m proud of Nketiah and his hat trick

    However, let’s not put too much into it because Sheffield did lose 8-0 to Newcastle and are dead last in the table

    Jesus is still my top CF but I’m glad we have Nketiah. He’s a good striker

    But let’s hope this boosts Nketiah’s confidence and we get great performances out of him

  3. Nketiah, plays well when he is starting and full of confidence, which showed by his long range third goal. Arteta should play him every game without rest while he is full of confidence and scoring goals. He should not be changed just because he feels he may need a rest, that would be a tinkering mistake. If he plays rubbish one week, then and only then rest him. Strikers go on a run of goals when their confidence is high and should never be rested unless they are injured or their form turns to crap. //Otherwise play him until he drops. He will not complain as long as he is scoring goals, I assure you all strikers are the same.

  4. Urgghhh!!! Can Man utd ever be of any use? they just got dismantled,destroyed and anihillated by City at their home ground, Some on here even tipped them to finish ahead of us this season. Such disrespect to what we’ve been building. Team full of leaders indeed.

  5. If anything, it should boost his confidence. Which in turn should help the team in the overall. Regardless of who we were playing. Let’s not take anything away from Sheffield U. Regardless of their table standing, had we not taken it to them as we did and slept on them, they would have taken it to us. Jus sayin…

    1. Is “Jus sayin……” some kind of trademark of your’s or what, i notice you end all your comments with it all the time and it cracks me up. i kinda find it funny lol.

  6. for me the winner against Man U, his second for the game, was the best

    of course a hat-trick (why does 3 goals = hat-trick come from?), especially the first 3 in a row, can not be ignored and is a superb match winning performance

    but we would have won it without it, a hat-trick against any of the big 6 would be a match winning moment of more significance

    nonetheless, and if nothing else, we can at least put behind us the nonsense of spending big money on a striker [Toney, really??] in January, bollocks, with Jesus/Nketiah/Trossard/Havertz we have plenty upfront and scoring more goals than Man C even after they thrashed Man U today, goal scoring is not a problem for Arsenal, and certainly not one to throw £80m at

    especially ‘flash in the pan’ and ‘on the back of an 8 month suspension’ Toney

    1. Not as convinced as you that we don’t need a striker.

      Jesus is an injury wreck, and so far the club can’t rely on him staying fit. He’s like Partey 2.0 with injuries; a stiff breeze or hard rain and He’s out injured again.

      Arteta doesn’t trust Trossard enough to consider him an option as striker. Aside from Jesus injury last year, how many times has Arteta used him as a 9?

      As for Nketiah, let’s not blindly buy the hype from a very poor Sheffield Utd. In nearly 7 years and over 140 appearances he has failed to convince.

      Perhaps we don’t need to spend 80 million or more on a striker, I would agree with you.

      But we do need someone more reliable than injury prone Jesus, and better quality than Nketiah.

      Lastly, I also agree with you about the need for a midfielder. Someone who could play as DM and B2B would be great. Havertz has yet to show anything, Jorginho and ElNeny not long term solutions, Partey unreliable and unfit, no one to cover for DM.

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