Watch Arsenal v AC Milan HERE RIGHT NOW – 1-0 up so far thanks to Odegaard

Well, not everyone can afford to pay for it, but you can watch Arsenal v AC Milan on this youtube if you don’t mind the non-English commentary!


    1. Surprised you wanted to see it jon ,regarding your views on the WC and Qatar ,you do realise where we just played don’t you .

      1. Dan, maybe some are lacking geography knowledge or are not updated on some Countries human rights issues or maybe they are just old and forgetful.

        Unfortunately, not everyone is able to make a decision such as this and sticking too it, maybe fickle comes to mind.

        Personally, I have no issue with any country as they can make their own choices as we do as individuals,provided they do not force their views or beliefs on other countries or people outside their borders.

  1. Although Brazil is my team and Argentina is a rival, I do not want Croatia to win.

    Having said that Croatia plays with the most superiority in midfield that have seen at world cup this far.

  2. This is the vision on Argentina vs Croatia. Argentina vs Croatia is going to be a match of very few goals. Croatia shouldn’t celebrate before the end of the match and allow it to go to extra time. This match is going to be won in extra time so Croatia should do what they can to win it since their best players are older. Livakovic will be do well for them today. The person doesn’t give the result but if I read meaning into this I believe it is 2-1 to Croatia in extra time.

    1. Bahahahaha I’m going to have a word with him. Ok it didn’t happen but tomorrow I’ll be here with France vs Morocco result. Mama Africa has made history but will they do it again?? France about to spoil the *****. Enjoy your night and sleep tight.

    2. Mate, stop all these divination crap from some chap who keeps giving you woeful predictions. Stop embarrassing yourself all the time like what you say is what will happen

      1. I don’t care about what you think so feel free and keep talking trash like you always do. As long as I do so respectfully do so I don’t care about what anyone says. In this life people will talk trash to anyone so I’m not bothered by what you think.

    1. Are you saying our 4th spot hanging by a thread?

      If so, nah help is on the way,But Eddie will be put to the sword on Boxing day, but am expecting to resume winning ways in the office.

  3. I am concerned about our ability to push on when play resumes, I just don’t have the faith in Nkethia.

  4. Glad Croatia are out. They played like a bunch of robots using their physical advantage. Deep respect to Modrc and the young Croatian defender wearing the batman mask. He is better than Saliba and makes our Gabriel look like Mustafi.

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