Video – Watch Cameroon’s amazing comeback from 3-0 down to get 3rd at AFCON

Cameroon were the hosts for this year’s AFCON and looked like going all the way until they were agonizingly beaten by Mo Elneny’s Egypt on penalties in the semi final, but they certainly made up for that in the play-off for Third Place.

They came up against a surprisingly good Burkino Faso and somehow managed to be 3-0 down after just 5 minutes of the second half.

Watch the highlights here to see what happened next…


  1. African football seems to be full of mistakes which makes it quite entertaining. Those Goal Keepers are not the best to be fair. Can’t get over how miniscule the crowds are in a supposedly football mad continent.

    1. How many of the games did you watch to arrive at the conclusion, that it’s full of mistakes,

      African soccer games lack goals a lot, you just fortunate to have experienced this match,

      If you want a large crowd at the stadiums 🏟, that would be Nigeria 🇳🇬.

  2. I dont know why dis article is ere.

    Am not seeing ivory coast or egypt, this teams have Arsenal players.

    Not even the wonderful goals pepe scored.

    But i can watch cameroun vs burkina faso


  3. African football is weak….when I was young African style of play was all about dribbling..and some players over did it…everyone in the team dribbled…not anymore…and as kids we all wanted to be good in dribbling……my favorite was dancing shoes…I should love watching him….!

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