“Watch him shine.” Kevin Campbell heaps praise on Arsenal man

Kevin Campbell says some fans who don’t seem to see the work that he does behind the scene underrate Martin Odegaard.

The Norwegian midfielder has been one of Arsenal’s best contributors in this campaign as they seek to break back into the top four.

Mikel Arteta’s side remains in the running for the fourth spot on the league table and can finish the campaign there if they maintain their upward trajectory.

Odegaard has been a very positive influence on how the team plays and the Norwegian midfielder has single-handedly caused problems for opponents in many games.

However, because he doesn’t score often, it is hard to see his work, but Campbell claims when he gets a great striker in front of him, we will appreciate what he does on the pitch more.

He tells Football Insider: “He is an absolutely exceptional player. He is so, so talented.

“A lot of fans do not value him enough. Most of the time he doesn’t get the recognition he deserves.

“But he has an economy to his play and a wand of a left foot. He lends the ball, gives it and gets it back. He makes the team tick.

“When he gets a striker of note next to him, watch him shine. He is going to be incredible.”

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Odegaard has been a very positive influence on our team and the decision to sign him by Arteta has now proven inspirational.

The club is heading towards becoming great again, and the Norwegian’s effort has contributed to that.

When we add better players to the group in the summer, we expect to keep doing well.

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  1. Kevin Campbell is like all pundits and the ‘super’ computer. When a team is getting good results the manager and the players are geniuses. But when the team has a run of bad results like in January the Manager and all the players are useless. I picked Arsenal to get 5/6 in the summer and have never wavered.

  2. 7/10 for Odegaard. He is becoming more influential and has the capability to do more. He is still too hesitant for my liking around the penalty box- I want him to shoot more often when in a good position. He still instinctively looks to offload when he should be taking charge. And he needs to practise with his right foot!

        1. There’s nothing mysterious about it,according to gabriel it was an issue btw he and the coaching staff which is very unruly and unproffessional we are in a rebuild with so many youngsters in the squad looking up to him so he should have led with example as the captain and one of the senior players.

          1. unlike the seemingly untouchable Xhaka, who clearly stated that the manager has never even spoken to him about his oft-times rash and irresponsible antics on the pitch

              1. that by no means justifies that fact that, according to Xhaka himself, no one in management has ever uttered a word to him directly about his actions, whether that was him flipping the bird, taking sh** cards for men’s industrial League fouls or otherwise…nice try though Hair Dryer

                1. Why should they, as those things aren’t breaking the club rules, but you know that… or maybe you don’t 🙄

                  1. The fact that it’s the truth has obviously touched a nerve with you. Never mind treacle.

                  2. sorry you’re so small, I can barely hear you…please speak up so that I can properly engage in your petty and senseless argument that somehow appears to suggest that no player has ever faced disciplinary action and/or managerial corrective measures unless they broke clearly defined club rules

  3. Xhaka is a true professional and a warrior. Those are high qualities that are appreciated by those whose day job is to manage a football team.
    He is also his own man that can stand against the wind.

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