Watch: Second-placed Arsenal Player of the Season Martin Odegaard’s best bits

Martin Odegaard has been named as coming second in the Arsenal Player of the Season voting for the 2021-22 campaign.

It was announced yesterday that Aaron Ramsdale picked up the third-most votes, and today the Norway international captain has been revealed as one of the two to have been favoured by the fans for the annual award.

While I expected the goalkeeper to be second, I fully understand exactly why Odegaard has been such a hit with the fans after an amazing campaign, and he could well be crowned as our captain ahead of the new season also after wearing the armband for much of the final matches of the most recent term.

Check out some of his best bits below.

Odegaard is fully deserving of the praise he will take from this award, and he certainly has much more to come for our famous red & white.

How many other clubs will be able to boast that their best players are all young with so much more to offer in the coming years?


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  1. To think some people(on here of course) never rate or think anything great will be of this young,talented and full of potential player is terribly depressing considering the fact that he will only get better with time.just ran out of ideas how to make these ‘old sons’ see things clearly.Mental performance (future skipper) by the way.

    1. According to JA Odegaard merited no more than a 6 for the season; accompanied by a rather disparaging comment. It is instructive to note that this perspective seems to be shared mostly amongst those who rarely find anything positive to say about the team.

      1. According to one fan’s opinion David! Not JA
        get it right before talking nonsense as per usual .
        You must be the only fan on here that turns his posts into an Arteta all out defensive comment ,as shown once again in your silly post above .

        Mind you your another that likes to blame Wenger for everything while given credit to Arteta ,makes me wonder what kind of agenda you have .

  2. there seems to be “some” people that can’t handle a nuanced conversation about players without feeling like anyone who’s giving an honest commentary, warts and all, doesn’t rate a particular player whatsoever…maybe this has something to do with the new world order, where everyone has to be coddled and any negativity must be carefully massaged so that our resident snowflakes don’t get triggered

  3. Well, for some one goal and two assists is greater than 7 goals and 5 assists with no parity in salary. Honesty is accepting that they made a mistake
    and cheered the wrong mate, the wrong manager and still keep doing so. And worse, spewing venom on hardworking, sincere, dedicated persons in the club rather than appreciating their vision and mission. Once we get a proper forward, watch Ode’s stats rocket the sky. Pity the lad had to make do a useless Lacazette and an uninterested Auba in front of him and yet he managed these stats.

    1. It’s not just the forwards that are missing to help ode out it’s also the atrocious CM behind him

  4. Shouldn’t even be in the first 11 let alone a top 3 Player of the season award .
    Maybe fans like the little neat flicks and running around like a headless chicken while forgetting his many shortcomings.
    My opinion OFC

    Mind you it must have been slim pickings for whoever voted ,I would imagine the winner will be saka and again he won’t be deserving of it either but some fans see different from
    other fans .

    1. Im wondering…. Are you even an arsenal fan?
      Not a fan of Ødegård. (who like it or not have shouldered a huge portion of the creativity transition from midfield to attack ) Who run like a durazel bunny in press, direct his team mates in same press etc. And you are not fan of saka either who time and time again ( numbers and stats ) have been the benefactor of this creativity and passes from Ødegård and converted the chanses to goals…… What kind of player would you deem deserving then of the current team if not one of them? Tomi ? Xhaka ? Partey? who ? .

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