Watch: Arsenal suffer another controversial decision by the officials

Arsenal can feel hard done-by after they were not only denied a goal, but denied the penalty after Brentford blocked Cedric Soares’s strike with his arm.

We went into the break level at 0-0, but frustrated after Alexandre Lacazette had a goal ruled out for offside, while being denied a penalty late into the half.

It was a fine move by our side in the build-up, but as the ball falls to Cedric on the edge of the box, the Bees star blocks the ball with his arm.

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Am I alone in believing this was certainly a penalty? Surely we are being punished for something at this point?


WATCH Arteta’s FULL press conference after Brentford win..

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  1. So we have to support even more the team and the manager and stop moaning.Vital win today with good performance.

    Come On You Gunners

    1. Yes I think we should of had a penalty as the ball was heading straight for the goal and his arm clearly deflected it.
      But i would love to see the Var on Lacca goal and I wonder why they never showed it because I am convinced he was onside.

      1. I was curious about that too I didn’t think he was off by the stripes on the grass. Like you said no replay like the 96 min Brentford goal???

        1. That is what I don’t like about this VAR . Those in charge give you what they want and not what we are expecting from them.

  2. I am convinced the stupid VAR official is against Arsenal. For Brentford goal, a few of players were already offside when the free kick was taken. Stupid useless VAR.

    1. You need to understand the offside rule and phases of play, its silly but because he wasnt interfering and he wasnt offside in the first phase he put it in so he wasnt offside. VAR was correct.

  3. It was a penalty and Arsenal were denied. Poor officiating from the officials, as the ongoing tread when Arsenal is involved.

  4. VAR, apart from being an abomination that should NEVER have been inflicted on our game in the first place , is now so utterly incompetent that even those who still believe in it are surely having doubts about their belief being correct.

    I am against it for many reasons, but by FAR the MAIN one being that REFS should be supported by those who run the game, NOT undermined and spectacularly so in full view of countless millions watching worldwide on TV.

    The abhorrent cheating that so many players routinely indulge in (including some of our own) , spoils the game and the way to eradicate cheating is for refs to be FULLY SUPPORTED in handing out DRACONIAN PUNISHMENTS for all cheating , supported after the game, by the FA, Prem League and also FIFA.

    A mandatory red card and subsequent six Prem game ban for diving, instead of a ludicrous and useless yellow card that isjust laughed at, is just a start.

    BUT THE OPPOSITE HAPPENS , STUPIDLY AND DULL WITTEDLY. So the cheating continues and gets worse each passing year and though the solution is beyond obvious, there is not the simple will to do something about it.

    Instead, the idiots have introduced the bonkers idea of VAR, publicly before the world,thus marking the refs homework and massively undermining and disrespecting him. And in effect showing the world and players that it is “FINE” TO UNDERMINE AND ARGUE WITH THE REF. What a lot of halfwits!!

    In other sports the ref is respected and supported by those in charge of the game. Blatant cheats are almost non existent, at least not on the huge scale of football Sigh!

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