Watching Arsenal is like watching the same film every year

Every season we seem to say the same thing about Arsenal.

‘Every season we seem to say the same thing about Arsenal’ is one of the things every season we seem to say the same thing about Arsenal.

I predicted our net spend this summer would be 50-80 million and was called negative.

I pointed out how we had gone backwards since Mr Wenger left and was accused of having an agenda.

I felt we would lose at Brentford and had my loyalty questioned.

In reality it’s like watching the same movie or reading the same book …. you know the ending so why would you expect anything to change?

One of the topics that arises every 12 months is how the Gunners seem under prepared for the new campaign.

The idea to have the transfer window closed before a ball was kicked was short lived.

That concept was put together to avoid the scenario facing Spurs. Harry Kane could be asked to play against a team who in days might be his new employers.

The majority of clubs voted for deadline day to be at the start of September meaning clubs start the season still not sure what their squads will be long term.

Just because there is another two weeks to purchase players though doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try and do your business as quick as possible.

At the end of the day that is Edu’s job.

He gets paid a lot of money to identify talent and bring them to North London.

Since January our recruitment department team knew there was a high chance we wouldn’t be in Europe.

That’s a long time to put a shortlist together.

That’s not a request, that’s his job.

Yet, as we went to Brentford short of numbers,our director of Football was on holiday skiing.

Forget his contribution to the Invincibles, how can he be on vacation at a time he should be at his busiest?

Surely save your annual leave till the window is shut.

The same week Grealish joined City, Lukaku joined Chelsea and Varane went to United, we were relying on our youngsters in an intimidating atmosphere, while those in power were not even in the same country.

While Arteta wasn’t to know his two senior strikers would both become ill on Friday, he knew from last season that Auba’s and Laca’s powers were fading.

Our failure to bring in competition up front means we had to start a rookie up front.

Some Gooners have praised Balogun despite never watching him play, simply reading his stats for the Under 23s.

In the senior team he looked like a deer in the headlights, touching the ball less than any other Arsenal player.

We had evidence since all last season that we lack goals and creativity from midfield yet as things stand we are putting all the pressure on Smith Rowe to be our source of creativity.

Calum Chambers was our makeshift right back – I assume because the plan is to get Bellerin off the wage bill.

Yet you contradict that by bringing on Reiss Nelson, who the manager has long given up on.

In a squad lacking experience you leave out Willian due to not being in your long-term plans, yet Maitland Niles is sat on the bench.

Leno made yet another mistake that led to goal but has zero competition.

All of the above could be corrected by the end of the month.

By then though we could be sitting on three defeats already with a big gap between us and the top 4.

That lack of urgency in the past has cost us a place in the Champions League.

Equally we might wait till January and be told we can only afford to loan players

Our worse League position in quarter of a century should have ensured a recruitment drive.

Yet compare how Chelsea and Man United’s owners have reacted to being behind Man City compared to us.

Which owners seem to care the most?

Then there’s the tactics.

Brentford’s players all knew their individual jobs because their manager put together a system which suited all of them.

Our centre backs seemed unaware that Toney would target them in the air.

They seemed shocked that Brentford would focus on set pieces.

To not work on that is either incompetence or naivety.

We did wear our third kit (another chance to make money) but couldn’t even be organised with that, red socks clashing with a blue shirt.

That could be a metaphor for where the club is at…

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  1. Alanball08 says:

    Good morning all
    Season has kicked off and I have the weekend blues.
    Can’t disagree with anything you have written
    Was fearful when we had Brentford as the opening game
    New team on the block and will give it 200% if there such a thing
    My consolation is that this was the first game and at least were not bottom
    I had high hopes of being top 4 by January so I live in hope but the next games I can’t see us getting any change from so its a bit gloomy
    I honestly don’t see why we haven’t closed off certain positions by now
    . Recruitment is poor
    Players need to moved on and very quickly but unfortunately there wages and playing form will limit who takes them on unless it is a loan with an option to buy.
    Well keep smiling the season is young and we will have many more weekends like this
    Upwards and onwards

    1. Logic says:

      What is wrong with some people we have played our first match and people are being so negative? Atleast they should wait for when we are in championship then they should judge the management 😂😂.

      1. towny 254 says:

        Logic your right and as for watching the same film YES the great escape we hope do

  2. Dalitso says:

    I agree with you on all but I think Wenger started this mess for us by selling players with the pretense of paying the loan for the stadium and making us be content with the top four finish to as good as winning the league, and that we were making profits ( to which no supporter was given a piece of those profits).

    Arsenal now is about making money for the owner, they have completely forgotten that football is about winning or trophies

    Stan needs to sell the club to someone who has the passion for the club.

    Arteta and Edu have no clue on what they are doing, total clueless and needs to go

    1. Ozziegunner says:

      Speaking for myself, football is not about winning trophies, because if that was the case there are a lot of clubs wasting their supporter’s time. What the supporters want to see during a season, is their team and it’s players giving 100% for their club, the manager, its shirt and badge. That’s all anyone can expect given the disparity in resources between the rich and richer and so much competition for the small number of trophies on offer.
      From the manager I expect that he is able to devise tactics, a system of play and coach the players to optimise their and the teams performances.

  3. ArsenalWhy says:

    Great article. Couldn’t have said it any better. Our manager’s tactics don’t seem to make any sense. So much suffering so much pain for Arsenal fans worldwide. I’m tired of the other fans mocking us. Groundhog Day every season.

    1. Franco says:

      Send Arteta out of Arsenal

  4. fairfan says:

    Arsenal became complacent during Arsene’s last 3 seasons and now Liverpool Spurs Liecester Westham Everton Leeds have made the previous top four a top ten.
    Emery did brilliantly first season but the club got greedy and sacked him for not making top 4 after just one full season.
    Now the club has realised to clear the decks and restock the shelves takes time especially in a weak market.
    So unlike Emery 8th placed two times running Arteta has been afforded more time.
    These are painful lessons the club is learning but they have seen the light at last.
    This cear out should have been done a decade ago but better late than never.
    The club is on the right track and 5th/6th is well within our reach and top four is not impossible.

    1. John Ibrahim says:

      other clubs have improved due to the tv rights which is worth at least 15 billion

      they are given a good share of the money where they can invest on players, recruitment, coaching, facilities and more

      this had been said in the media a few years back….with tv money, the gap will be closer between the big 6 and the rest of the clubs

  5. Dan kit says:

    I have a saying in life “you buy cheap you buy twice “
    Which more often than not bears fruit .
    A saying that could be used for our club the last 5-10 years and our manager as of right now .

    1. DaJuhi says:

      @Dan kit,

      We have a saying:

      “With 1$ you’ll get 1$ item”, meaning if you buy a cheap player, you’ll have a player who plays like a cheap player. Therefore how can we expect anything out of ie. Pablo Mari?

      1. Loose Cannon says:

        What about Ozil, Laca, Pepe, Mustafi, Xhaka and 20M for Leno not worth 2M. Leno gets a free ticket every season, Runar had 1 game to be dumped for good! Put Arthur in the goal next game, would not do more worse than Leno.what about 50M Ben White? Another garbage performance. ESR Saka cost us nothing, Sambi was better than Xhaka. What about Chambers, 16M then we paid for a novice.

    2. AndersS says:

      We probably spent more than 10 times as much on our squash than Brentford did on Theis. Yet they beat us comprehensively.
      Do you think we would have won with a squad 20 times more expensive, ør could it be another problem?

      1. AndersS says:

        Sorry about the auto spelling…

    3. John Ibrahim says:

      players come cheap before they become famous…..

      the same goes to all the world class players……they do not cost 150m at start

      its about signing the right players not spending big

      Lille won the ligue 1, so does that mean PSG players are bad?

      1. Ozziegunner says:

        👍 And a scouting network to find them, contract negotiators to sign them and a manager to coach the best out of them to build a team and optimise their performances, both as individuals and as a team.

  6. Robert says:

    Arsenal needs three main positions, a keep like Lehman who commands and organised his defenders, A right back who is brilliant and hard-working, and a brilliant holding mid fielder.

    1. Sean Williams says:

      Insane Manager. William Saliba binned and £50 million spent on the shorter less athletic Ben White. We have Xhaka and Elneny and binned Guendouzi and Torreira. All because the arrogant one Arteta does not want a hint of anybody standing up to him. Now we will get four more years of Xhaka, and be paying Willian to give him money for nothing. Arteta is a damaged human being and doing damage to our once great club. The owner is as bad and will not even sack Arteta the cause of our problems. Antonio Conte and Eddie Howe are available. Both have a brave style of football that is not overtaken by fear.

      1. Davi says:

        I don’t doubt Conte would fix us up, but given there’s no time left in the window, he could only do so much this season. He’d saves us from complete disaster, but I don’t think he’d find it an attractive proposal.

        1. Sean Williams says:

          I agree, but we should change it now to give the new manager a chance. Has Kroenke got balls or does he keep his rotting status-quo

      2. Loose Cannon says:

        Do you think these big egos would listen to Eddie Howe? Why ruin his life ? They cared a damn for Wenger, Unai, Freddie and now Mikel

        1. Davi says:

          Big ideas like offering Xhaka a new contract is why. We keep doing the same things over and over, expecting different results…

          1. Davi says:

            …is why the players have big egos and don’t listen*

        2. Ozziegunner says:

          Sean and LC, Eddie Howe found the task of resurrecting Glasgow Celtic too daunting to take on; let alone Arsenal!

      3. Sean says:

        Eddie Howe would do a job and play with freedom.

        Agree with Matteo & Torreira and still having Elneny & Xhaka. Saliba & White is a massive blunder, £50m well spent when holding is probably the better CB anyway. Dino wouldve been better than Mari who looks lost at Arsenal and injured alot of the time.

        Arteta needs to be sacked then someone needs to come and take this club off of Stab Kronke…

        This is only going to get worse and a Top10 finish looks the best possible outcome this season by the looks of it.

        1. Ozziegunner says:

          Sean, see my comment above.

    2. Davi says:

      The biggest thing we’re missing is a forward who can score consistently. Auba’s goals were the last thing that kept us hanging on as a “top” side, now those he’s dried up, we’re seeing the ugly truth.

  7. RW1 says:

    Good summary .. Man utd transformed by Fernandez … idiotic fan base thinks smith Rowe can do the same for us … we need creativity in that position or we languish in bottom half of table for foreseeable future …

  8. Brad says:

    Worst run club in the Prem.
    Probably the whole league.
    We have turned into a laughing stock.
    Embarrassing to be an Arsenal fan these days.
    And the outlook doesn’t look any better.

    1. Franco says:

      Embarrassed fan too.

  9. gotanidea says:

    Four moaning articles in two days, so it must be a new record on JA. Well done

    Why don’t we make some constructive comments instead? Spreading negativity could drag our players’ spirit down, which would eventually make us lose the next two EPL games

    You guys could’ve posted your solution here, aside from sacking Arteta now. We all know he’d likely not survive if he loses against Chelsea and Man City, so we don’t need to waste our breaths

    1. DaJuhi says:

      Always someone elses fault huh?

      > Not Artetas team
      > Give him a full season
      > Give him until Christmas
      > No money available (+100m spent on duds)
      > Fans negativity the reason for losing
      > MA doesnt have a tall, strong target man with inverted left-footed CAM mezzala man behind a double pivot pressing system

      1. gotanidea says:

        Arteta deserves the blame, but a prolonged blame game won’t resolve anything and will only make us lose against Chelsea

        His days are numbered, but we’ve still got two EPL games to fix this situation

        1. Wale says:

          @ GOT and you think without our moaning and complain, we will beat Chelsea and city? I don’t think so, I will say it anywhere that the squad is not as bad as we see it but the coach is the main problem we are like this, I have been supporting Arteta since last season until he played 9 games with the same team and didn’t win anything until injuries arises and was forced to use Smith Rowe and Martinelli against Chelsea, after that he dropped Martinelli and started using his guys again……
          In ueropa, he decided not to use any striker against Villarreal and in the second leg, he substituted only striker who had attempt against Villarreal when we needed at least a lone goal to qualify, a good manager or coach would rather remove a defender or midfielder and bring in more striker to pressurised the opponent but our so called coach did the opposite……
          Then this season, 99% of the world believe that Arsenal need AM but our coach and his caccus think others and bring in 50m, 16th position Brighton defender and till now we are still suffering from the problems…..

          1. Nifty says:

            That is when I also gave up on him

    2. Dan kit says:

      Mate the solution is sacking Arteta ! No two ways about it
      That’s the point ,when you have a club being run into the ground fans have every right to moan .

      1. gotanidea says:

        No worries, I’m sure Arsenal have been contacting some managers

    3. Davi says:

      What solutions do you see? Signings, sure, but many aren’t sold on the players we’ve been linked to, and almost anything outside that group of links will seem like panic buys.
      I was behind Arteta at the end of the season because I thought he understood that we needed to make massive changes this summer, Xhaka had to go, Bellerin had to go and even less talked about players like elneny needed to go and all replaced. We needed a complete overhaul but it’s been nothing like that. We put a lot of energy into the white signing, which doesn’t look promising at this point, rather than focusing on the areas that needed the most attention. It’s not looking good, we look light in terms of quality or experience in every area except CB, where we’ve signed a starting defender who looks defensively weak. Can’t see anything other than another write-off season at this point, and I’m just hoping it isn’t even worse than that.

      1. gotanidea says:

        It’s almost impossible to integrate a new CF within five days, so we need to work with our senior CFs. Martinelli and Balogun are just too inexperienced to start as CF, as seen in their performances there

        Chelsea would most likely play with 3-4-2-1, so we can outnumber their midfielders with a two CB formation. But Lacazette must start as a CF, because he worked better with our midfielders than Aubameyang

        Havertz or Lukaku would likely be dominant against White in aerial duels, so we’d better play White as a DM and make Holding start in the right CB position. Martinelli and Saka should also start ahead of Pepe

        1. Davi says:

          Appreciate your calm response to my alarmed post. I think your ideas are sensible, but Laca playing will depend on his availability – I’m of the opinion that he would have made a big difference on Friday, but it’s not enough – and I just don’t see our 50m CB being moved to another position this early.
          Don’t really agree that playing a new CF so early would be the biggest problem, I just don’t see anyone available who is of that extra quality we need (RVP or the younger version of Auba)

        2. Sylva says:

          Arteta always seem to have another idea. He hardly yield to superior arguement or tactic. Fan are not always wrong we suppose to be the third eye for the manager.
          The team list and formation against Chelsea would determine if Arsel will win or lose. Simple.

      2. SueP says:

        Agree there Davi
        I do wonder who is the driving force behind the signing at times. . Is it Arteta or Edu or both? Anyway I thought like you, that an overhaul was coming and that looks less and less likely but the window is still open and I sense now I am clutching at straws to think that something amazing is on the cards 🙄

    4. Vinnie2000 says:

      Mr Gotanidea!
      You must be Living in some Wonderland!!
      Every football fans has FULL RIGHTS to ‘moan’ when his/her Team Underperforming Woefully!
      How can a TopClass EPL team lose to a new team who got promoted by Play-offs?😒
      Wont Man City, Man utd, Juventus, Bayern fans react like dis too?
      Imagine Rayo Vallecano dominating and beating Barca 2 0!
      Barca fans would Applaud, right?😏
      I really don’t know what kind of Fan you are..😒😕

      1. gotanidea says:

        Our final EPL position last season shows that our level is still below those top teams. We shouldn’t have lost against a newly promoted team, but their supporters made us nervous and this mentality must be fixed soon

        1. Sean says:

          And we spent 50m on White when it wasn’t our defence being the problem from the turn of the year.. creating and finishing was! Saliba was ready to go in the 1st team but we wanted to loan him out to an English club… god dammit play the boy & see what hes made of with this new Arsenal, we did pay £27m for him 2years ago.

          Lokonga looks decent as does Taveres but all defensive sort of players and not really any stronger than we were last season. Maybe worse off with Luiz gone, Partey Injured as per, Leno the Loose cannon, Willian the wonderer & the other 3 so called leaders Xhaka, Laca & Auba all want to go.

        2. Ozziegunner says:

          Gotanidea, this is what Arsenal has become; Brentford’s “supporters made us nervous”!
          The days when a club like Brentford would have been beaten before they walked on the pitch are now a long time ago. Another record to be soon broken; the longest drought between titles post Herbert Chapman.

    5. VasC says:

      I can vouch for one thing, @gotanidea, regarding JA.

      Unlike other blogs, if a comment from a visitor is worthy to be published as a separate article, JA’s admins will definitely look into that option. Just like Mourinho, they have a keen eye for talent. I’ve seen it happen already, during my very short association with JA.

      Why don’t you write something constructive, instead of moaning about moaners. I’ll personally make a request to the admin to publish your constructive comment as a new article.

      p.s: Are you reading this ADMIN PAT???

      1. Admin Pat says:

        I am!

        1. VasC says:

          Thanks, Admin Pat, for the swift unexpected response. 😉

      2. gotanidea says:

        My comments are mostly constructive, including the ones in this article

        1. VasC says:

          All we lack is a “proper constructive piece” from you, @gotanidea. The admin is on-board. And all the moaners will be excited to read a constructive article amidst the gloom and doom surrounding our club.

          Why don’t you compile all your “constructive” comments and post it as a reply to Admin Pat’s comment above? It’ll come out shortly as a new article in JA. Are you game for it???

    6. Sean Williams says:

      Sorry mate but you are genuinely deluded. You are in a dream state.

    7. Ozziegunner says:

      GAI, plenty of posters on JA have made constructive comments, yet why can’t the “powers that be” recognise what many of us can?

  10. Vinnie2000 says:

    Kind in your comments..
    But is Arteta, Edu and the board kind to us Fans?
    Uncaring, Selfish and Political Entities!😕
    *Trying to please certain players,e.g Xhaka,Laca,Auba,etc..
    *Rushing to give youngsters big responsibility e.g Saka7, Esr10
    And so many anomalies!
    The worse is some Fans who Feel we aren’t dat bad!😒
    Arsenal needs a Revamp seriously!

    1. Rashid80 says:

      New manager and a new director of football! We are losing our good players ffs!

  11. colin says:

    all true……the sad thing is i cant be bothered now to even watch,the football played is far far removed from what we used to play.I see better football played now by amateurs on my local park.sad days for any Arsenal fan.

  12. Sue says:

    My head is spinning from the decisions made by those ‘running’ our club!!

    Dan, excellent article, you’ve summed up the state we’re in very well!
    Every season it’s the same and every season the laughter from every other club and their fans is even louder!!

    And just so you know, I thought that kit was bloody horrible!!

  13. Palmer17 says:

    We spent 50m on white and yet for about 5m more we could’ve signed the players Leicester have and covered 3 positions we badly needed sorting.

    Also it was brought up before the game about Ben White winning aerial duels. He doesn’t have a good percentage of this. I don’t know why chambers didn’t see the ball out of play instead of trying to control it for the first goal and going forward he offers not a lot. If we are to keep Cedric they why not play him instead of playing players out of position.

    1. Davi says:

      I think chambers was trying to save the corner kick. It wasn’t a serious mistake on his part, bit panicky, but I swear the ball landed in a completely open midfield and after that CC could have done more to block the shot. I’m losing faith in Leno in general but though the shot was too powerful and difficult to see as it went through chambers, so didn’t see it as his mistake particularly, even at his near post

      1. Palmer17 says:

        He was yeah. But we are to play out from the back surely that takes calmness on the ball why not control it properly and pass it out. I don’t like Leno never have im sure we could find cheaper alternatives in the championship. We just are so badly organised and prepared it’s laughable

      2. VasC says:

        The best analysis of the first goal we conceded against Brentford from a neutral perspective. 👍 👏

  14. Reggie says:

    Arteta is sinking in his own ideas or lack of. Edu is a man like Arteta totally out of his depth. We have an owner that is totally uninterested in football. We have senior players that dont do it for Arteta and young players being sold or wasted through terrible management. We looked like a bunch of clowns against Brentford and i just wonder how long this continuing nightmare is going to go on. The squad we have has not been strengthened at month by month is actually being weakened by awful decisions. What on earth was xhaka doing with the armband, why was Mari and Leno falling out after 10 minutes of a new season. Why do we look like a club with zero ideas and zero ambition?

  15. Anthony smith says:

    I think you’re spot on here.
    We have a manager who is on ‘work experience’, so very little progress is to be expected.

  16. Nomad says:

    It’s the first game, transfer window still open and it’s time to go and blow everything up? Why do people go full chicken little after every loss? ‘ the sky is falling!’

    1. Palmer17 says:

      What has changed???

    2. PJ-SA says:

      If you think things are going wrong after only 1 game you’ve got your head in the clouds!

      Been over a year son.

  17. Henry says:

    Excellent article. We can talk all day about what we need but only solution is getting the kroenkes out. They have hired useless yes men Edu and Arteta who have destroyed the club. Arsenal is a way the kroenkes have invested their money without taking a loss and that’s the only reason they are here. They are parasitic money men who’s sporting entities are all mediocre also runs.

  18. Adajim says:

    I think we can all agree arsenal problems isn’t Wenger of UE or MA.
    We might be emotional at times putting pressure on the Manager but that wouldn’t solve the problem, I bet you in a year we will still be moaning about same thing, this kind of article have been on here since Wenger era and it’s still here that’s to tell us it’s beyond the managers.

    Am not saying they are totally blameless but the truth is , the problem doesn’t lie with them totally

    1. ArseOverTit says:

      Exactly .. don’t want to insult anyone on here but many just don’t look at the bigger picture.

      You have to Look at the root of the problem and not the branches or leaves!

  19. ArseOverTit says:

    Can’t argue with this article.

    I’d place more emphasis on the failure and decline to be on the AWOL and non caring owning though and not Edu. He like Arteta , Emery and Wenger were just bit part actors.

    If you say outright you’re not in the game to win stuff that declaration speaks volumes. It’s just another giro like passive income for a billionaire huntsman who doesn’t give a F about the sports or clubs that earn him money.

    Irony is that he will devalue his assets by his continued ownership of arsenal football club as the slide will continue.

    Said it long ago when Wenger was being the excuse mouth piece for Stan and the new stadium debt.

    If there was true ambition to be in pole position (starting from the top) the restricted self funding model would have been looked at, personal investment would have been made, the best coach available would have been sort out and persuaded to lead us (££££££), he would have brought a system of play, with quality transfer and likewise better quality staff would have been put in place..

    It’s all a knock on effect that starts from the top and their ‘true’ intent regardless of lip service from his mouthpiece Josh.

    So, undoubtedly other managers could have done worse with the players Arteta/Emery had at their disposal but a lot of others would have done better. Regardless it’s all a consequence of the top of the pyramid and the decisions made there.

    Winning isn’t in our DNA anymore. Chelsea as much as i resented their immediate cash injection and massive push forward in terms of success born from a Russian oligarch billionaire they have a model that works. The top of the tree doesn’t permit fools who do not perform since winning is All important to them. Success on the field will ultimately mean success of it.

    Football is a money game and is why Messi will earn more in a week than some small countries because he generates interest, inspired a winning mentality by lifting his teammates Nd sells a whole lot of merchandise.

    What’s the saying? Speculate to accumulate…

    We neither speculate enough nor have the owner who will DEMAND the very best because THEY want to be the very best.

    1. SueP says:

      Everything I wanted to say but couldn’t find the right approach to it

  20. Adeyemii says:

    There’s no way Arsenal fans will not mourn inasmuch the club is not giving fans what they want there will be mourning, the way we started the season is totally shameful and ridiculous of a big club like ours, why is it that all our decisions are going negative? decision about signing players, selling players, which player to stay or which player to go. We are not getting anything right, who are the decision makers? the board or the manager? or the owner? what is going on? something seems not right with this club and something must be done very quickly. our strikers are not scoring goals again, last season we have a relatively good defence but this season the defence is now poor upon the new signing of 50 million pounds, we depend on under 20 youth player as our creative midfielder Smith, this is wrong a top club like Arsenal need an experienced, world class attacking midfielder. something seems not right we need urgent correction. I will suggest that the managers should be sacked immediately, because he has shown that he is inexperienced, let us go for an experienced coach. I can see Arsenal problem is big it cannot be handled by an inexperienced football manager like Arteta.

  21. FingersFurnell says:

    Isn’t the article a bit contradictory Dan?, you say same old same old but then list specifics to the here and now to make it sound worse than previous

    I think I will agree with your first point, nothing new here, so I will stick with my thoughts that Arteta shouldn’t be sacked, Edu can have his holiday (as long as he promises to take his Mobile Telephone with him) and actually Kroenke shouldn’t have to sell the Club because of the fashion Faux Pas with the red socks

    The real worrying constant that remains is how easy it seems to be to wind some Arsenal fans up to hysteria so quickly

    Previously that has come from the media, Talksport in particular but from most sports media angles to be fair, plus of course from supporters of other teams, but in all instances that’s their role isn’t it, so fair enough

    Instead of standing up for the Club we support we not only agree, we appear to exaggerate it more for greater self harming affect

    I’m fairly new to Just Arsenal so hadn’t seen this level of extreme before, it just feels like Talksport but in this case it’s our own doing the baiting, nevertheless it’s hook, line and sinker time

    It’s so intoxicating on JA that I was on the verge of turning turtle on the Club I love but now that it has been pointed out that we have been through all this before I think I will stick with it, so thanks for that Dan

    1. David says:

      A few useful comments here. The difficulty is that there are many muppets on here who have a very narrow minded view and, of course, a platform.
      In the article longstanding issues have been clearly identified which should be the focus. This would include firm support of the manager and a drive to firm up recruitment as early as possible in the transfer period.
      Arteta’s comments since he has been here indicate quite clearly that he wants significant changes to the squad. This has clearly not happened so far.
      There are a number of reasons for this many of which are not within the control of the manager.
      However, it is quite clear that some of the fans on here do not like Arteta. The fact is that his approach has meant that the team is actually overall more resilient than was the case previously.
      Many of the commentators here are also not taking into account that the premier league is much stronger than it used to be. The teams coming up from the EFL are also better prepared. Brentford caused problems for all the premier league clubs they played last season. So going to play them with an understrength team was always going to be difficult. I am sure many fans have been making comments about Brentford without actually seeing them play before and understanding that on their day they pose a significant challenge.
      Arteta should be backed to put together a settled squad. It is only then we can properly assess his own performance.

  22. Marty says:

    I doubt if anyone will agree with this but I believe our transfer window should close before the premiership season starts. All business done during the close season and you start the season with a squad of players and finish with the same players. No January window, if you get injuries tough you use the players in your squad. It’s crazy that the management team should be worrying about transfers when they should be concentrating on getting the players prepared for the next game. It just seems daft that Kane can play against a team he might sign for the week after the game.

    1. FingersFurnell says:

      I agree with it Marty and I would add Managers to that, if you start a season with a Manager you should end it with the same one, sacking Managers has become far too easy

      1. GoalDan says:

        That’s a really interesting idea with sticking with managers
        Through a season, that would really focus club chairman’s decisions. If we could then make players accountable for there performances we may get 100% effort….

    2. Sue says:

      👍 Spot on, Marty

  23. Dboy says:

    I Think we should see what happens from now until deadline day concerning transfers. However I’m concerned with the signings we are making. As for the Manager I think our first 10 games is very crucial. I must say our defense is looking weaker without Luiz, but than again we can’t expect White to come in and do miracles immediately. It’s a new team with new style and tactics. So new players need time to adapt. Personally I think by end of November there has to be improvement. However to start panicking now is totally uncalled for. Let’s hope we can replace Auba, Laca, AMN, Bellerin, Torreira, Kolasinac.

  24. Abdul Razak Sesay says:

    Gotanidea’s comments are good and constructive and I support his comments. No need to shout or calling for the sacking of Arteta. By the end of September, every arsenal fan world see the fact.

    1. GunneRay says:

      We already see it though. How many time do we have to listen to MA spouting the usual, “we’re were not good enough”, “we created chances but didn’t score”, “we dominated possession but were unlucky”, or “we have to learn to defend better as a team”. It’s the same thing like groundhog day every time. I f he isn’t getting these players to achieve the basics by now, he never will! Every week that goes by is more time and money wasted!

  25. Ayan says:

    Arsenal is in shambles under Edu and Arteta management. Even the owners are clueless!

  26. John Shush says:

    I disagree, it’s not the same film! It used to be Home Alone (don’t mind watching that every year), now it’s the new version of the ghostbusters…

  27. Thebush says:

    It’s 10min into the Tottenham Vs. City game and I don’t know what but, City are playing some football. They are Quality and I’m afraid we should not even be in the same league. What are we missing? Well, everything, players and confidence are the main thing that stand out to me. But might both stem from a managerial issue!!!
    Just a thought while watching the game

  28. Jonno says:

    Couldn’t agree more with admin pat’s initial comment. Arsenal are in a right state. I’ve followed them since the 60’s, man and boy, when they were a mid table team but they did pull off some good wins along the way. These days I feel depressed watching the same old same old. You just know how the season is going to be from before Brentford. Arteta has a massive job and I now believe he doesn’t have the money nor the experience to get them out of this mess. You can buy Odegaard or the frenchman Aouar (??) but they won’t make any difference as they are too lightweight like the rest of the team. Even Tammy Abraham has cleared off to Rome on the Brentford showing and he was the sort of physical, skilful striker we needed, but they dragged their heels over him. Arsenal are a joke and we’ll be lucky to get any good ambitious player to come to the club. I can honestly say I’ve had enough after 60 years of following the club. Sad…..

  29. David Rusa says:

    The ostensibly enraged fans now are the very ones who wanted Wenger out at any cost regardless of who would best replace him. You reap what you sow. Some of us who called for rationality and caution were always ridiculed! It is sad that we are in this quagmire together. How I wish there was a way to punish only the irrational elements!
    The sad thing in life is that many times people find themselves victims of other people’s foolishness! It is difficult to predict which way Arsenal will go. We only wait to see what will happen next.

    1. The-Real-Vieira-Lynn-4ever says:

      surely you must understand that the only reason Arteta was both appointed as MANAGER and been given a far lengthier leash than his immediate predecessor, is as a result of those within the franchise and fanbase who saw within Arteta, rightly or wrongly, something that reminds them of our former manager…whether it be the similar narrative, albeit a considerable stretch, regarding the notion of a relatively untested, seemingly cerebral figure(visa vie his connection to Pep and the aforementioned Wenger) leading us to the promised land, against all odds, or the fact that Wenger’s exceedingly long tenure suggests that we simply mustn’t become another quick hook Chelski, either way, the fact remains, if these specific experiences weren’t a fundamental part of our DNA, Arteta would likely never been given the opportunity or, if he was, wouldn’t have survived beyond Christmas last year…just saying

      1. The-Real-Vieira-Lynn-4ever says:

        btw Dan, you do have an agenda, but by keeping your comments about you know who quite brief, you were able to present a fairly concise and logically-deduced commentary about this tire fire of a club

    2. Logic says:

      Arsenal never deserved a man like Wenger, even after being forced out by fans he has maintained his dignity and did not carry out any cheap attacks on the club although he has plenty of chances based on what has happened to us after him. But sadly some fans here still take a dig at him then we talk about class. I said it before we don’t have class we just use it as an excuse to hide our failures and try to take fake moral high ground. If we had class then what happened to it the way we have behaved in pandemic with club employees and with some of the players when the club went back on its words. Plain and simple, this is business and if you don’t perform like any business you should get the boot it’s not about class its all about competition now. Stan must have done his calculation and he thinks keeping these three clowns is still a profit for him then installing new management. Money talks 😂

  30. Kieron says:

    Good article but I read 4th place……lol get out of here were looking at top 10 or worse unless we get to grips with the two biggest issues we’ve got…..
    1. The owners. They need to go which we all know!
    2. The mentality is wobbly. What I mean by that is confidence, fight, belief, strength physically and mentally etc etc
    This has declined over the years as our sqaud has. Rightly so thw fans have been on the teams case for some time and quick to react when things go badly. This I think is made worse but the legendary invisible hanging over our current crop, the badge is a heavy one to carry for only the best, (eg Tierney).
    I remember the game when we had a throw in and the arsenal fans wouldn’t give the ball to Bellerin and proceeded to give him and all players some major booing.
    However strong ones mentality is would you want to put on the shirt and play knowing one slip up and the negativity will start again. I can’t think of many other clubs that persecute the players as much as us? I would like to state that many of them deserve it as the issue we often have is lack of effort or workmate and this should never be rhe case.
    I think our frustrations are with the manager and even more so the korenkes and edu etc but the players get the brunt of our anger.
    Playing for arsenal is a pressure cooker job as you inky have to look at players prior to buying and after selling and often they play with pleasure freedom, love from the fans etc. That is one of my biggest frustrations.
    I remebet fondly singing oh santi cazorla!! Now what song and who’s name would we sing.

    The other issue is poor business over the years since wenger left
    I would have loved arteta to be the manager with wenger in the edu role, (obviously never would realistically work but we miss his forward planning experience and vision).
    Edu well what can I say!!??

    And in the words of Mrtin Keown why did we spend 50m on White when we should have added some aerial ability such as vestergaurd.
    Gabriel can’t come back soon enough!

    Whatever manager we have now I think it’s too far gone and rhe next few seasons are about staying in the pl……not joking!!

    Ps why did we get rid of Sanhelli, mislintat etc all the people that had connections and actually knew about football.
    Abd edu is really skiing if be flying across grabbing his b**ls and dragging him off the slope and back to the office, he will of course say that all business can be done on the phone these days.

    #it’s desperate being a gooner:-(

  31. Kieron says:

    ….legendary invincibles obviously I meant.
    Sorry about the essay had to get it off my chest.

  32. Kieron says:

    Oh snd too make things even worse auba abd laca want to jump as well, they want to play happy again!
    Rats leaving a sinking ship.

    On another note why aren’t we buying some hard men maybe from the championship, they don’t all have to be ballers there comes a time when the opposition just needs clattering never thought I’d miss flamini and Ciquelin so much!

    1. Zamind says:

      Indeed. We are sissies as Garrager said. Leno is held by som giant guy. The goal goes in and we do not say nothing. Arsenal is the most soft team in EPL. They may not survive this season if things do not change

  33. CFArsenal#10 says:

    What is going on at Arsenal is CRIMINAL!!!!
    Besides the inept owners the manager is not just a rookie but also “he does not know what he does not know”
    Watched every game this weekend and the speed of play of every team in the top 10 is better , purposeful and productive.
    Arsenal is light years behind a top 4 spot and also sill struggle to make top 8
    I wan to know who is the genius that paid 50 mi for BW ?
    City spend 50 and got Ruben Dias we get bottom of the table club’s CB . Great business.
    But in all this what is the most amazing part is reading this forum and realizing with fans like I Got an Idea etc we will continue to perpetuate mediocrity.
    We will show up week after week expecting a different result for the same old story.
    Definition of insanity right?
    Stay of the stadium for 8 weeks send a message!!!!!
    Force an ownership change . Someone needs to buy this club with cojones to want to win.
    Otherwise I might as well go down the street Watford.
    Cheaper ticket and same level.

  34. Kieron says:

    Half way through the season when we’re I’m 15th place well hire Allardyce to keep us up!!
    Joking aside I sometimes think an old school hard man like him could be fun.
    Saying that I think Arteta can be hard at times but strangely inconsistent I don’t think the players like him at all anymore, 2 games to save your job.

  35. Logic says:

    We know we are not going anywhere this season so I think best thing we can do is find a manager who can bring back that flare style that attractive football back to the club. Let’s go back to our DNA this season and talk about tragets next season. At the moment we have nothing our football sucks and our results as well. We have compromised on our attractive football but that has yielded no result so atleast this club hierarchy should give us our football back this season. Look at spuds atleast they are trying first they brought in Mourinhio early then they sacked him and brought in another one. We have been if not worse then same boat as them but we did not make any change during this time period. I am starting to think Arteta has signed a contract which has a big pay back clause if he is fired hence Stan is silent as ever.

    1. Zamind says:

      That flare hard strong men in it who would face the ref and complain. How can Leno be held with the giant until the goal goes in and no one complains. What was the captain doing. Why did Leno not rush with xhaka to the ref to complain

  36. geofftheref says:

    there is a theory that the bigger the wage bill the better the chance of winning the league. It generally is true, but Arsenal seem to think it will work by giving very average ( at best) players ridiculous contracts, missing the point that success is bred by having great players who are attracted by high wages. And to compound the error, those players refuse to move ( or no one wants them ) as they are very comfortable with what theyve got. And this has been going on for years.

  37. Zamind says:

    Arsenal players are naive. Not fit for EPL. This is league you should take advantage of any foul and cry foul. Bologun should have cried for a penalty. He was fouled in the box.
    Look at Leno. The guy from Brentford walked straight to him and held him. He did not run to the ref to complain. We lack leaders in the team. Ferguson would not allow that leave alone wenger.

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