Watching Arsenal next season is going to be an adventure

The new Premier League season is just over a week away and one thing is for sure, it is going to be just as strange as it was last season with fans restricted in terms of going to the stadium and what will and what will not be available to view live.

There will, of course, be Football on TV with Sky Sport, BT Sport and Amazon Prime all offering up matches in some form or another.

For example, the first five games featuring Arsenal will be as follows,

Fulham v Arsenal – BT Sport
Arsenal v West Ham – Sky Sports
Liverpool v Arsenal – Sky Sports
Arsenal v Southampton – Amazon Prime
Brighton v Arsenal – Amazon Prime

Then there are the Europa League fixtures and they will also be shown live and as with the games listed above they will be on pay per view stations.

As things stand right this minute there will not be any free to air games, however, they are still under discussion and is still a possibility.

Fans being allowed into the Emirates will not be an option until October with the home game against Brighton being pencilled in as the first match where fans will be allowed back in, however, the number will be fixed at a maximum of 15,000, which is well below the stadiums capacity but it is better than nothing.

With some good fortune, it is very possible that by the end of the season we could be back at full stadium capacity but who knows what the future holds with no vaccine for Covid19 yet available.

It is therefore very possible to watch every single Arsenal game, home or away, live without resorting to illegal live streams but the chances are you will have to take out subscriptions or possibly be one of the lucky few that is allowed into home games.

There is also the pub option but again, that depends on many factors including whether pubs will even be open depending on whether you live in an area/country that is not in lockdown.

As the headline states, it is going to be an adventure working out how to watch Arsenal games live but the options are there and that in itself is a positive and remember, FA Cup games are likely to be live on the BBC, Arsenal are the holders after all and likely to be one of the live fixtures chosen in each round.

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  1. jon fox says:

    Welcome and informative article, Martin.

    1. ken1945 says:

      Second that Martin, good info.

  2. GunneRay says:

    I guess subscribing to all the above is still cheaper than the real thing but man, it was great (and cheaper) when you could watch them all on Sky!!!

    1. Sue says:

      It was, GunneRay!! I have them all, can’t be without the beautiful game 😉

      1. GunneRay says:

        Yeah, I have BT and Sky Sue but I guess I will need to get Amazon as well! Need to talk to the bank manager! xD

        1. Sue says:

          😆👍 it’s £7.99 a month…

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