Watching England might not be fun right now but it soon will be

It is difficult to watch England these days with Harry Kane knocking in hat-tricks but my loyalty to my country forces me to endure watching the Three Lions with no Arsenal players present and Tottenham players grabbing the headlines.

Cheering on England in the last world cup was a serious test of my character when it was a Tottenham player doing the scoring and I cannot wait until that changes.

It is not going to happen any time soon but the future does look bright, I do see the day when Reiss Nelson, Eddie Nketiah, Joe Willock, Rob Holding etc will put on the England shirt. When that happens I can then start to enjoy supporting my country once again.

I will not lie and say I do not cheer an England goal, regardless of the scorer and I do feel the passion like any other England fan but it does not mean that it is fun, because right now, it is not.

Some will say you have to support your country no matter what club the players play for and that is true but at the same time I am tribal, I cannot help myself, I do accept that Harry Kane is a world-class striker, I am not blind but there is no rule that says I have to congratulate him and sing songs about him, because that will NEVER happen.

I appreciate it when a Tottenham player scores for my country, of course I do but it also does not mean that I do not despise them either.

This is why watching England is not fun anymore, it is done out of a sense of duty and I count down the days when it is an Arsenal player I can cheer on.


  1. To me, Spurs players cease to be Spurs players when they play for England. When they leave England squad and go back to Spurs than they are Spuds again.

    I appreciate all England players who try their best and perform well

  2. Any England fan under 60 does not remember the only time
    England won an International trophy back in 1966.
    50+ years of failure.
    Exactly when were the fun years?
    Qualifiers are mostly one sided mismatches.
    England’s toughest opponent Czech Rep already beaten 5-1.
    Bulgaria Kosovo Montenegro would struggle to beat Grimsby.
    International football is so Fun fun fun 🙂

    1. Rubbish international im not england but doesnt like watching england matches when there are many exciting international teams to watch

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