Watford boss confident of points at Arsenal

The Watford boss Javi Gracia was in bullish mood ahead of the Hornets visit to the Emirates tomorrow afternoon and seems to be very confident that his team won’t come away empty-handed. Watford have won their last two games to pull away from the relegation dogfight, but they were both against fellow relegation candidates.

But Gracia still seems to be sure they will add to their points tally this afternoon as he told the official Watford website. “I try to enjoy every game,” said Gracia. “Every game is a chance to get points and I don’t think anything else. Always it is complicated to play against a big club, but we are confident we can do it.”

“I am concentrated only on one thing – I want to see my team play in the best way. I am not thinking about the other team.

“For me Wenger deserves all my respect, he has done an excellent job at Arsenal during 22 years – nowadays that is something impossible. I think he is a great manager.

“We will try to show on the pitch our best performance. I am confident we have a chance to get points. That’s is the most important thing for me in this moment.

“After winning the last games, to be able to win another game and reach 39 points, this is in this moment what we want to achieve.”

His team also seem to be confident that they can inflict a 5th domestic defeat on the Gunners as well, but Arsene Wenger and his players will also be desperate to start a season-ending streak tomorrow. I daren’t imagine the reaction if Arsenal lose this one as well….



  1. John Ibrahim says:

    if we dont suffer from a burn out….6 games in 17 days…and show the determination..

    we will stand a chance of getting 3 points

    1. Me says:

      Burn out?
      From what?
      Playing football for ninety minutes?
      Unless of course they get substituted..
      Speak to doctors about burnout – having to work twenty hours at a time for five or six days a week – that is burnout.
      With each match day and each capitulation I dislike this team of players more and more….
      And as for Wenger – the most arrogant and self absorbed human being in the worst possible way – doesn’t give a shit about the club or the fans otherwise he would have left years ago.
      He is there simply to prove everyone wrong and himself right – that’s all there is to it…

  2. Nathan says:

    Oh please, he should shut up already they’ll lose at the Emirates convincingly.

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