Watford cup loss a timely boost for Arsenal

With Arsenal desperately needing to win at the weekend, after a difficult start to the Premier League campaign saw us take just a single point from the matches with Liverpool and Leicester City, any kind of boost to our chances is very welcome.

So Arsenal fans will be happy to say that our next opponents Watford suffered a setback to their own confidence and morale yesterday as they crashed out of the EFL cup with a shock defeat at home to Gillingham, a team currently sitting 10th in the third division of English football.

The fact that the Hornets were at home, just as they will be against the Gunners this weekend, is an extra boost as it should help to make their fans nervous. Of course we might not be exactly buzzing with self-belief ourselves but at least we are coming up against a team that is also yet to win this season, with a draw against Southampton and a loss to Chelsea before this league cup exit.

As reported by Sky Sports the new Watford manager Walter Mazzarri publicy roasted his complacent side after last night’s 2-1 reverse and with them having been well beaten by Arsenal in both EPL matches last season they are unlikely to be looking forward to facing us on Saturday.

The big question is, though, can Arsenal take advantage of their problems and get a first win on the board before the international break?



  1. Robin Vanpayslip says:

    I was thinking more along the lines of feeling like a bigger bizznitch for losing to them after that result

    1. bran99 says:

      This is how low we’ve gone, even watford gives us shivers and we feel so happy that they lost so they won’t be at their best during out match.. The mighty Arsenal scared of watford

  2. Break-on-through says:

    We have to win it’s as simple as that. We’ll come up against a compact and rigid side playing on the break, first goal should be huge. If they score first it makes it difficult with tall strong players in that side. I’m hoping to see a much more fluent Arsenal but I still worry about the striker department. Alexis needs to play on the wing, if he had done in our last two games he’d probably be on the score sheet by now. Yes we need a striker, but Alexis from the wing can be a game changer too.

  3. Wayne Barker says:

    so we need Gillingham beating Watford for us to beat Watford. This is getting embarrassing now.

    I hope this article does not go out to our rival fans as we are already enough of a laughing stock aND don’t need such articles

    1. ButtFlaps says:

      TOO LATE! we already laughing stocks Mr Baker!!!

  4. Big G says:

    A 1-2 reverse for Watford is clearly a bad result for them and great for Gillingham, however I would not be so quick to condem them to defeat against us in the next league game. Yes on paper we should beat them without to much trouble, even with our weakened defence we should be to strong for them with the (Wenger’s fave word) quality… we have in our squad or team. But we should not forget teams have a habit of bouncing back after a defeat and Arsenal have a habit of losing to lesser teams when we should be winning.

  5. Ozzy AFC says:

    Watford loosing to Gillingham means f@ck all
    They’Lloyd come out on Saturday looking for blood
    And with the way we’very started the season they may just get it !!!!
    The fact is that the only way we are likely to any type of change is if we have a disaster of a season and finish out of the top four I don’t want that but I do want to see the changes we need in order to drive the club forward and that unfortunately is Wenger getting the boot
    We ain’t getting any new players and for wenger to think that Maureen would sell us Jones is ridiculous
    I mean for a man who is so abject lyrics tight with transfer money he really does think money talks? ??
    Why else would he approach man United and Maureen for a player who is substandard by any ones reckoning ?
    It’s a bloody joke

  6. Arsenal_Girl says:

    Watford made 9 changes to their team last night
    Only Deeney and another player (Nyom i think) started from the usual starting 11

    So we will not play the team that lost

  7. pubgooner says:

    OT: One solution to our problems. Let the Nigerian dude buy and takeover AFC. He is actually interested in Football – Kroenke is not. If the Nigerian folks can give us his mailing address then we all write to him to show our support! One Solution.

    1. NY_Gunner says:

      You act as if saying it here will make it come true…LOL!!!

  8. khangunners says:

    I think them lossing will make it even harder for us.they wouldn’t want to loss two games in a row and they are at hme.expect a very tough game if we win it will be by a slight margin.i call a 2-1 for us but depends on what arsenal turns out.

  9. Ramterta says:

    who else is enjoying the transfer rumours.
    Evans Jones Mbemba.

  10. Twonk says:

    Chambers being put up to go on loan. Why would Mr Scrooge be doing that?

    1. Fatboy Gooney says:

      That’s absolutely madness, Unbelievable! ?
      We are already short at the back and now he is looking to save some more penny’s, by loaning Chambers out! ?

  11. Arsenal_Girl says:

    We will sign ALL three by next Wednesday
    1. Greizmann
    2. Rodriguez
    3. Koulibaly

    1. jonm says:

      I have just looked up in to the sky and there are some pink animals

      1. jonm says:

        To continue, with curly tails flying about.

        1. Fatboy Gooney says:

          It’s probably Sanchez’s Dogs, they are not quite pink but
          hey they have their own Instagram site, now! and I wouldn’t be surprised if he bought them their on helicopter or something like that.

  12. jonm says:

    If arsenal girl is correct then watford made nine changes to their starting eleven for the gillingham game. This indicates to me that the PL is their priority. To me the loss to gillingham means nothing with respect to how they will play against us. Chelsea struggled there and were losing ten minures before the end. So I am expecting a hard game but we should win.

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