Watford looking forward to continuing fine run against Arsenal

Arsenal arrested a long decline since Christmas when they went to the San Siro and beat an in-form AC Milan side, and now they want to start a domestic revival when they welcome Watford to the Emirates tomorrow afternoon.

The Hornets have beaten Arsenal twice in their last three visits to the Emirates, but the veteran defender Adrian Mariappa, who has played over 250 games for Watford, thinks that will make little difference tomorrow. “You can’t really go off those sort of things. We are a different team to last year and they are a different outfit as well.

“It will be a tough game, but one we are looking forward to.”

Watford can be feeling a bit of confidence right now, having only lost one of their last five games, including home wins against Chelsea, Everton and West Brom, and have moved well clear of the relegation zone and into the top half of the table. In fact they are only three places and 9 points below Arsenal, so Mariappa’s feeling comfortable ahead of the trip to Arsenal. “It is going to be a tough game and we will go there full of confidence because we got two wins [in a row],” he said.

“We are going to try and get the points on the board again and the manager won’t demand anything less.”

But Arsenal’s confidence must have soared too after our fine win in Italy, and the Gunners shuld get back on track with a big win against our neightbours.


Sam P


  1. Sue says:

    Surely the win on Thursday will boost our confidence a little….
    I’m hoping we win… not sure if Cech will get his clean sheet but hopefully we’ll get all 3 points ?

  2. Gelz says:

    I see the Troy Deeney comments doing the rounds again, I hope someone kicks him so hard in the cajones, they rise so high up his body that he has to pull them out with a coat hanger.

    1. andcliff says:

      He won’t feel it!!!!

  3. John Ibrahim says:

    it will be tough…we tend to get complacent against weaker teams…

    In addition, we have already played 5 games in 14 days…

    Watford game will be game 6 in 17 days

    the boys are feeling abit burned out

  4. Me says:

    Bit of a meaningless game really.
    Considering we have nothing to play for in the league.
    What is most disappointing though is we have one good result this year against Milan and its as if the rest of a god awful season hadn’t even taken place…
    My fear is that he will be given yet another contract…

  5. Muff diver says:

    RAshford is box office .
    Imagine welbeck with those two chances lol

  6. andcliff says:

    I just hope we stuff them but I’m not so sure, we can’t seem to get back-to-back wins anymore. But at least we have Aubameyang back.

  7. Kenny Rolfe says:

    Off topic, Why did referee Craig Pawson not book Marcus Rashford for jumping in to the crowd after scoring against Liverpool? And why was there no mention of it from either Tyler or Neville?. It’s the usual bias towards Manchester United. Other people can say what they want, but I think the whole games bias ,crooked, bent. Call it what you want.

    1. John Ibrahim says:

      well you are right…

    2. jon fox says:

      True. And what I noticed was a free kick for United, in midfield, being taken before the ball was still. Ref had turned away; no comment from TV people and all players ignored it. What is the point of having rules if they are so ignored and not even noticed by the ref or professional pundits on TV? What is the point of rules(laughably termed “laws”) if they are so blithely ignored? Time and again also, keepers when kicking from the penalty area while holding the ball, step out of the box , still holding it and no one says anything. Why have refs and linos then? There are so many RULES which are ignored or bent by even refs, let alone players, so no one should be surprised when players cheat, as they do all the time. Also watch how often final whistle is blown as keepers clear upfield or when corner is cleared. Time means the exact time, otherwise what is the point of “exact” injury time. All these sloppy observations- or rather non observations – of the RULES, lessens the truth of the sport.

  8. ThirdManJW says:

    Milan were awful, and won’t be anywhere near Watford’s level. I can see us losing this 1-2.

  9. Phil says:

    Off topic watching Mancs v Scousers
    1)If the Mancs wanted Sanchez that badly why did we not INSIST on Rashford as part of the deal
    2)What good business did we do getting £30m for Oxlade Chamberlain-so overated
    3)Matic-Shows the importance of a CDM
    4)Ashley Young-Shows the benefit of Coaching.On current form is he the best left back in the Premiership this season?
    5)Alexis Sanchez-Has done NOTHING AGAIN.
    6)L’pool just scored-What was THAT from Bailly?Only WE score goals like that.
    7)Rashford off.WHY?How has Maureen kept Sanchez on?
    8)Could Emre Cann be a target for us in the summer?Free transfer.Wages won’t be a problem.
    9) Sanchez ALWAYS gives away possession.Nothing changes.
    10)After 81 minutes the stats have just shown goal attempts as Mancs 3 L’pool 11.And the Mancs lead 2-1.A typical Maureen performance?
    11) Anyone else believe this Liverpool team is sooooo overrated?Has Klopp really inproved them after Rodgers?Do we really care?
    12)My God.The cameras keep focusing on the crowd.Without doubt the Female Manc Fans are the ugliest in the Country.
    13)Gary Neville is the BEST commentator on TV bar nobody.

    Thank God that’s over.
    Now watching Ireland v Scotland in the Six Nations

    Over and out

    1. Sue says:

      Like 2,5 & 9!
      Ugly female Manc fans ? the men ain’t much better ?

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