Watford revenge can help Arsenal keep up the ‘passion and drive’

The belief that Arsenal would go to Goodison Park and beat Everton at the weekend was not exactly strong with the Arsenal fans, or with this particular one at least, even though we had put on a good show in Barcelona and even had the best team in the world looking worried for a while.

The Gunners did it though, by keeping up the passion and drive that Arsene Wenger saw in Spain and asked them to repeat on Merseyside, as Arsenal.com reported last week.

He said, “I believe we go into this game taking the positives from our performance against Barcelona and being focused. The fact [is] we had a very dynamic, mobile, fluent performance with 20 shots on goal, 12 on target at Barcelona.

“Overall our performance was positive. We just want to continue playing with the same passion and drive until the end of the season.”

So far so good then, but how can the Arsenal players keep playing with that same spirit for the next eight Premier League games? Well at least they go into this international break in the right frame of mind and whether they will be taking the chance to rest and recharge the batteries, like Bellerin, Monreal and Coquelin, or joining up with their national squads like Alexis, Welbeck and all, the recent upturn in Arsenal’s form should help them to come back with a spring in their step.

And I reckon that having Watford as our next opponents is a big plus point because we owe them one after the FA cup exit, especially after their keeper on the day, a former spud, said that Arsenal were like a small team and they played us perfectly. Really Gomes? Well let’s see if you can do it again shall we?

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  1. I’m not that good with my premier league history, but has there been any precedence in the premier league where a team came from 11 points behind in the final few games to clinch the title? If Arsenal do it, would it be the first time? I just want to know if we’re not only against the odds but against history as well 🙂

    1. It’s actually potentially only 8 points behind in 7 matches. I’d still put all my savings on Leicester, if I was a man to do such things in the first place.

    2. Arsenal came from 11 points (true that they had 3 games in hand) behind United in 1997-1998 and clinch the title. But back then games were not so packed so in the last three months of the season United bottled it and Arsenal won it with one game to spare because if I am not mistaking Arsenal lost the last game of the season.

  2. problem here is i think arsenal fans are delusional to think we can catch up or even deserve this title, but that makes me negative or anti arsenal.

    guess being blunt gets no prizes

    roll on every years fight for fourth

    “i have the powerrrrrrr”

    1. nope on this site being optimistic is forbidden, dont worry if you predict that arsenal will lose, nobody will call you names and insult you, on the contrary you will get a lot of likes too, being positive is the dangerous thing on this site you will get attacked and downvoted like crazy left and right, like you called the ones wo think arsenal could catch up are delusional

      1. stop crying krish its my opinion

        turning this into a martin luther i have a dream speech about being a fan hahaa

      2. @Krish, ANYONE who disagrees with them is called delusional. It makes them very easy to spot.
        I noticed that most of the didn’t turn up here after the Everton game as they all predicted we would lose! They must have all gone to bed crying!

        1. them?

          im a them? i was here after everton an every game.

          are u schizophrenic mate? cos i dont get it?

      3. Disregard tendencies throughout the last 10 years, we’ll make it this time lads!

        I’ll also be winning the lottery next weekend

        No problem in being optimistic due to the theoretical chance of winning the league, but being realistic makes you less let down when we end up not winning the league after all.

    2. Actually it was such a low level season that it does not really matter who is going to take it. It could have been West Ham if Payet could avoid injury, who knows?

      1. All that matters for us is that we failed to step up and take what was within range of our grasp, yet again…

          1. I’m referring to arsenal supporters. I thought wenger fanatics also would get that, but apparently not.

  3. We know this is payback time, and the team will be eager to show it as well.

    Well done to the team and well done to the supporters at Goodison Park. Kroenke looks on Arsenal as a business, and by having negative chants about the owner being beamed to millions all over the world is not good for any business, and the best way we can hurt him, without hurting ourselves.

    Imagine if the famous ‘Stand up if you hate Tottenham’ chant was replaced with ‘Stand up if you hate Kroenke’, on a televised match day, with all the Emirates standing up!

  4. Arsenal will not repeat their mistakes again of not beating Watford, but this time in the League and not in the FA Cup.

    Even Watford know and believe too that Arsenal will certainly beat them at the Ems this time around. And Arsenal will beat them as Watfort are looking to want to pay Arsenal the debts they owe them. And Arsenal will at gun point force Watford to pay the debts they are owing Arsenal but they’ll pay Arsenal with all the BPL 3 points that are going to be at stake on the Ems football playing pitch.

    So Gooners, let this Arsenal beating Watford come to pass 1st, then at that juncture, we’ll see what happen next in as the weekend round of results unfolded.

  5. I believe that we have the capability of winning ALL are remaining matches but it rests on the belief of the players and trusting Wenger to play the right players.

    Let’s just win one match at a time and hope Spuds and Leicester slip up.

  6. OT: Wenger reportedly met with agent Andy Gross and Xhaka’s father Ragip to discuss the deal….MAN!!!Thats the player am dreaming off + A striker and a CB…..

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