Wayne Rooney promises Olivier Giroud first team games at Everton to realise World Cup dream

Arsenal’s supersub Olivier Giroud has been told by the France coach Didier Deschamps that he will need to play regular first team football if he wants to be chosen for the international squad at the World Cup in Russia this summer, and Giroud himself has admitted that he is desperate to go to what could be his large major tournament of his career. “I have the World Cup at the back of my mind weekly, almost daily.” Oli said. “Each time I go onto the pitch, it’s to be more clinical and keep on track for the World Cup.”

It was well publicised that he was up at Everton talking to the then manager Ronald Koeman in the summer, but at the last moment decided to stay at Arsenal. Obviously Everton still want him, and now Wayne Rooney has promised our reserve centre-forward that he will be a regular starter if he moves to Goodison Park. ‘I think we could do with another striker in,’ Rooney told TalkSport. ‘The one player for me who has to start is Olivier Giroud. He scores goals and every time he comes on he scores, he’s a handful and hard to play against.

‘For me, if he starts games for Arsenal they are a better team.’

It is certainly unusual for Rooney to make a public plea like that, but he must surely think that they have a chance of nabbing him in January, despite Wenger saying that he had no intention of selling “an important player”.

But who thinks Giroud could be tempted, now that his international place is at stake?



  1. Sell Giroud now while we still can and get 30M for him. Everton have money to spend we can fleece them. Giroud is in his 30s and we need to be thinking about the future now..time to get a younger striker in to compete with Laca.

    1. shark says:

      We have Asano :)))

  2. Sukhjot says:

    Some of the fans don’t understand the value of Giroud to us but I do. Maybe when he goes and we will be left with just a single way of playing football,then you will realise his importance to us…

    1. Nothing changed says:

      Giroud is important as a sub. As we were reminded once again recently, as a starter he has not much to offer with the way Wenger likes to pass the ball in the box. As a starter, he needs to play for a team who bombard the box with crosses, not a passing team.

  3. arsenalchitura says:

    Sell Sancho buy zaha

  4. Arsenal4Life says:

    Sell Giroud even if he is important for us is the last part of the game, but only if we get a new striker. Aubemeyang, Martial, Werner as a replacement. Sell Sanchez and Walcott also and get Gelson Martin’s as his replacement and add Fekir also. Then our attacking options wil do.

    Lacazette Aubemeyang/Martial/Werner Welbeck
    Fekir Iwobi Gelson Nelson

  5. xhaka16 says:

    with giroud we have one way of playing so as with lacazette……giroud has overspent his time at arsenal lets give lacazzete his own space not subbing him off to accomadate giroud…..moreover we cant be worse off 5th position that we were last season

  6. Vlad says:

    Wait, Rooney is the manager now? He’s not guaranteed playing time himself yet he promises it to someone else. Idiot.

  7. Break-on-through says:

    He can’t say that and mean it and also say he would be good for Eve. Would he want him at manu when he was there, because that is the type of club Arsenal is a rival of. If Giroud is Eve quality well then he is not first team quality for us in Rooney’s eyes. He’s not being totally honest, he is saying this to get on Girouds good side. If he was being honest he would say he likes Girouds qualities but I don’t thing he’s a starter for the biggest clubs. If Giroud was a guaranteed starter for us, yet sitting on our bench, a club like Eve would not be calling because Liv Juve Atletico Dortmund would be trying to snap him up from under our noses.

  8. Ivan says:

    Nobody could blame him if he wanted to go as he is France’s first choice CF but needs to play to go to the World Cup. I think Giroud is good for us, especially as a substitute, giving us another option when we need to be direct so I would not want him to go.
    Is Wenger going to let him go? That is anybody’s guess. If he lets Sanchez or Ozil go in January then I can’t see Wenger letting Giroud go. If Sanchez and Ozil both stay then Wenger will probably let him go, as he did agree to do so in the summer. If he does go it can only be to teams like Everton who would definately play him and Fat Sam does like to see the ball in the air a lot.

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