WBA v Arsenal – A perfect nightmare for Wenger may yet get worse!

What else could go wrong for Arsenal? by DN

We may have had an awful day today, but the worst is yet to come when we find out the result of the scan on Francis Coquelin’s knee tomorrow or Monday. He, for sure, will not be playing on Tuesday and probably nor will his backup Arteta after he got a calf strain.

Wenger says that Le Coq will have a scan tomorrow. The quicker the better I say. “We have two more injuries.” Le Prof said. “One is a muscle problem for Arteta and the other one is a knee problem and I don’t know how serious that is but we will know certainly tomorrow, for Coquelin. Arteta is a calf.”

I will be checking every half hour to find out the bad news, although as you can see I am sure it will be bad news. After our awful day today I would not be surprised in the slightest! Bad may be a bit mild, and Arsene Wenger even used the word nightmare….

“It was a bad afternoon” he said. “We missed a penalty, we gave a goal away on set-piece, that is perfect to make your afternoon a nightmare and we missed open goal chances. I believe that West Brom they were strong in the fight and they had one 100 per cent commitment as well and you have to give them credit for that.

“But overall I felt it dropped a huge blow when we scored and we just had to make sure they didn’t come back with a easy goal, and that is where we were disappointed today. But I cannot be mad at the team because they gave what they could until the last minute but we lost a bit of focus at 1-0 – at 35 minutes we were 1-0 up and then at 45 we were 2-1 down. Our defending on that level was very, very poor.”

So it was just a bad ten minutes then. But the last ten minutes of the second half weren’t so good either as Santi Cazorla slipped up while taking the penalty that would have saved us a point at least. “I have seen a few,” Wenger continued. “But I don’t really know what happened. You can talk to him and he is so disappointed and it is difficult to blame Cazorla for that. We have to take it on the chin and bounce back in our next game.

“It is a big blow today for us as if the game reflects the result then okay but when you drop points when you have come out of a game and think you have not done the maximum to produce you cannot be happy.”

We certainly are not happy, and not just because we lost out on the three points. We have also lost arguably our most important defensive player for god knows how long. And his backup! All we can hope is that Coquelin recovers a lot faster than most of our other injured players or we will certainly be losing more games in the future….


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  1. Its all Wenger’s fault. What does dis man have with Arteta? We had Flamini, why didn’t U get him in after Le Coq got injured, why Arteta? He cost us two goals… Its all Wenger’s fault, we had all summer, dis season was our Chance, but again, Wenger’s stubbornness is costing us. We don’t have game changers, how can U not plan for d worst? Only a delusioned man will imagine playing a whole season wit d same team… Wenger is that man!

    1. as far as i’m concerned ….we had nobody Okayblack…… We had no one to fill in Le coq’s shoes cept those two old cargoes…… We kept improvising , utilizing even when we had a chance to make good BUYS in the summer….arsenal and injuries are synonymous……everybody knws this but wenger…..positions occupied by Mert, flame, arteta, rosicky, debuchy ….that’s 5 good spots layed to waste…… And as hard as it is to say, who is capable of filling in for Sanchez if anything goes wrong?…… Gibbs? Campbell?….oh c’mon

  2. Good for u wenger………. Good for all of us…….. U think u know too much…..u think this team don’t need quality additions and back-ups…… Now its all coming to bite and haunt u…… And u have hurt me and somany in the process!

  3. I honestly don’t know what people gain from bashing our players and manager after every defeat on this site when clearly this site is not the best place to lay ur complaint on matters concerning the arsenal

    1. yeah, i agree with you, i absolutely hate to come to this site when we lose, because in a bad time this site and about 70% of the guys in here are just pathetic and are being childish and silly… its just soon annoying to read the comments of stupid guys like soopa aeon

      1. @Krish. In a physical game like the one Westbrom clearly came out to play, you don’t substitute le coq for a player like Arteta who apart from not having match fitness, naturally has no fire in him. The moment Arteta came on I thought to my self, “what the f**k! Isn’t Flamini on the bench?! Have you asked yourself why Arteta went off with a MUSCLE injury? Yes we had terrible luck, but wenger’s substitution was even more terrible. You don’t expect fans to come on here feigning optimism when there are clearly issues that have been neglected by wenger. After a game like that, it is only natural that we fans try to analyse what went wrong. And people’s views will surely differ. What right do you have to come on here and call somebody stupid? That’s his opinion even if you don’t agree with it. You’re the one being childish and silly.

    2. “stupid guys like soopa-aeon”


      Hahahaha ….really?


      C’mon stop cursing!

      U are acting childish and insultive…did i take away ur play toy?


      Admin!…..give ur verdict

  4. well wenger……..rather than prepare ur team, prepare an excuse for tuesday night…… Isn’t that what u do best?

  5. I rarely comment on this site because if i were to, i would get a thumbs down almost every time. I rather come here to enjoy the comments especially after a loss. The same people that thumb you down will again be moaning about this and that. This team cannot win the premier league. I said that even after the transfers. With a coach that can’t find quality in the market(i mean players better than Per, Mikel, Flamini, Campbell, Gibbs) you don’t expect to win the league title. F.A cup can also be a surprise win. How can a manager say there’s no quality? Look at Kondogbia, Douglas Costa, Julian Draxler, Arturo Vidal, Schneiderlin and so many others who transfered to other teams!!!! We’re just stuck with ever injured Jack Wilshere and company who even aren’t near WORLD CLASS When fit to play. This manager and his fans are so deluded. And by the way, no sooner had i said Arteta would either score himself or get injured than he actually did the two. Back to my hiding place.

    1. lolz.You mean to say that we should buy world class players to sit on the bench.
      Furthermore who would want to come to arsenal when he is wanted by bayern real madrid barcelona or manchester united
      luis suarez was the only liverpool had and he teared the league to shreds.
      Vardy is the one who is tearing the entire league into pieces
      and that shows you the average nature of this league
      You say that we are not going to win the league then who is
      is it
      manchester united nope
      liverpool of course not
      mancity they are the favourites but after their demolition agains tottenham and liverpool doubts are beginning to arise
      chelsea an absolute no

      You dont look at our team alone but look at the entire league

  6. We play all the big teams away in the 2nd half of the season (except Chelsea).. We should have built up a 5-7 point going in to Jan.. Else we have no chance..

  7. The Gunners MUST regain their winning confidence back and start winning games again without suffering anymore defeats up to d end of the season. We’ve suffered 7 defeats already this season in all competitions. Therefore, enough is enough! Defeats are a big problem that stops any team attaining their goals. If the Gunners sincerely want to win d title, FA Cup and d Ucl, the only way to win those treble is to avoid defeats. If teams like Bacerlona, Bayern Munich, PSG and others can limit themselves to a minimum of 1 – 3 defeats in a season, I see no reason why Arsenal cannot. Arsenal have quality players and depths like those teams have. But those Arsenal qualities and depth don’t consistently lived up to expectations. They are erratic in their results. The point is, some Gunners look like not taken winning AFC games with 100% seriousness they ought to as they are sometimes careless in their games. Has d Boss over pampered them? We still hv midfield depths of, Ramsey, Flamini and Cazorla for Zagreb.

  8. We had two opportunities to overtake City, but failed to do that. History proves that champions are ruthless and efficient – everything this arsenal side isn’t.

  9. BEWARNED!: twice 2day u have used those foul words on me……. I’m being a gentleman! ……. Stay on ur Lane son!

  10. Funny how people who like to slag off others can’t take a bit of criticism themselves. Now run off to your mummy and tell her all about the naughty boys here.

  11. Not a lot one can say after that lot. But what a bummer that was ? Feel sorry for Santi, those things happen, cant feel sorry for Campbell though, out of his depth ! Come on guy’s, you can make up for against Zagreb, good luck.

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