We are all part of the Arsenal FAMILY – Win or lose….


I don’t know when exactly it happened… I just know it happened, and the same can be said about why it happened but again it did, truth be told it does not keep me up at night I’m just glad I am part of the Arsenal family that screams COYG!

I didn’t know anything about team tactics or player values or even team weaknesses… I just saw people having fun on a pitch, dribbling, passing, running, scoring, saving and smiling.

A goal keeper with a pony tail and a big black bold defender, a soldier with his general in midfield, a striker more at home in front of goal than most goalkeepers and a winger that excited with every touch. A funny looking coach with a funny accent who said things I didn’t understand at the time but what I did understand was the love his team had for him and for each other… what I saw was a family!

Arsenal played for each other and had fun together… there was no difference between being the match-winner or a screaming spectator because you knew or better said I felt the spirit of Highbury the spirit of Arsenal Football Club. I watched every game I could living in a house where my mother, father and little brother were Manchester United fans and my big brothers were Liverpool fans. I walked to my uncles house an hour and a half away every weekend to watch my team play and win or lose it was worth it because for 90mins I screamed my little heart out for my team as if somehow they could hear me through the television set all the way from a little African country called Namibia that I know they would never have heard off but that didn’t matter to me… not one bit!

And the next day at school I didn’t talk about the league table and who was on top or whether we had a top scorer. I talked about the touches, dribbles, passes and the celebrations, I talked about how we almost won and how we will win next time or how “cool” we are because we won.

Against all the odds the red team from London is the only team I’ve ever supported and the only team I ever will… I love my team so much I might as well be a Londoner.

I love my team not for what it has won or what it will win but for what it is… A CLUB WITH VALUES THAT HAS SUPPORTERS THAT WILL NOT WAIVER AND A GROUND WITH A LOVE FOR THE GAME.


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  1. Love this, should be sent to the manager and all the players, I don’t mind if we don’t wi everything just play like we used to, without fear and withlayers who still believe the game is an entertainment

    1. love this article too. And i agree @john – It’s not about the losses. It’s about the lack of fight from our favorite squad that we fans truly hate.

  2. Arsenal went down hill when we moved to the Emirates and somebody sold our best players. I think someone got their business plan wrong.

    1. I don’t think so. It was inevitable that we wouldn’t be able to sustain our position as title challengers and European elites with what we had. We had two choices: stay at Highbury and cling on for as long as possible, or build ourselves a new foundation so that we can compete again in the future.

      The latter was in my view the best long term option. Where would we be if we hadn’t gone with it? I think Liverpool is a good example – still at Anfield after deciding against expansion, rarely getting into the top four and a far cry from their glory days. Not really looking as if they can maintain their position in the top four this year either and struggling with financial fair play.

      Yes we could have gone about building a new stadium differently, the owners could have paid for it since they now own it. But no, the cost was shouldered by us fans. But anyways, that’s in the past now, no need to keep on about it. The toughest times are behind us, our new platform is built. We’re ready to go again.

      1. i agree 😀 bright times ahead! arsene is never one who look for short term gains! the new formation isnt working as of now… but in the future it may work and arsenal will start rolling again!!!

        but to say the fans shouldered by fans is inaccurate… the club paid it through their means as well (estate sales, sponsorship etc etc). give some credits to the club!!!


  3. I heard we’re in for that Polish CDM on Sevilla, Grzekov (my bad for the spelling) anyways, he’s good. Big strong and has a mean long shot. I’d take him anyday.


    Main targets.

    1. I think Schneiderlin is a great player. I just don’t think he’s exactly what we need. We have great midfielders, but what we really lack is someone with real physical presence. A Yaya Touré or Nemanja Matic – a powerhouse.

      Haven’t seen Grzekov at all so I’ll take your word for it.

      I haven’t seen too much if Kondogbia, but from what I’ve seen he looks great. I’d be very happy if we signed him, but once they’re on the Monaco tax free salary, it can be hard to get them off of it. Just ask Falcao.

      Khedira seems a great choice on the face of it. Big, strong, a good passer of the ball, and an all round winner. But also an injury nightmare, the last thing we need at Arsenal.

      I’d have loved for us to get Javi Martinez, he’d have been perfect. A very good centre back too. Such a shame he got injured. Hope Wenger finds a hidden jewel just like him.

  4. I don’t think our club legends are people we should just talk about in high esteem. Few clubs have living legends like Arsenal. I think we should take advantage of it and try and get some of them more involved in the club ie expertise and training, rather than just visiting the club every now and then to say hello.

    For example, Danny Welbeck showed against Galatasaray that he can play he style of Henry, why not ask Thierry to come and give Welbeck some specialist coaching, no one knows how to play like that better than Henry himself. Welbeck isn’t the same calibre as Henry, but I’m sure it’d do him a world of good.

  5. excellent article,
    i ve always said…..this is about feelings, and thtas what makes us arsenal fans

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